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At the gate of the mountain that Shaolin was located.

The hidden monk jumped down from the cliff.

The hidden monk saw Lin Qi as soon as he reached the mountain gate.

The hidden monk didn’t even need to search for him.

He recognized Lin Qi with just one look.

At the same time, he was moved.

Lin Qi just stood casually outside the mountain gate.

He was dressed in white, had black hair, and stayed away from the outside world.

That was the feeling that Lin Qi gave to the tourists who were watching from the side.

But it was completely different in the eyes of the hidden monk.

The place where he stood was the Buddhist Kingdom of the human world.

Faint Buddhist chants were circulating him.

Previously, the hidden monk did not take Yongxin’s words seriously.

He also did not believe that Lin Qi was an Earth Immortal.

After all, at the level of the hidden monk.

He would naturally understand the flaws of this world.

An Earth Immortal couldn’t appear again.

After the hidden monk saw Lin Qi, he believed him.

The moment he saw Lin Qi, he heard the Supreme Buddhist voice.

It preached by his ear, causing his body and mind to be pure, and he fell into a state of enlightenment.

His realm, which had stagnated for many years, was slightly loosened.

So there were Earth Immortals in this world.

The hidden monk suppressed the excitement in his heart and bowed to Lin Qi. “Amitabha, this old monk greets you, almsgiver.”

“I didn’t expect you to be so talented, to be able to become an immortal in such a natural environment. This old monk is deeply impressed.”

“Thank you, almsgiver, for coming here to specially guide me.”

The hidden monk could sense that the young man had no malice intends.

Since there was no malice intended and Lin Qi was already an Earth Immortal, he didn’t need to make things difficult for Shaolin.

The only explanation was that Lin Qi wanted to give Shaolin some pointers.

To improve the martial arts of the Dragon Country.

Lin Qi waved his hand and said indifferently, “Old monk, I’m not here just to give you some pointers.”

“Shaolin has been passed down for thousands of years. There is a saying that all martial arts in the world have originated from Shaolin. I came here just in time to experience the uniqueness of Shaolin’s martial arts!”

Lin Qi was decisive and took a stance.

A terrifying pressure was emitted from Lin Qi’s body, making it difficult for everyone to breathe.

The hidden monk put his palms together and said, “I will not disappoint you, almsgiver.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the aura of the hidden monk instantly changed.

He was still an old monk in the eyes of everyone just a moment ago, and there was the possibility of him falling to the ground and not being able to get up at any time.

But now, the aura of the hidden monk greatly increased.

His entire monk robe and beard fluttered without any wind, and his eyes flickered with a bright light.

The hidden monk punched out, shaking the sky and earth.

The tourists at the scene felt the ground tremble.

“This is the Arhat Fist!”

The fists moved as if the Arhats were still alive.

Eighteen Arhats appeared in everyone’s eyes as the monk punched out. Some were subduing dragons, some were subduing tigers, some were crouching, and some were sleeping.

Of course, the hidden monk couldn’t do so many things in an instant.

That was the fist intent.

The hidden monk’s fist intent was enough to create an illusion.

It was a kind of spiritual impact to an ordinary warrior, which able to intimidate the opponent’s mind in terms of spirit and aura.

The hidden monk could be considered an expert in this world just based on this point.

Back then, Xu Hui’s Army Shattering Fist was improved with the help of Lin Qi.

Because he made a tint of fist intent.

It allowed Xu Hui to cross a peak in martial arts, reaching a higher realm just based on a trace of fist intent.

The hidden monk’s fist intent was many times more brilliant than Xu Hui’s.

It was like a firefly and a bright moon, a river, and a vast ocean.

It was enough to prove the hidden monk’s power.

At this moment, Yongxin and the other martial monks also rushed to the mountain gate.

Their faces changed in unison when they saw this scene.

Especially those martial monks who had practiced the Arhat Fist were filled with shock.

The Arhat Fist was Shaolin’s introductory fist technique.

Every monk in the Shaolin Temple had to practice it. Even Yongxin had practiced it for a few years.

The Arhat Fist was not a very profound fist technique, but it could help the monks build a solid foundation and strengthen their bodies. From there, they could switch to other martial arts.

However, the Arhat Fist, which was practiced to build a foundation, actually exploded with such power under the hidden monk’s hands.

These martial monks suddenly had the same thought.

Could the Arhat Fist even be used like that?

They felt that all these years of martial arts training had been in vain.

Shaolin was indeed Shaolin.

The hidden monk indeed had some ability.

He was able to produce such profound fist intent.

That was far from enough.

The hidden monk had only grasped the skill of fist intent.

But Lin Qi had grasped the domain.

The so-called domain was a world.

Lin Qi was the ruler in that world.

He could control everything.

Not to mention the fist intent, Lin Qi would be able to kill an arhat even existed in the world as long as he was within the range of Lin Qi’s domain.

It was the domain in the martial arts path.

In Buddhism, it was the Buddhist kingdom.

In Taoism, it was the unity of Heaven and Humans.

There were different versions, but they all had the same meaning.

Although the hidden monk was extraordinary, he was still too far away from mastering the domain.

He would be an Earth Immortal if he mastered the domain.

He didn’t use the power of Heaven and Earth.

An Earth Immortal could control the power of Heaven and Earth.

It meant that he could control the power of Heaven and Earth to a certain extent.

He cultivated the Scripture of the Thunder Monarch.

He was good at controlling lightning and thunder.

If he controlled a bolt of lightning and fell from the sky…

Not to mention the hidden monk…

Even the Shaolin Temple would shatter.

So he also threw a punch.

There was nothing fancy about it.

The others also didn’t see anything special in this punch.

It was as if he just gave an ordinary punch.

The two continued to battle.

A deafening sound was heard.

The old and skinny hidden monk was extremely fast.

He changed all kinds of fist techniques and attacked Lin Qi from different angles.

But Lin Qi did not move from beginning to end no matter how the hidden monk attacked.

He did not even move a step.

Lin Qi just let out an ordinary punch facing the storm-like attacks.

It was a very dull punch, just like a young man who had just learned martial arts.

He only knew that one punch.

But that one punch was enough to block the attack of the hidden monk.

One punch was enough to deal with all kinds of attacks.

The violent airwaves spread out in all directions, with the two of them as the center.

These tourists would have been directly injured by the spreading airwaves if it weren’t that Lin Qi had controlled his strength intentionally.

The air exploded and was deafening.

The ground outside the mountain gate was directly shattered by the two’s aura, creating crisscrossing gullies.

The tourists of Shaolin Temple widened their eyes and watched the battle between the two in shock.

“Oh my God, what did I see? A fight between immortals?”

“I’m impressed. I’m just here to burn incense, and I met immortals?”

“It’s Buddha battling an Immortal!”

“It’s too scary. Are these two immortals?”

“There are no immortals in this world. These two are both warriors, and I’m afraid they are the most powerful warriors in the Dragon Country.”

The crowd discussed in disbelief.

There were naturally some warriors who recognized the hidden monk and Lin Qi among the crowd. They were not immortals, but warriors.

However, although warriors were powerful, they never thought that they could be so powerful.

It was not an exaggeration to say that they were immortals.

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