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The Gautama Buddha’s handwritten letter was unfolded.

There were some Sanskrit words and patterns on it, which were about thousands of words.

Just looking at those Sanskrit words was enough to make many people give up.

After all, the Sanskrit words from thousands of years ago had been lost. The number of people in the world who could understand these words was probably less than ten.

The hidden monk was one of them.

The novice monk had also learned from the hidden monk. Therefore, he could also read the contents of the handwritten letter.

The novice monk had once treated this Gautama Buddha handwritten letter as a martial arts technique too.

He thought that it contained Gautama Buddha’s martial arts technique.

Gautama Buddha was Buddha. Who knew how powerful it would be if it were Gautama Buddha’s martial arts technique? It would surely surpass the martial arts techniques on the second floor.

Therefore, he had also flipped through the Gautama Buddha handwritten letter.

But he could not find any clues no matter how he flipped through them, and no matter how many times he flipped through them.

It looked like it was only some of Gautama Buddha’s insights regarding the universe.

It was not Buddhist scriptures or martial arts techniques.

The novice monk gave up. He thought that it was very likely that Gautama Buddha had casually written these notes.

But if it was Gautama Buddha who had casually written these notes, why would Bodhidharma place so much importance on bringing them to the eastern lands?

The novice monk was still very confused.

He even especially went to consult the hidden monk.

The hidden monk did not have an answer either.

He just told the novice monk not to be too persistent.

Therefore, the novice monk had no choice but to give up on continuing to study the Gautama Buddha’s handwritten notes and gradually forgot about that matter.

However, the Gautama Buddha’s handwritten notes that were unknown to others were completely different in the eyes of Lin Qi.

He saw a mighty Buddha’s will, burning fiercely like an enormous sun.

Lin Qi did not understand or even look at the Sanskrit writings at all.

Lin Qi no longer needed to figure out the meaning of the words at his level.

He could completely feel the contents of the handwritten letter through his mind.

The few thousand Sanskrit words were obscure and abstruse. Lin Qi would find it difficult to understand even if he tried to figure it out.

That made Lin Qi slightly surprised, but he soon felt relieved.

He could not figure out the contents, which proved that the Gautama Buddha’s realm was even higher than Lin Qi’s.

Perhaps he had reached the realm above the Earth Immortal.

After all, this world’s environment was different from what it was now thousands of years ago.

Earth Immortals were not rare during that time. It was not impossible for there to be existences above the Earth Immortals.

Gautama Buddha was very likely such an existence.

The novice monk chuckled in his heart when he saw Lin Qi staring blankly at the Gautama Buddha’s handwritten letter.

Even he could not comprehend any profound mysteries.

Lin Qi could not understand the Sanskrit written on it.

If he could not understand Sanskrit, how could he comprehend the contents of the handwritten letter?

Would it not be better to properly read those martial arts techniques on the second floor?

The young novice monk thought that Lin Qi would put down the Gautama Buddha handwritten letter and return to the second floor in a few minutes.

Indeed, Lin Qi couldn’t comprehend it.

But he didn’t panic at all.

“Ding! The Gautama Buddha’s Palm Technique was detected in the Gautama Buddha handwritten letter. Host, would you like to learn it?”

The system sounded in Lin Qi’s mind as expected.

Lin Qi never expected that the manual contained the Gautama Buddha’s Palm Technique!

Lin Qi was familiar with the Gautama Buddha’s Palm Technique.

The Gautama Buddha palm technique had appeared in many movies and TV shows in the world that Lin Qi had transmigrated from.

It was a Demon-God Realm technique.

The power was so strong that even Lin Qi was extremely shocked.

It could be said that the Gautama Buddha’s Palm had surpassed the realm of this world.

The strike from the palm could even destroy the Gods and Buddhas!

In an instant, a vast and mysterious text message appeared in Lin Qi’s mind.

It was just like when he had learned the Scripture of the Thunder Monarch.

However, the Gautama Buddha’s Palm was many times stronger than the Scripture of the Thunder Monarch. Even only the text message made Lin Qi’s mind feel a little bloated and painful.

The current Lin Qi was an Earth Immortal, which was enough to prove that the Gautama Buddha’s Palm was not a trivial matter.

“Ding! Host, do you want to use up 150 years of life to upgrade the Gautama Buddha’s Palm to the maximum level with one click?”

Lin Qi was secretly shocked.

He only used up 80 years of life to learn the Scripture of the Thunder Monarch previously.

Now, he needed to use up 150 years of life!

However, Lin Qi immediately agreed.

He still had more than 200 years of life, which was more than enough.

After all, life in this world was not his real life, so he naturally did not feel pity when he used it.

Moreover, his realm and the essence of his life would increase by leaps and bounds, and his life would increase by then if he maximized the level of the Gautama Buddha’s Palm.

Just like before, Lin Qi directly became an Earth Immortal and obtained 300 years of life after he maximized the level of the Scripture of the Thunder Monarch. He still had more than 200 years after deducting the cost of leveling up.

“Ding! The Gautama Buddha’s Palm has successfully maximized in one click.”

Lin Qi’s aura surged in an instant.

He had been restraining his aura previously, or else it would continuously affect his surroundings. Some people might even kneel and kowtow, wanting to submit to Lin Qi.

But now, Lin Qi’s aura could not be controlled and spread out in all directions.

However, the aura was much more majestic and sacred than when he was floating like an immortal, or when he used the Scripture of the Thunder Monarch.

Lin Qi seemed to have turned from a human into a Buddha in the novice monk’s eyes.

He became a Buddha on the spot!

The aura of God and Buddha filled his entire body.

There were all kinds of profound and ethereal Sanskrit sounds.

It made the monk’s mind tremble. He couldn’t help but kneel in front of Lin Qi with a thump.

The moment Lin Qi’s aura of God and Buddha spread out.

The novice monk was shocked.

He couldn’t figure out how an ordinary person could produce such a strong aura of God and Buddha.

It was difficult for even the eminent monk of virtue to have such an aura.

Including the hidden monk.

However, Lin Qi had the aura of Buddha.

Could it be that Lin Qi had studied other than the Gautama Buddha’s handwritten letter?

Even if Lin Qi could understand Sanskrit on it.

It was impossible for him to comprehend anything.

The novice monk himself could not understand anything even if he was familiar with the scriptures.

How could Lin Qi be able to understand the mysteries in the handwritten letter?

But as Lin Qi’s aura of Buddha became more and more intense.

The shock and doubt in the novice monk’s heart were replaced by reverence.

In his eyes, Lin Qi was a Buddha, a Gautama Buddha.

Lin Qi, who had his eyes closed, was also extremely shocked.

Lin Qi felt the power of the Gautama Buddha’s Palm after reaching the maximum level with one click.

Such a technique was too powerful.

It allowed Lin Qi to see his shortcomings.

Lin Qi learned from the Gautama Buddha’s Palm.

That even Earth Immortals had their differences.

They were beginner, initial, intermediate, and perfection.

Previously, Lin Qi was only at the beginner stage of Earth Immortal when he was in the Divine Firmament Temple.

He once felt his body and mind become lighter when he came to Nancheng City and took revenge on Song Tianming. It was as if he had broken free from the shackles and boundaries. It was as if he had solved the obsession of this body.

At that moment, Lin Qi was already at the initial stage of the Earth Immortal Realm.

And now, Lin Qi was at the perfection stage of the Earth Immortal Realm.

He had skipped the intermediate stage and reached the perfection stage.

The Earth Immortal Realm was indeed powerful.

But there was no possibility of regression.

Just as the Buddhists said, the Bodhisattva Realm also had the possibility of regression.

The Bodhisattva was the Earth Immortal Realm.

But Lin Qi would no longer have such worries after reaching the perfection stage.

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