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“The matter has been settled!”

He bowed respectfully, standing behind Lin Qi.

His body was tainted with a trace of killing intent.

Last night, he used all means to eliminate the Song family from Nancheng CIty.

Tang Yurou became the head of the Tang family with Xu Hui’s support.

Those disobedient Tang family disciples were naturally killed by Xu Hui in a bloody method.

The resources of the Song family were all taken away by the Tang family.

The Tang family would be able to take in the resources of the Song family and become the number one family in Nancheng CIty.

Of course, some reckless families saw the fall of the Song family and took action to snatch the resources of the Song family. In the end, they paid a painful price and were filled with regret.

Lin Qi placed his hands behind his back and did not turn around. “Is your major attack the Army Shattering Fist?”

Xu Hui’s entire body trembled as a flash of surprise flashed across his eyes.

But Xu Hui felt relieved soon.

Lin Qi’s methods had long exceeded Xu Hui’s imagination.

It was perfectly normal even if Lin Qi knew about him.

He did majorly learned the Army Shattering Fist.

That was the fist technique that was passed down in the army and was very common.

It did not require a warrior to have outstanding talent.

Its lethality was especially strong.

He had practiced the Army Shattering Fist for more than ten years and had already reached a point where he couldn’t improve.

He was still stuck at the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

It was enough to prove Xu Hui’s talent for being able to become a peak Foundation Establishment Realm warrior at the age of twenty-six and to practice an ordinary martial arts technique like the Army Shattering Fist.

Once Xu Hui broke through and became a Precelestial Realm warrior.

He would be directly transferred to the center and become the core warrior of the Martial Arts League.

After all, the Martial Arts League’s leader was only a peak Precelestial Realm warrior.

“The Army Shattering Fist is just a very ordinary cultivation technique. You are already considered pretty good to be able to cultivate it to this level.”

Lin Qi’s voice was calm, “I’ll bestow you a good fortune. Let’s see how much you can grasp.”

The Heaven and Earth’s color changed in Xu Hui’s view.

He was on an ancient battlefield. The troops of the two countries were engaged in an intense battle. They used the most primitive cold weapons to kill each other.

Xu Hui became one of the soldiers. He wore simple armor and held a long saber in his hand.

His companion beside him had been beheaded before he could even react. Blood spurted out like a fountain.

The boiling hot blood splashed on Xu Hui’s face. Xu Hui immediately reacted due to the shock.

Xu Hui’s mind, which was already extremely firm having undergone all kinds of hell-like training was shaken at that moment.

He knew that this was a mental illusion that Lin Qi had created for him.

He had become a soldier without any cultivation, but his martial arts memories and fighting qualities were still there.

A long spear was like a poisonous snake as it stabbed towards him.

Xu Hui reacted quickly. He took a deep breath, and the blood in his body boiled.

The long saber in his hand turned into a ray of cold light and hacked heavily onto the long spear. Then, he lifted it, and the head on the ground was directly chopped off by him.

Xu Hui’s eyes showed excitement. Although his face was stained with blood, it was difficult to hide the excitement in his heart.

He had practiced the Army Shattering Fist for more than ten years, but the reason why he could not improve it was mostly because of the Army Shattering Fist itself.

The Army Shattering Fist was a killing fist technique on the battlefield.

It could be improved only after experiencing fighting and killing on the battlefield.

Although Xu Hui had carried out all kinds of dangerous missions and killed countless powerful enemies over the years, he had never experienced a real war.

The battlefield was constantly changing. He had to face all kinds of attacks from all directions alone. He would die on the spot if he were not careful. It was not something that could be compared to an individual battle.

But now, Lin Qi saw through his problem directly.

He wanted to create a war that was comparable to reality for him. He wanted him to experience the excitement and fierceness of war.

That was the fortune that Lin Qi gave him.

Xu Hui was not afraid at all facing the flooded enemy’s soldiers. He charged forward like a fierce tiger.

A human head would fall to the ground each time he swung his saber.

For a moment, the soldiers on both sides looked at the fierce Xu Hui in shock.

Xu Hui was simply a killing machine.

Moreover, he seemed to not feel fatigued at all. He used all of his strength on each cut without holding back at all.

That caused the enemy soldiers to show fear on their faces. They did not even dare to fight with Xu Hui.

Who would not be afraid of such a reckless fool?

Xu Hui did not care so much. He kept swinging his saber and reaping the heads of the enemy soldiers.

The aura on his body became stronger and stronger. Xu Hui gave up on using his saber and performed the Army Shattering Fist to attack the enemy.

It was not that Xu Hui was not afraid of death.

Firstly, Xu Hui knew that everything in front of him was an illusion. It would be fake even if he died on the battlefield. Therefore, Xu Hui was not afraid at all.

Secondly, Xu Hui treasured this opportunity very much. He would not have been able to come into contact with such a real ancient war if it was not because of Lin Qi.

Lin Qi had given him this opportunity. How much he could get would depend on his ability.

That was why Xu Hui did not care and used everything he had learned on the battlefield.

Although danger lurked everywhere on the battlefield, Xu Hui’s mind was extremely calm. He gradually entered a state of emptiness.

His aura suddenly erupted, and the space around him faintly shook.

Xu Hui swung out a fist, tearing through the air.

A resounding sound like the roar of a dragon rang out.

There was an additional feeling of iron and blood that could suppress mountains and rivers within the technique of the fist.

It wasn’t like before, where there was only killing intent.

It was like a person who possessed a soul was considered a complete person.

If one didn’t have a soul, then they would be an empty shell.

What was the difference between them and a vegetated person?

Now, there was a soul in Xu Hui’s boxing.

Xu Hui opened his eyes, bursting with excitement.

He excited to look at his thick hands.

Clenching both fists, a strong will of the fist emerged.

It was like it can punch through everything in the world.

Not only did he breakthrough.

Even the realm has broken through.

Xu Hui’s voice trembled as he looked at Lin Qi excitedly.

Lin Qi said plainly, “Take good care of Song Tianming.”

“That’s right. I’m only here to get rid of the Song family’s name.”

“I’ll naturally have to leave once the matter is settled.”

Lin Qi turned around and looked at Xu Hui. “However, you have to send me the information of the top experts of the Dragon Country and other countries before I leave.”

“Next, I will go and give pointers to the experts of the Dragon Country, but you have to deliberately claim that I injured them with malice and then issue a wanted order.”

Xu Hui was shocked and instantly understood what Lin Qi meant.

Not only did Lin Qi want to give pointers to the martial arts experts of the Dragon Country, but he also wanted to attack the martial arts experts of other countries.

Lin Qi had once promised the Martial Arts League team leader that he would help the Dragon Country kill the top experts of other countries.

At that time, the Martial Arts League leader did not believe it.

The Martial Arts League leader was completely convinced after Lin Qi showed that he was an Earth Immortal. However, at that time, he wanted to hire Lin Qi to join the Martial Arts League.

Xu Hui had also heard about this matter.

He did not expect that Lin Qi would attack the warriors of other countries!

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