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Lin Xiaoxue appeared in front of the child.

She squatted down and looked at the child in front of her.

Both of them did not speak.

The little boy knew that the person in front of him had saved him. His eyes were filled with gratitude and shock.

The saber-toothed cat, which even the strongest warrior in the tribe could not subdue, was killed by the person in front of him.

Moreover, the little boy did not even see Lin Xiaoxue make a move. And all of a sudden, the saber-toothed cat’s head fell off.

The little boy could not understand the situation in front of him at all.

Lin Xiaoxue smiled like a spring breeze, melting the snow in winter. She stretched out her finger toward the little boy.

The little boy also extended his finger, and the two fingers touched each other in mid-air.

In an instant, the little boy’s expression froze, and his eyes flickered with light.

She didn’t do anything, but space and time intersected the moment their fingers touched. The little boy’s brain was expanded by a mysterious power, and the door to wisdom in it was opened.

She didn’t leave. Instead, she returned to her creator’s perspective and observed the little boy.

The boy, who was given great wisdom, began to imitate the movements of wild beasts, creating primitive martial arts.

Although it seemed very crude in front of Lin Xiaoxue and was even inferior to the most basic martial arts in the world, this was indeed the beginning of the martial arts in this world.

Year after year, day after day, the boy continued to practice martial arts. He grew into the strongest warrior in the tribe and was already able to kill powerful beasts in the forest.

At the same time, he spread martial arts all over the world. Martial arts ushered in the first time for the development of martial arts, and he was known as the ancestor of martial art.

That year, a skinny little boy grew up and became the ancestor of martial art.

At the time of the ancestor of martial art, martial arts did not decline because of this. Instead, it continued to develop over tens of thousands of years. Powerful warriors were born one after another. They could break rivers with one move and crush Mountains and rivers with one punch.

The world changed. Tens of thousands of years passed in an instant.

Martial arts evolved to an extremely terrifying degree. Some powerful warriors were called Earth Immortals. They were able to control the world and mobilize the power of the world.

Lin Xiaoxue witnessed the birth, development, and peak of the martial path in this world. She saw the appearance of Earth Immortals.

The process had completely enriched her martial arts foundation. In the past, she did not understand martial arts theory. She suddenly understood everything after witnessing the birth of Earth Immortals.

She no longer any confusion in the martial arts theory. The road was wide and flat in front of her.

She only needed to follow this road, and she would be able to become an Earth Immortal.

The reincarnation otherworld was not the primitive world in front of her. The Heaven and Earth aura had weakened, and it no longer supported the cultivation of Earth Immortal.

Suddenly, she remembered what Lin Qi had said.

He was already an Earth Immortal.

Could it be that this world could bring up an Earth Immortal?

The illusion in front of him disappeared.

The human voice entered her ears again.

When Lin Xiaoxue opened her eyes.

The Lin Qi in front of her had already disappeared. The wanton in his bowl had already been eaten up.

The wanton in her bowl was still steaming.

The clock on the wall showed that only five minutes had passed.

Yet, she had spent tens of thousands of years in the illusion.

Just as Lin Xiaoxue had mixed feelings, her whole body froze as if she had noticed something.

She had broken through her realm.

Before, she was only a Qi-Absorbing Realm warrior.

The surging power in Lin Xiaoxue’s body made her lose her mind instantly.

A translucent baby that looked somewhat similar to Lin Xiaoxue was sitting cross-legged in her mind, absorbing the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

The biggest symbol of the Sain Core Realm was that it could form a translucent Saint Core Baby in their mind.

Lin Xiaoxue had become a Saint Core Realm warrior in one leap!

Lin Xiaoxue’s jaw dropped, and her eyes were full of shock.

There were only three Saint Core Realm warriors in the entire Dragon Country.

This world was not like the primitive world in the illusion.

There were Precelestial experts everywhere, and there were as many Saint Core Realm warriors.

There were even many Earth Immortals.

The Saint Core Realm meant that one had reached the peak of martial arts in this world.

One might not even be able to become a Saint Core Realm warrior even after going through many years of tough cultivation.

But she had become a Sain Core Realm warrior at that moment.

Could it be that Lin Qi was an Earth Immortal?

Only an Earth Immortal could make him witness tens of thousands of years of changes in martial arts in the illusion.

Only an Earth Immortal could make her strive from a Qi-Absorbing Realm warrior to a Saint Core Realm warrior in five minutes.

Suddenly, Lin Xiaoxue seemed to have sensed something.

She suddenly turned her head and on the opposite side of the distant street.

Lin Qi stood with his hands behind his back and looked at Lin Xiaoxue with a faint smile.

His short hair had turned into long hair that fluttered in the wind. He exuded an independent and otherworldly temperament as if he had descended into the mortal world.

He used his supreme telekinesis to re-enact the changes of martial arts in this world in Lin Xiaoxue’s mind. Although it was not real, it contained his understanding of martial arts.

The effect was many times better compared to directly narrating it.

Although the spiritual energy in this world was scarce and becoming an Earth Immortal was difficult, it did not mean that there was no way.

Lin Qi planted a martial arts seed in Lin Xiaoxue’s body, which was enough for her to glimpse the Earth Immortal Realm.

He believed that with Lin Xiaoxue’s talent, she would step into the Earth Immortal realm in less than ten years.

It was enough for her to achieve great achievements in this world.

Back then, Lin Xiaoxue was the only one who stood up for him when Song Tianming ordered him around and wanted to take revenge on him.

Today, all of this was Lin Qi’s gift to Lin Xiaoxue.

On the roof of a skyscraper beside the Tide-Observing Bridge.

Lin Qi stood with his hands behind his back, overlooking the wide river in the distance.

His eyes twinkled as if he was deep in thought.

After successfully taking revenge on Song Tianming and his men the day before.

Lin Qi had already fallen into an indescribable magical realm.

His body and mind were relaxed for no reason, and even his realm seemed to be slightly relaxed.

That made Lin Qi feel extremely surprised.

Previously, he had suspected whether there was a higher realm above the Earth Immortal.

The Earth Immortals were not omnipotent after all.

Although Lin Qi was powerful, he was still alone.

Although he did not need to eat or drink, and ordinary attacks could not hurt him.

He would still die from a decline in his Qi and blood three hundred years later, and his cultivation would scatter between Heaven and Earth.

Just like an emperor who ruled the world, although he owned the world, he would still die. But he was not willing to die just like that.

He wanted to pursue immortality and control the world forever.

Lin Qi naturally had the same idea. A powerful force was too addictive. Lin Qi did not want to lose such power or aging and dying.

The world of martial arts was only a low-level world. There were even higher-level worlds, such as the world of immortal cultivation.

Cultivators in the world of immortal cultivation would be able to live forever and become immortals.

Lin Qi did not know if this world would make him take a step forward.

Lin Qi did not think much about it at that time. The idea once again surfaced in Lin Qi’s mind now that he had dealt with Song Tianming.