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Hearing Song Tianming’s words, the other students were in an uproar.

Some of them looked at Lin Qi with worry, some with amusement, and some with surprise.

“Sigh, Lin Qi is going to be doomed for offending Song Tianming.”

“Hehe, Lin Qi offended Song Tianming. He was the one who picked a fight.”

“Isn’t it just kneeling and apologizing? It’s better than losing the qualifications to become a reincarnator.”

“Bear with it for a while, and this will end. Lin Qi really can’t get over it.”

“I only understand now why Song Tianming wanted to buy a reincarnation tracking token. So ruthless…”

Previously, they had never understood why Song Tianming wanted to buy a reincarnation tracking token.

Now they knew the reason.

It was because Song Tianming wanted to take revenge on Lin Qi.

The reincarnation tracking token allowed the ones who used the reincarnation tracking token to reincarnate into the same world as the other person he was thinking of.

It was usually used to team up with friends and develop some dangerous worlds.

These dangerous worlds also meant great opportunities. They could obtain huge rewards and reincarnation points.

The importance of the reincarnation tracking token was obvious. Just one tracking token alone cost 1,000 reincarnation points.

Song Tianming’s goal was not to form a team with Lin Qi.

Instead, he wanted to be able to reincarnate into the same world as Lin Qi. That way, Song Tianming could take advantage of his earlier arrangements to take revenge on Lin Qi.

Lin Qi did not buy anything. It was impossible for him to escape Song Tianming’s revenge.

If Lin Qi died in an accident in the otherworld, Lin Qi would lose the qualification to become a reincarnator.

Everyone in the class knew that Lin Qi was born in a poor family.

If he failed this test, it would be impossible for him to pay a high fee to reincarnate again.

Song Tianming’s revenge this time was quite vicious.

It could directly destroy Lin Qi’s hope.

Moreover, if Lin Qi lost the qualification to become a reincarnator and became an ordinary person, it would make it even easier for Song Tianming to manipulate him.

In Jiangcheng City, the Song family could kill an ordinary person as simple as crushing an ant.

“Song Tianming, you’ve gone too far!”

At that time, a girl with a ponytail rushed over angrily from not far away. “We’re all in this together. Is there a need to target Lin Qi like this?”

The girl had a delicate and sweet appearance and a tall figure. Her long legs were slender and round, and her entire body exuded a youthful aura.

Seeing this girl, Song Tianming was first stunned, then he smiled and said, “Xiaoxue, this matter has nothing to do with you. Don’t get involved.”

Song Tianming had a smile on his face, but his eyes flashed with a hint of viciousness as he glared fiercely at Lin Qi.

Lin Xiaoxue frowned. “Don’t think that I don’t know about your stupid matters. When you sparred with Lin Qi, you were planning to attack him sneakily after you lost. Lin Qi was defending himself and knocked off one of your teeth. You’ve always held a grudge against him.”

Lin Qi looked at Lin Xiaoxue and was stunned.

In his mind, his relationship with Lin Xiaoxue seemed to be average.

In his memory, Lin Xiaoxue was a student of Grade 12, Class 1.

Lin Qi’s grades were among the best in the No. 1 High School of Jiangcheng City. There were very few who could surpass Lin Qi. It could be put as they were all on par.

Lin Xiaoxue was Lin Qi’s biggest competitor. It would be either Lin Qi or her ranking in the first.

In private, Lin Xiaoxue rarely interacted with Lin Qi. She didn’t talk much. He didn’t expect her to stand up for him.

Lin Xiaoxue was very beautiful. She had many suitors in Jiangcheng City No. 1 High School, and Song Tianming was one.

However, Song Tianming didn’t only like Lin Xiaoxue’s beauty, but also Lin Xiaoxue’s identity and background.

However, Lin Xiaoxue didn’t pay any attention to Song Tianming and other suitors.

He didn’t expect Lin Xiaoxue to stand up for Lin Qi and scold Song Tianming in public. Song Tianming was angry. “This has nothing to do with you. Mind your own business!”

His gaze was like poisonous snakes. He stared at Lin Qi. “I’ll give you one more chance. Kneel and apologize to me, and I’ll let you off. Otherwise, don’t blame me!”

Lin Xiaoxue was just about to speak when Lin Qi, who had been silent all this time, raised his head.

Under his long black hair was a delicate and pretty face.

The corners of his mouth curled up.

He looked at Song Tianming calmly. “What if I disagree?”

“How about this? I’ll give you a chance too.”

“Kneel and kowtow to apologize. I’ll pretend that what happened today never happened.”

“Otherwise, I’ll banish you and your whole family in the future!”

“The same goes for your lackeys.”

Lin Qi’s voice was very calm. But it sounded very arrogant and full of provocation to others.

As soon as he finished his words.

The students nearby who heard him were shocked. Their eyeballs were almost falling off from their socket.

Not only did Lin Qi not apologize, he even dared to provoke Song Tianming.

“Hiss, is Lin Qi crazy? How dare he talk to Song Tianming like that?”

“I think Lin Qi is crazy. It might be because he had pressured himself too much. Song Tianming gave him a chance. He didn’t cherish something that could be solved by kneeling and apologizing.”

“If Lin Qi fails this reincarnation test, he will lose the qualification to become a reincarnator and become an ordinary person. How can he fight with the Song family?”

“Arrogant. Lin Qi is too arrogant.”

Lin Qi’s deskmate was dumbfounded, and his voice trembled, “Lin… Lin Qi…”

He wanted to say that it was Song Tianming.

‘How dare you say such words? You are simply courting death.’

Even Lin Xiaoxue’s pretty eyes couldn’t help but flicker.

She looked at Lin Qi in a daze.

She thought that Song Tianming must have stimulated Lin Qi’s pride which made him say those words.

But at this moment, Lin Qi was very calm. He didn’t look aggregated at all.

Song Tianming and his followers were stunned at first, wondering if they had misheard.

“Well. Very well then. You will pay the price for what you said!”

Song Tianming was so angry that he laughed. He glared at Lin Qi and left.

Everyone could feel the cold killing intent from Song Tianming.

“Why are you so impulsive?”

Lin Xiaoxue pouted and complained.

Lin Xiaoxue was going to have a good talk with Song Tianming. She guessed that he would give up on taking revenge on Lin Qi for her sake.

She did not expect Lin Qi to provoke Song Tianming.

If Song Tianming attacked Lin Qi in the otherworld, Lin Qi would lose the right to become a reincarnated person.

“Sigh, Lin Qi, what should we do?”

Wang Ran had a worried look on his face.

Lin Qi waved his hand. He was not worried.

He could be considered a person who had died once. Right now, he had a mentality of he was playing a game.

He turned to look at the girl in front of him and smiled. “Thank you for standing up for me.”

“It’s about time. We should go in.”

After saying that, Lin Qi and Wang Ran turned and left.

Looking at Lin Qi’s back, Lin Xiaoxue had a complicated expression on her face. “How about I buy a reincarnation tracking token too?”

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