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The main hall of the Dragon Country’s Buddhism and Zen sects!

It was also the eminent authority of martial arts.

Legend said that all martial arts in the world originated from Shaolin.

Shaolin temple was one of the few martial arts sects in the Dragon Country, which had a thousand-year heritage.

Some martial arts sects had a thousand-year heritage, such as Mount Wudang and Mount Longhu, other than Shaolin Temple.

Although the divine firmament temple also had a thousand-year heritage, its martial arts heritage had been cut off for hundreds of years. Although it had recently regained its ancestral heritage, it could not be restored in a short period.

Tourists gathered in Shaolin Temple.

Some came to burn incense and worship Buddha.

Some came to enjoy the scenery.

Some came to meditate and comprehend the Dao.

Some came to learn from the master.

After all, Shaolin martial monks were very famous in the Dragon Country and the entire world.

Many people came to learn martial arts because of their fame.

However, everyone’s gaze was on a young man at that moment.

The initially noisy Zen temple suddenly became extremely quiet.

Lin Qi slowly walked over with his hands behind his back as if he was strolling in a garden.

He saw everyone looking at him as soon as he walked in.

However, Lin Qi was already used to that kind of scene.

Lin Qi’s level of life had already surpassed everyone in this world after he became an Earth Immortal. It could even be described as the difference between an immortal and a mortal. It was difficult not to attract attention.

Some people came back to their senses and took out their phones one after another to take photos of Lin Qi. Then, they posted them on their WeChat moments, Weibo, Douyin, and so on.

The topic was nothing more than that there was such a man in the world. He was as refined as jade, and he was unparalleled in this world, which caused a group of girls to crazily like his photos.

Lin Qi’s face did not have the slightest fluctuation. He indifferently glanced at the Shaolin Temple.

Xu Hui had told Lin Qi about one of the three great Sain Core Realm warriors of the Dragon Country was in the Shaolin Temple.

Lin Qi was also slightly surprised at that time.

He had not expected that this otherworld had a Shaolin Temple.

Moreover, it was very similar to the world he had transmigrated. The Shaolin Temple in front of him did not look like a thousand-year-old ancient temple. Instead, it was filled with a commercial aura. Lin Qi could not help but frown.

However, Xu Hui would not fool him.

Lin Qi stood still and slowly said, “I’ve heard that the Shaolin Temple is famous for its martial arts. All martial arts in the world originate from the Shaolin Temple.”

“I’ve come to challenge today!”

Lin Qi’s voice was very calm, and he did not roar.

However, everyone in the Shaolin Temple could hear it clearly, whether they were tourists or monks, whether they were close or far away. It was as if those words were whispered to them.

That made everyone very surprised.

It was normal for everyone in the Shaolin Temple to hear that if Lin Qi used a technique like the Lion Roar. After all, the sound could spread far and wide under that kind of roar.

However, the eardrums of the tourists who were closer to Lin Qi would be ruptured if he used a roar technique. It was even possible that they would deafen.

However, Lin Qi seemed to have casually said that, and everyone heard it.

“What? Is this young man crazy? He came to challenge the Shaolin Temple!”

“The Shaolin Temple is a great place. This young man is too arrogant.”

“Hehe, a martial monk will come later and teach this young man how to behave. Young people nowadays really don’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth!”

“The monks of Shaolin temple are all highly respected. I reckon they won’t bother with this young man!”

“Wait, don’t you guys feel that this person looks a little familiar!”

“Eh, now that you mention it, he does look a little familiar. I want to know where I’ve seen him before!”

“He… he is the person who jumped off the Tide-Observing Bridge yesterday and ran madly on the surface of the water!”

Someone recognized Lin Qi.

A wave of exclamations quickly erupted from the crowd.

The crowd immediately exploded as if the water was bombed.

They did not expect that Lin Qi, who had caused a hot topic on the internet the day before, would come to the Shaolin Temple that day to challenge them!

Everyone’s curiosity ignited for a moment.

They had some doubts about the video of Lin Qi running across the river the day before at first. It was just enough to answer the doubts in their hearts now that he wanted to challenge the Shaolin Temple.

He could challenge the Shaolin Temple if he could run across the water.

However, the Shaolin Temple was a martial arts sect that had been passed down for thousands of years. Could Lin Qi succeed in challenging it?

In the Mahavira Hall located in the inner courtyard of the Shaolin Temple.

There was a group of monks surrounding under the golden body of the tall Buddha.

Among them was the abbot of the Shaolin Temple. He wore a red kasaya and had a bitter smile on his face.

They had all heard Lin Qi’s voice.

They had also received information from the Martial Arts League that Lin Qi would come to the Shaolin Temple to challenge.

However, they had not expected Lin Qi to act so quickly. It was so soon that they somewhat caught off guard.

Moreover, he was acting in such a domineering manner.

Such a challenge was not a private spar.

A private spar did not need to be announced publicly regardless of the outcome. It would not affect the Shaolin Temple in any way.

However, the result of the victory or defeat would have to be announced to the world for such a challenge.

It would be fine if the Shaolin Temple won. Everyone would not feel that it was strange. After all, the Shaolin Temple had a thousand years of history.

However, it would cause the entire world to be shocked if Lin Qi won. The impact on the Shaolin Temple was unknown.

It would cause shock to the world if it were spread that the grand thousand-year-old ancient temple could not even win against a young man. The temple would be a laughing stock of the world.

The abbot of Shaolin Temple, Yongxin, had a bitter expression on his face at that moment. He had mixed feelings in his heart.

Outsiders might not know about the situation of Shaolin Temple, but how could an abbot like him not know.

Currently, there were not many monks who had real cultivation of high-quality martial arts in the temple. Those so-called martial monks only wanted to promote the reputation of the Shaolin Temple and mastered some fancy martial arts.

It was difficult to call it professional.

Even he, the dignified abbot of the Shaolin Temple, did not know any martial arts at all. Instead, he was obsessed with business, trying to turn the Shaolin Temple into the world’s largest historical site to obtain more resources.

“Senior, Lin Qi’s tone is too arrogant. He dares to challenge us in public!”

A middle-aged monk had an unfriendly expression as he said sternly, “Let me go out and meet him. What kind of martial arts can a young man have? I’m afraid he’s just trying to use the reputation of the Shaolin temple to hype himself up.”

The other monks agreed as soon as he said this.

“That’s right. All these years, there have always been people using the name of challenging to make themselves famous, but we ignored them. That caused many people in the world to think that Shaolin temple is just a facade!”

“We can’t tolerate it anymore this time. How dare a young man act so arrogantly? We must teach him a good lesson! Only then will our Shaolin martial arts become more profound!”

The abbot, Yongxin frowned in silence.

The monks who had spoken before him had all cultivated the real high-level martial arts of the Shaolin Temple, so their strength was rather formidable.

That was also one of the reasons why the Shaolin Temple was still able to maintain the title of belonging to the great martial arts.

Although the Shaolin Temple had declined, there were still experts.

However, he had received a message from the Martial Arts League that the Lin Qi who had come to challenge was not an ordinary person.

The message said that Lin Qi was an immortal of this world!

He was far beyond the Saint Core Realm.

When he saw that message.

The abbot, Yongxin gasped.

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