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Moreover, Lin Qi was going to enlighten the top experts of the Dragon Country.

That would be a joyous event for the martial arts of the Dragon Country.

And the authorities would announce to the public that Lin Qi had provoked them maliciously and even injured these warriors, issuing a wanted order for Lin Qi.

That way, they would not suspect that it was the arrangement of the Dragon Country, even if Lin Qi killed the warriors of other countries in the future.

There was nothing they could say, even if they suspected.

After all, Lin Qi had even injured his country in the eyes of outsiders. He was insane and not deliberately arranged by the Dragon Country.

Soon, Xu Hui handed over the information of the three great Saint Core Realm warriors of the Dragon Country and the top warriors of other countries to Lin Qi.

Lin Qi memorized the information with just a casual glance.

Then, he jumped down from the top of the building under Xu Hui’s shocked gaze.

The strong wind blew, and Lin Qi’s long hair danced in the wind.

Lin Qi sprinted wildly toward the Tide-Observing Bridge after reaching the ground.

The Tide-Observing Bridge was one of the wonders of the south city.

It spanned across both banks of the river and was thousands of meters wide.

It was like a long steel dragon crossing the river, which was very majestic and magnificent.

It was still early in the morning.

A middle-aged man stared blankly at the camera beside him. He gulped, and a shocked expression appeared on his face.

He was a photographer and wanted to take a picture of the sunrise on the river.

However, he saw a long-haired young man running toward the Tide-Observing Bridge and jumping off the bridge.

He wanted to rush up to the young man, but he was too far away from him and couldn’t make it in time.

He could only shout with all his might, but unfortunately, he couldn’t stop him.

The young man ignored him and directly jumped off.

The Tide-Observing Bridge was at least tens of meters above the surface of the river. The river was torrential and bottomless. There was no way he could survive such a high jump, no matter how good the swimmer was.

However, what happened next stunned him.

Not only did the young man not fall into the river, but he was also safe and sound. He was floating on the surface of the water and running wildly on the surface of the river.

He almost thought he was dreaming.

He slapped himself hard. The intense pain made him realize that everything in front of him was not a dream.

The young man seemed to be running on a flat and open track. There was not even a splash of water.

Only ripples were formed under his feet.

Soon, the young man turned into a long line and ran into the distance. He disappeared from his sight after a moment.

He knew that there were warriors in this world.

But even warriors could not run on the water.

A Saint Core Realm warrior could float in the air and perhaps run on the surface of the water.

However, it was impossible to run on the water surface for a long time like this young man.

That would consume a large amount of energy, and even a Saint Core Realm warrior could avoid doing so.

Who on earth was that man?

The young man had already disappeared by the time the middle-aged man reacted, which made him extremely regretful.

However, he quickly looked at the camera beside him.

The camera had already started working, which meant that the scene just now had been recorded by the camera.

The middle-aged man instantly became excited. He wanted to upload the content to the Internet.

And, he uploaded it just like that without any editing.

Because he thought that the scene was enough to shock him, and he didn’t need to edit it at all.

Soon, he uploaded the video to the Internet.

It had become shocking news on the Internet in seconds. The video was shared and liked millions of times, and it immediately became popular.

Many people were shocked. After seeing the young man running on the river, their mouths were wide open in disbelief.

It caused a crazy discussion about the identity of the young man on the Internet.

Of course, many people thought that the video was made up and was not real at all.

They also took out the so-called evidence. The young man shouldn’t be able to run on the river surface for a long time, even if this young man was a warrior.

Because it would consume a lot of energy, even a Saint Core Realm warrior could only stay on the river surface for a short period.

Furthermore, how could a Saint Core Realm warrior jump off the Tide-Observing Bridge and run wildly on the surface of the river?

It was impossible, alright?

They received the support of many people the moment these doubts were voiced. After all, it was reasonable and difficult not to be convinced.

However, there were still a large number of people who believed it. After all, they could not see any edits or special effects from the video. Even the most advanced foreign sci-fi movies would expose some editing effects.

Several people recognized the young man who was running on the river. It was Lin Qi, who had comprehended the Legendary Stone Tablet from the Divine Firmament Temple a few days ago.

Why did they think that Lin Qi had comprehended the Legendary Stone Tablet? It was because Daoist Master Qingxu of the Divine Firmament Temple had specially made a statement on the Internet after Lin Qi left.

Daoist Master Qingxu claimed that Lin Qi had already deciphered the contents of the Legendary Stone Tablet and obtained the martial art “Scripture of the Thunder Monarch” created by the Divine Firmament Temple’s founder in the statement. He had also returned the “Scripture of the Thunder Monarch” to the Divine Firmament Temple.

And the image of Lin Qi floating in the void and sitting there silently appeared in the video uploaded by the netizens previously.

Those who knew about Lin Qi hurriedly searched for Lin Qi’s video on the Internet., They were extremely shocked after watching it.

That he could decipher the contents of the Legendary Stone Tablet of the Divine Firmament Temple and obtain the cultivation technique of the Divine Firmament Temple’s founder. The Divine Firmament Temple’s founder was recorded in the books as an Earth Immortal warrior from a thousand years ago. He was extremely powerful.

Even the top warriors of the Dragon Country had gained nothing from comprehending the Legendary Stone Monument. They even claimed that it was only Daoist scriptures and that there was no inherited cultivation method at all. However, Lin Qi managed to comprehend it.

Moreover, Lin Qi was floating in the void. Only a Saint Core Realm warrior could do this. Therefore, many people guessed that Lin Qi was very likely an expert who had been hidden from the world all this time. Perhaps he was even stronger than a Saint Core Realm warrior.

Otherwise, there was no way to explain why Lin Qi could run on the surface of the river.

For a time, there was a flurry of discussion about Lin Qi’s identity on the Internet. However, no matter what methods they used, they could not find any information about Lin Qi.

Some people even used AI to identify Lin Qi’s face, but they could not find any information about him.

The world was in the era of information technology. Anyone who lived in this world would leave traces. It was not difficult as long as one wanted to find out the identity of a person.

But they could not find any information about Lin Qi’s identity, which made everyone feel incredulous and even very surprised.

However, some people said that Lin Qi was a hidden expert. He had been living in seclusion in the mountains and cultivating and had never appeared in the city. That was why there was no information about him.

However, that was because the Martial Arts League had classified Lin Qi’s information as a top secret of the country. No one had the right to know about Lin Qi’s information except for the top leaders of the Dragon Country.

All the information of Lin Qi that could be searched had been deleted by Martial Arts League.