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The hidden monk had lived for nearly 150 years.

He had reached the end of his life.

However, for a master of the Saint Core Realm like him.

His Qi and blood would begin to decline only when he truly reached the last moment of his life.

If it wasn’t for Lin Qi’s visit.

He would have died in meditation even if he lived for a few years.

However, Lin Qi’s appearance allowed him to see the possibility of becoming an Earth Immortal.

His realm increased as he fought with Lin Qi.

His lifespan also increased.

He could live for at least another 30 years.

Just like Daoist Master Qingxu.

Lin Qi used heaven-defying methods to extend the life of the hidden monk by more than 30 years.

That was an Earth Immortal that could reverse life and death.

More than 30 years was enough for this old monk to step into the Earth Immortal Realm.

At that time, the monk’s lifespan would increase again.

Apart from that, the many years of illness in the monk’s body.

Were all healed by Lin Qi at that moment.

He looked weak and frail on the surface.

In fact, his condition was many times better than before he fought with Lin Qi.

The hidden monk also secretly transmitted his voice to Yongxin and the others.

He told them that there was no need to panic.

He had already peered into the Earth Immortal Realm.

Only then did Yongxin and the others heave a sigh of relief, and they were delighted.

It would be Shaolin’s fortune for hundreds of years if the hidden monk could become a warrior of Earth Immortal Realm!

Shaolin could at least maintain its position for hundreds of years.

Lin Qi looked at the hidden monk whose eyes were tightly shut and shook his head. “Old Monk, it’s too boring to fight with you!”

That was not Lin Qi boasting, but the truth.

The difference in strength between the two was too great, even though Lin Qi did not use the power of Heaven and Earth.

But the monk was no match for Lin Qi with just his physical body.

The monk was like an infant in front of Lin Qi, while Lin Qi was an adult.

Even if an adult did not attack, an infant would not be able to hurt an adult in the slightest, no matter how he attacked.

However, even though the hidden monk was not as good as Lin Qi.

Lin Qi could still see the extraordinariness of the Shaolin martial arts from the hidden monk.

He might be able to gain something from the Shaolin Temple’s martial arts if he could comprehend it in the right way.

Perhaps it would allow him to take a step closer!

“Since you can’t satisfy me, I will personally go to the Shaolin Temple’s Buddhist Scripture Library to take a good look at the unique aspects of the Shaolin martial arts.”

Lin Qi’s figure moved just as he finished speaking.

The tip of his foot tapped in the air, and the air rippled like a water wave.

Lin Qi soared into the sky.

The scene shocked everyone.

That was many times more difficult than the hidden monk jumping down from the top of the cliff.

The hidden monk jumped down and didn’t need to borrow strength. He only needed to control his Concrete Qi, and he could float in the air.

However, that was a cliff that was more than a thousand meters long.

Lin Qi had no strength to borrow from the bottom up. He could only rely on the powerful Concrete Qi to not fall from the air.

Everyone was dumbfounded when Lin Qi reached the Buddhist Scripture Library at the top of the cliff.

Everyone’s eyes were wide open, and their jaws dropped.

“Oh my God, I see a God!”

“Mom, look, someone can fly!”

“This cliff is at least a thousand meters long, and he flew up. If he wasn’t an immortal, that what is he?”

“This is the Shaolin Temple. Where did this god come from? It’s the manifestation of Buddha!”

“Um, I think that regardless of whether this person is a god or Buddha, the most important thing is that such a powerful person has appeared in front of us. Are we just going to watch him leave?”

“Yeah, no way. I want to acknowledge him as my master.”

“Acknowledge him as our master! Acknowledge him as our master!”

Everyone recovered from their shock and realized the main point.

Lin Qi, who was like a god, had disappeared right under their noses. How could they not quickly try to acknowledge him as their master?

They would not dare to say that they could become a god if they could acknowledge Lin Qi as their master. However, they would be proud of themselves if they could learn one-tenth of Lin Qi’s abilities.

The warriors, in particular, were panting heavily. Their eyes were bloodshot as they charged straight towards the Shaolin Temple.

They wanted to go to the Buddhist Scripture Library to find Lin Qi and become his disciple!

A large number of tourists swarmed towards the Shaolin Temple under the led of these warriors.

The hidden monk, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground, had extremely clear ears and eyes.

His expression changed upon hearing their thoughts.

The tourist would trample the Buddhist Scripture Library with so many of them swarming into it.

Moreover, the Buddhist Scripture Library was not open to the public!

The hidden monk hurriedly stood up from the ground and ran into the courtyard. He then transmitted his thoughts to Yongxin.

Yongxin immediately understood.

He quickly commanded the monks to stop these crazy tourists.

Soon, some tourists became dissatisfied and shouted, “Why aren’t they allowed to enter the temple!”

Yongxin was, after all, the abbot of Shaolin Temple. He had seen all kinds of big scenes.

Just a few tourists would not be a problem for him.

He immediately chanted a Buddhist chant, “Almsgivers, I’m very sorry. We won’t be receiving tourists from today onwards.”

“And from today onwards, the mountain will be closed for a year!”

“I can’t help it. I’m very sorry. I hope everyone can understand.”

“What, the mountain will be closed?”

These tourists were instantly dumbfounded.

They had never thought that the Shaolin temple would close the mountain.

Yongxin also revealed a bitter smile.

It was not his idea to seal the mountain for a year.

It was the hidden monk’s idea.

Firstly, it was to let the Shaolin temple cooperate with Lin Qi’s act and let the people who paid attention to this matter know that Lin Qi had indeed injured the hidden monk.

Secondly, sealing the mountain for a year would also allow the hidden monk to advance to the Earth Immortal faster.

However, who knew how much incense money they would lose by sealing the mountain for a year.

Just thinking about it made Yongxin feel heartache.

As the abbot of the Shaolin Temple, he was under a lot of pressure to manage the food, clothing, and transportation of thousands of monks.

However, Yongxin felt much better when he thought about how the hidden monk could become an Earth Immortal.

After all, the core of the Shaolin temple was still Buddhism and martial arts.

With a land god overseeing it, it was far better than the wealth of thousands of incense.

At the top of the cliff on Mount Song.

Outside the Buddhist Scripture Library.

Looking at the three-floored Buddhist Scripture Library built on the edge of the cliff.

Lin Qi was also a little moved.

This Buddhist Scripture Library was the most important thing in the Shaolin Temple. Even ordinary monks were not allowed to enter it.

It had countless precious scriptures over the past thousand years arranged in it.

There were Buddhist scriptures and martial arts techniques.

These Shaolin monks had studied Buddhism and martial arts in the Buddhist Scripture Library and left their marks for over the past thousand years.

Lin Qi could feel the vicissitudes of life and the historical scenes as soon as he arrived outside the Buddhist Scripture Library.

It was as if these scenes were replaying in his mind.

Of course, ordinary people couldn’t feel anything special at all.

Only Lin Qi could capture these historical scenes from the environment of the Buddhist Scripture Library.

A delicate and pretty novice monk saw a tourist had suddenly come to the Buddhist Scripture Library and wanted to stop him.

“Amitabha, almsgiver, the Buddhist Scripture Library…”

He wanted to say that the Buddhist Scripture Library was not open to the public and ask him to visit elsewhere.

However, before he could finish speaking.

He heard the voice of the hidden monk coming from afar.

“Welcome this almsgiver properly.”

The novice monk hurriedly extended his hand and welcomed Lin Qi into the Buddhist Scripture Library.

There were rows and rows of bookshelves, and the bookshelves were filled with densely packed scriptures within the Buddhist Scripture Library.

The Buddhist Scripture Library had a total of three floors.

The first floor was filled with ordinary scriptures.

The second floor was filled with martial arts techniques.

The third floor was filled with precious scriptures.

Other than the old monk, who cultivated in seclusion, even the abbot, Yongxin was not qualified to enter the third floor in the entire Shaolin Temple.

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