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Some Martial Arts League warriors hiding in the dark gasped.

They looked in shock at Lin Qi and the hidden monk outside the mountain gate.

They had been notified by their superiors to pay a visit to Shaolin Temple to investigate the fight between Lin Qi and the hidden monk.

However, the fight between the two had exceeded the imagination of these Martial Arts League warriors.

How was that still a fight between warriors?

That was simply a fight between immortals.

They transmitted the battle scene in front of them to the headquarters as they gulped.

Meanwhile, the tourists at the side had already recovered from their shock.

They took out their phones to take photos or videos one after another.

They wanted to record everything in front of them.

“I suddenly feel that I’m good-for-nothing, watching them fight.”

“Not only you. I also feel that I’m good-for-nothing.”

“Everyone is a good-for-nothing.”

“This is martial arts. What we practice is gymnastics.”

“I didn’t expect that a warrior could be so powerful to such an extent. It’s so terrifying.”

The hidden monk was in a bad state. There was blood at the corner of his mouth, and his face was pale.

The hidden monk’s figure retreated rapidly!

The two of them pulled apart a distance of at least five meters.

Then, the hidden monk directly sat cross-legged.

His condition was not as good as before.

His aura was chaotic, and even traces of cracks appeared on his body.

Lin Qi, on the other hand.

His expression was relaxed as he floated in mid-air.

He stood with his hands behind his back and calmly looked at the hidden monk.

The hidden monk raised his head and suddenly let out a cry.

He spat out a mouthful of blood.

His face was pale, and his aura was weak.

Yongxin was greatly shocked and wanted to rush forward.

The hidden monk waved his hand.

Yongxin and the other monks stopped at their original place and looked at the hidden monk anxiously.

The hidden monk put his palms together and closed his eyes to arrange his breath.

It was obvious that he was seriously injured.

When the tourists looked at the hidden monk.

They could feel a peaceful and calm aura emanating from him.

Everyone’s heart became extremely peaceful under that aura.

They felt regret and disgust towards the secular past!

There were even some who wanted to kneel and escape into the void.

The hidden monk was a Buddha.

That was because the hidden monk was injured by Lin Qi.

He could not control his state.

Although he was not a Buddha.

His fist technique had already grasped the fist intent.

The fist intent naturally could not be controlled and was born when his aura was in disorder.

Those who felt this fist intent and had a weak will would even convert into Buddhism.

In ancient times, some demonic monks used that to bewitch the people and increase their followers so that they could worship themselves.

Of course, the real eminent monks would not do this.

What was the difference between bewitching the people with such a method and a heathendom?

All monks became monks for various reasons when the Buddha crossed the fated people.

They would not force the people to believe in the Buddha or escape into the void.

Otherwise, they would have been hunted down by the authorities or Martial Arts League.

Now, it was just that the hidden monk could not control his power after being injured.

The hidden monk opened his eyes a moment later.

He retracted his scattered aura and pressed his palms together, “Amitabha!”

“Almsgiver, your methods are truly heaven-like!”

“I was the one who lost my composure just now.”

“I didn’t expect that I would finally meet an Earth Immortal today after wasting more than a hundred years,”

“As the saying goes, one can die after learning the Dao in the morning. To be able to meet you before passing away is not a life in vain, almsgiver.”

“Thank you for letting me see the path to God. It’s a pity that I don’t have much time left. However, life and death are determined by fate. It’s just a body. I’m already satisfied.”

“I will pray for you in the Sukhavati and let martial arts flourish after I pass away. More people will be able to open the path to God.”

The hidden monk had a face full of emotion.

It turned out that not only was the hidden monk injured by Lin Qi, but he was also about to die.

The faces of the abbot, Yongxin, and the group of martial monks immediately changed.

The hidden monk was the Shaolin Temple’s greatest reliance.

The Shaolin Temple would decline in the future if he passed away.

They originally thought that Lin Qi and the hidden monk would only go so far. They did not expect that Lin Qi would attack so heavily. Not only did he injure the hidden monk, but making him pass away.

They would have closed the mountain gate and ignored Lin Qi if they had known earlier.

The death of the hidden monk was a great loss to the Shaolin Temple.

Yongxin’s heart was bleeding.

However, Lin Qi, who was floating in the air, could not help but smile.

That old monk’s acting was not bad.

He knew that the old monk had successfully fooled these people by looking at the reactions of the people around him.

The dying soon and going to the Sukhavati were all bullshit.

Although the old monk was injured, it was not very serious.

He was not dying soon at all.

When Lin Qi was fighting with the hidden monk just now.

He told the monk the purpose of his trip with his spiritual telepathy.

The hidden monk would never agree if it were before.

After all, although the hidden monk was away from the world.

He was still a member of Shaolin.

If he had to pretend that he was about to pass away after being defeated by Lin Qi, it would cause the Shaolin Temple’s reputation to plummet.

But, the hidden monk had directly agreed, and his acting skills were beyond the standard.

He saw the hope of reaching the Earth Immortal Realm with guidance from Lin Qi.

He understood a little bit of what it meant to be able to reverse life and death and control Heaven and Earth.

After all, becoming an Earth Immortal was the goal of the hidden monk.

Why would the hidden monk not agree now that it was right in front of him?

Furthermore, it was great.

“Yongxin, I acted of my free will on the battle with this almsgiver. The entire temple cannot make things difficult for this almsgiver! You must fulfill the request of this almsgiver if he had any!”

The abbot, Yongxin helplessly exchanged glances with the other monks.

He did not understand what the hidden monk was saying at all.

Lin Qi was so vicious. It was fine if he just injured the hidden monk. The hidden monk even wanted them to fulfill Lin Qi’s requests?

They could not agree to that.

But they could not say it out loud, so they could only agree.

The hidden monk closed his eyes after saying that.

To others, he was in such a state because his injuries were too severe.

In fact, the monk was so happy that his heart was bursting with joy.

He was trying to comprehend that hint of enlightenment in his heart.

That hint of enlightenment was like a flash of light in the night. Although it was only for a moment, it allowed the monk to see the road to becoming an Earth Immortal.

It was indeed unlikely for an Earth Immortal to appear in this world. The spiritual energy was extremely scarce. Countless talented warriors were unable to take this step for hundreds of years.

However, Lin Qi’s appearance allowed him to see the possibility.

However, becoming an Earth Immortal was not something that happened overnight. It required a lot of time, and there had to be opportunities.

It did not mean that he could immediately step into this realm just because he saw it.

But even so, it was enough to make the hidden monk extremely excited, and he was even more grateful to Lin Qi.

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