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“Almsgiver, are you here to read the books of martial arts techniques?”

The novice monk was showing the way.

The novice monk’s attitude was different after the hidden monk ordered him. He was very respectful towards Lin Qi.

The novice monk thought to himself. Lin Qi was young, so he was must not interested in the profound Buddhist scriptures.

He was young and hot-blooded. He might be there for the martial arts techniques on the second floor.

The novice monk did not make Lin Qi stay on the first floor after hearing his reply. He directly brought Lin Qi to the second floor. “Almsgiver, the first floor is where the Buddhist scriptures are stored. The books of martial arts techniques are on the second floor.”

“There is a total of 387,680 Buddhist scriptures in the Buddhist Scripture Library, while there are only about 10,000 martial arts technique books.”

The second floor was much spacious compared to the first floor, which was densely arranged with Buddhist scriptures.

Although both floors were about the same size.

But the number of martial arts technique books was much less than those Buddhist scriptures, so it was much more spacious.

Any eminent monk could write Buddhist scriptures. The Shaolin Temple had accumulated countless Buddhist scriptures over the past thousand years.

However, martial arts technique books were extremely precious.

After all, there were countless eminent monks in the Shaolin Temple. However, those who could truly create martial arts techniques and have their unique views on martial arts were still in the minority. Therefore, even the Shaolin Temple only had around 10,000 martial arts techniques books over the past thousand years.

However, the Shaolin Temple’s martial arts techniques were many compared to other sects. Some sects or martial arts schools usually only had a few books on martial arts techniques.

However, the Shaolin Temple had more than 10,000 martial arts technique books. From that point of view, it was worthy of being called the greatest sect of martial arts.

That was the reason that it could stand tall in the martial arts world of the Dragon Country for more than a thousand years.

Most of the books from the 10,000 martial arts technique books were the notes of the martial monks about the Shaolin martial arts. Although it could not be used for cultivation, it could be the reference for other martial monks during cultivation.

“Almsgiver, you can read the martial arts technique books here.”

The young novice monk said as he looked at Lin Qi.

Usually, anyone would be shocked by so many martial arts technique books when they came to the second floor.

Then, they would read through these martial arts technique books with excitement.

However, humans were greedy and often wanted the best, so they took one and wanted another.

There were more than ten thousand martial arts technique books on the second floor. It would take a few days to just roughly read them, but they got nothing from it in the end.

The young novice monk saw that Lin Qi’s bearing was extraordinary, and he did not look like an ordinary person. Since he was ordered by the hidden monk, he would give Lin Qi some pointers if Lin Qi was lost in those books.

He would recommend a few high-quality martial arts techniques to him.

He had grown up in the Buddhist Scripture Library since young, and these martial arts techniques were already in his heart. So he was naturally familiar with the contents.

Lin Qi’s reaction was beyond the young novice monk’s expectations.

Lin Qi’s only gazed casually across the bookshelves.

Then, he shook his head. “There’s nothing here that I want.”

Lin Qi’s spirit had already covered the second floor.

Although he didn’t read it with his own eyes, he already knew the contents of these martial arts techniques.

These martial arts techniques indeed had their uniqueness. It was enough to make the warriors of the Dragon Country go crazy and fight desperately for it even if only one was taken out.

But, these techniques were not what Lin Qi wanted at all.

He was already an Earth Immortal, and these techniques were no longer of any help to him!

The novice monk looked at Lin Qi suspiciously.

He wanted to say, ‘You haven’t read it yet. How do you know that there’s nothing you want?’

But before he could speak, Lin Qi had already walked to the third floor.

Lin Qi sensed that there was something on the third floor that was emitting a unique aura.

Maybe that was the thing he needed.

The novice monk saw that and wanted to stop him.

The third floor was an important place of the Buddhist Scripture Library.

It was not a place that anyone could enter.

Only some high-level senior monks in the Shaolin Temple were qualified to enter.

Even the abbot, Yongxin could not enter.

Unexpectedly that young man wanted to enter the third floor at that moment!

However, the novice monk’s speed was no match for Lin Qi’s.

Lin Qi had already pushed open the tightly shut door of the third floor in just a second.

The novice monk thought to himself, ‘It’s bad.’

Just as he was about to go up and persuade Lin Qi to leave the third floor, he suddenly remembered the words of the hidden monk.

That was the first time in all these years that the novice monk had heard the old immortal ask him to make someone feel at home.

The hidden monk had a high status.

Although the hidden monk was not the novice monk’s master, he had always enlightened the novice monk.

The novice monk regarded the hidden monk as an old immortal.

No one had ever been able to make the old immortal take them so seriously.

Could it be that there was something different about that young man?

Lin Qi had already walked into the third floor at that moment.

The old immortal might not blame him for not stopping the young man.

Therefore, the young novice monk gave up the idea of stopping Lin Qi and followed behind him.

He was usually responsible for cleaning the Buddhist Scripture Library, so naturally, he would enter the third floor.

He was naturally very familiar with what was on the third floor.

The third floor was even more spacious.

Calligraphy and paintings hung on the surrounding walls. They were personally drawn by the virtuous monks over the past thousand years. For example, the one personally written by the sixth ancestor of the Zen sect: Fundamentally there is no Bodhi tree, nor stand of a mirror bright, since all is void from the beginning, where can the dust alight?

It would cause heat in the collecting world if these calligraphies and paintings were to be taken out.

There were two bronze statues in a corner on the third floor.

One was the Śākyamuni, and the other was the Bodhidharma.

The Śākyamuni was known as Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.

The Bodhidharma was the founder of the Shaolin Temple. More than a thousand years ago, he came alone to the east to establish the Zen sect, Shaolin, and re-establish Buddhism in the east!

Both of them were very important to Shaolin Temple.

Therefore, Lin Qi was not surprised that Gautama Buddha and Bodhidharma’s bronze statues appeared here.

His gaze did not linger on the bronze statue for too long.

As soon as he walked in, his gaze fell on an item on the Gautama Buddha’s bronze statue.

Gautama Buddha sat in the lotus position with his hands folded on his feet. Between that was a scroll of parchment that looked like a handwritten letter.

The young monk was shocked when he saw Lin Qi looking at the parchment in Gautama Buddha’s hand.

That parchment was the Gautama Buddha’s handwritten letter. It was brought to Shaolin Temple along with the visit from Bodhidharma.

Although it was not a cultural relic, it was a supreme treasure in Buddhism.

He quickly explained, “Almsgiver, this is the Gautama Buddha’s handwritten letter. It records some of Gautama Buddha’s insights. It has nothing to do with martial arts.”

“Gautama Buddha’s handwritten letter?”

A glimmer of light flashed in Lin Qi’s eyes.

Gautama Buddha was not as simple as the founder of Buddhism to Lin Qi.

Especially in the world that Lin Qi had transmigrated from. Gautama Buddha had rich mythological stories and possessed supreme power.

Not only did this world have powerful martial arts, but it also had Gautama Buddha!

In that case, the Gautama Buddha in this world was not as simple as the founder of Buddhism.

Moreover, Lin Qi could feel a sacred aura from the handwritten letter.

It was as if a Buddha had crossed the river and time and appeared in front of Lin Qi, quietly looking at him.

That thing must be extraordinary!

Lin Qi stretched out his hand, and the Gautama Buddha handwritten letter fell into his hand.