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There was no doubt about Martial Arts League’s words.

That young man was not simple for the Martial Arts League to define him as a living immortal.

Therefore, when the martial monks were filled with righteous indignation and wanted to go out and teach Lin Qi a lesson.

The abbot, Yongxin did not say a word.

He was a living immortal. How could they fight against him?

They would not be a match for Lin Qi even if they swarmed out to fight him.

Moreover, they would make Shaolin lose its reputation.

How would the world think about them if the news were to spread? How could Shaolin be so shameless facing a young man?

At present, in the Mahavira Hall.

Yongxin was silent. The other martial monks had indignant looks on their faces. They were still clamoring to go out and teach Lin Qi a lesson.

“Abbot, give us the permission!”

The abbot, Yongxin sighed helplessly. “Everyone, you don’t know that this young man has a background!”

“Oh? Could it be that this young man has an extraordinary background?”

The monks stopped their discussion.

They subconsciously thought that Lin Qi was the son of an influential family.

After all, such a situation was not rare.

There were often influential people who came to the Shaolin Temple to challenge.

The martial monks did not care.

On the contrary, they were even more indignant, “Abbot, so what if this youth is the son of an influential family? He was rude at first. He could say nothing even if we punish him a little.”

“Yes, even if the officials of the current dynasty were respectful when they came to Shaolin Temple. How could a youth like him be so rude?”

The martial monks thought that Yongxin was worried about the young man’s background.

However, Yongxin shook his head. “This young man is not the son of a noble.”

“If he is not the son of a noble, then what is his identity?”

The martial monks were stunned and asked suspiciously.

“A letter from Martial Arts League. This youth is an immortal of the present age. His martial cultivation is unfathomable.”

All the monks in the hall were stunned when Yongxin said that.

An immortal of the present age?

They were shaken, and they could not believe it.

Yong Xin knew that they did not believe it by looking at their expressions. He let out a long sigh and said, “It must not be fake since Martial Arts League has said so.”

These martial monks were the core of the Shaolin Temple. Naturally, they knew about the existence of the Martial Arts League.

Martial Arts League was the most mysterious organization in the Dragon Country. It was directly managed by the supreme leader.

It had an extremely high status and power, and it was above the local government. It was also responsible for the responsibility of the warriors of the Dragon Country.

Although these martial monks found it hard to believe in their hearts, they had to accept this fact.

Everyone’s expression became strange. The martial monk who was still shouting to teach Lin Qi a lesson just now immediately shut up.

“Is there any other expert monk who is willing to accept the challenge?”

The martial monks looked at each other. They looked at each other and then fell silent.

What kind of joke was that?

The young man was suspected to be a present immortal.

The immortal at present age meant he was an Earth Immortal!

How could they fight against an Earth Immortal!

The highest one was only at the peak of the Precelestial Realm among the martial monks.

He was still a long way from the Saint Core Realm.

He would probably die on the spot if he fought against an Earth Immortal.

“Why don’t we ask Shi-shu (brother of their master) to accept the challenge?”

A monk spoke out at the moment.

The Shi-shu that monk mentioned.

Was the Saint Core Realm warrior in the Shaolin Temple.

One of the three Saint Core Realm warriors in the Dragon Country.

He was a hidden monk in the Shaolin Buddhist Scripture Library. He usually hid in the Buddhist Scripture Library and rarely came out.

“Amitabha. Shi-shu is the only one who can deal with this young man now.”

Yongxin quickly led a group of monks to look for the hidden monk.

In the Buddhist Scripture Library.

It was the most important place of the Shaolin Temple.

It was located at the top of Mount Song and was surrounded by cliffs.

It had cornice and corners. It was very magnificent.

Usually, only monks from the Shaolin Temple could come to the scripture pavilion.

Therefore, the surroundings were quiet and calm.

A burst of hurried footsteps shattered the calm and silence of the Buddhist Scripture Library at that moment.

“Shi-shu! Yongxin requests to meet.”

Yongxin led all the monks and stood respectfully outside the Buddhist Scripture Library.

No one responded from the Buddhist Scripture Library.

Yongxin was not surprised and continued, “Shi-shu, a young man suspected to be an Earth Immortal has come to challenge. He is currently outside the mountain gate.”

“In the entire temple, only Shi-shu can deal with the current situation.”

“This matter concerns the reputation of Shaolin Temple. Otherwise, Yongxin wouldn’t have dared to disturb you, Shi-shu.”

A mellow and aged voice came from within the Buddhist Scripture Library.

Yongxin was overjoyed when he heard that.

The hidden monk had lived in seclusion in the Buddhist Scripture Library for decades. Just the time he had lived in seclusion was even older than his age. He rarely showed his face, and the number of people in the Shaolin Temple who had seen the hidden monk was fewer than ten.

Even Yongxin had only seen the hidden monk a few times in the past few decades. The hidden monk would not appear at all if there were nothing important.

He would most likely agree to this matter since he responded.

He hurriedly said, “That’s right. It’s not Youngxin talking nonsense, but a message from someone in the Martial Arts League stated that. Then this should not be fake.”

“Shi-shu, you have been stuck in the Saint Core Realm for many years. If you can fight with this person, you will be able to break through the barrier and break through the Earth Immortal Realm!”

“It will also protect Shaolin’s reputation.”

Yongxin’s words were beautifully placed. He could not even think of any reason for the hidden monk to refuse.

The hidden monk had lived for nearly a hundred years. The only thing that could affect him was to improve his martial arts. How would he not show up when now that a living Earth Immortal was right in front of him?

Just as Yongxin finished speaking.

A window in the Buddhist Scripture Library opened, and a figure jumped down from it.

That person was wearing a green monk robe. His hair and beard were white, and a transcendent aura was circulating his body. He was none other than the Shaolin hidden monk.

Everyone’s faces were filled with excitement upon seeing the hidden monk.

That was a mythical figure of Shaolin who had lived for more than a hundred years.

Shaolin was able to maintain its reputation as the greatest martial arts because of the presence of the hidden monk who was in the Saint Core Realm.

The hidden monk swept his gaze across everyone calmly.

He had been in seclusion in the Buddhist Scripture Library for decades, and that day was the first time he walked out of the Buddhist Scripture Library.

He could not help but feel a little emotional. “I didn’t expect that there would still be people in this world who could become an Earth Immortal.”

“Fine, this old monk will go and experience the splendor of an Earth Immortal.”

He directly leaped down from the cliff and circled in the air like a great eagle spreading its wings.

Everyone’s faces were instantly filled with shock.

Saint Core Realm warriors were indeed powerful.

That cliff was over a thousand meters high, and there was a vast forest in the basement.

Even a huge rock would be smashed into pieces if it fell from the top of the cliff.

The hidden monk was safe and sound.

He stepped lightly in the air and rushed toward the gate of the mountain.

He had already disappeared in just a few leaps.

An ordinary person would be so shocked that their jaws would drop out if they saw that scene.

An old man over a hundred years old jumped down from the cliff.

Not only was he fine, but he was also even running and circling in the air?

Yongxin and the group of monks looked at each other in shock.

What was the difference between a hidden monk and an Earth Immortal of the present?

“Do you guys think that Shi-shu is a match for that young man?”

“It’s hard to say. Perhaps that young man is only at the peak of the Saint Core Realm.”

“A Saint Core Realm is already so powerful. I wonder how terrifying an Earth Immortal would be.”

“Sigh, I hope Shi-shu can fight against that young man.”