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Perfection meant that there were no flaws.

There was no possibility of shaking the realm anymore.

Other than the last moment of the end of his life.

Otherwise, Lin Qi could maintain the strongest state of an Earth Immortal at any time.

The maximum level of Gautama Buddha’s palm had perfected Lin Qi’s realm in just an instant.

Lin Qi could not help but awe at the power of the Gautama Buddha’s Palm.

Lin Qi was just trying out his luck in the beginning.

First, his purpose was to guide the hidden monk.

Second, it was to use Shaolin’s martial arts to improve his realm.

He did not expect to be able to learn the Gautama Buddha’s Palm.

Lin Qi opened his eyes and casually struck out a Buddha Seal.

A light bloomed within the Buddha Seal, accompanied by a vast Buddha’s mighty spiritual power.

The novice monk who was kneeling on the ground sensed the mighty Buddha’s spiritual power and wanted to look up.

However, he was blinded by the light in Lin Qi’s palm.

The mighty spiritual power of Buddha condensed into a life force.

The novice monk suddenly felt as if he had fallen into a sea of waves.

He was like a ship that could not control itself in the strong winds and waves. It floated in the air and was at Lin Qi’s disposal.

“I didn’t expect the first form of the Gautama Buddha’s Palm to be so powerful even during the Buddha’s Light Appear.”

There were nine forms of the Gautama Buddha’s Palm!

The Buddha Seal that Lin Qi struck out just now was the first form of the Gautama Buddha’s Palm: Buddha’s Light Appear.

That form was the starting move of the Gautama Buddha’s Palm. It could release light in the palm and temporarily blind the enemy. At the same time, it could create a life stand and control the enemy.

That was just a casual attempt by Lin Qi. They would probably be directly crushed by Lin Qi’s life stand if he was serious.

Even if it was an ordinary warrior and not Lin Qi, although he couldn’t form a life stand to such an extent, he could still slightly control the opponent when he used the first form, the Buddha’s Light Appearance of the Gautama Buddha’s Palm.

It was enough to make a fatal blow to the opponent.

In the world of martial arts.

The Gautama Buddha’s Palm was extremely strong.

It was a little too strong.

Even in some low-level cultivation worlds.

The Gautama Buddha’s Palm would not be inferior.

The first form, Buddha’s Light Appearance lasted for a minute.

The novice monk’s face was pale. He stood firmly on the ground, his calves trembling.

He was extremely shocked.

What kind of martial art was that?

He only saw that Lin Qi struck out a Buddha Seal in his hand, and then he lost his sight and body. The feeling of weightlessness almost scared him to death.

The palm seal in his hand changed again when Lin Qi saw that the effect of the Buddha’s Light Appearance had disappeared, becoming even more complicated.

The second form of the Gautama Buddha’s Palm!

It was struck out by Lin Qi.

That move was neither a palm technique nor a fist technique.

Lin Qi only used an opening move.

But as that palm seal was sent out.

The novice monk beside him.

Immediately felt his entire body burning like fire.

It was as if he was placed on a Buddha’s Lamp and was about to be roasted.

That was the Golden Buddha’s Lamp!

Whether it was with the palm or with the fist!

As long as one could make that palm seal.

He would be able to lock onto the enemy with his will.

It would be as if the enemy had been lit up by a Buddha’s lamp.

His mind and body would be tormented.

If Lin Qi attacked the novice monk directly with the Golden Buddha’s Lamp form.

Then the novice monk’s body would be directly ignited.

He would be truly ignited!

Moreover, it would be impossible to extinguish it. All the blood, meridians, and bones in his body would be burned to ashes!

That had already surpassed his previous understanding of spiritual telepathy.

Previously, Lin Qi could use his powerful mind to have an enormous impact on a person’s mind, creating illusions, and so on.

But, it could not change the illusion in reality.

The reason why they would have all kinds of problems after being attacked by Lin Qi’s mind was that they would have a corresponding reaction when their nerves thought that facing Lin Qi’s mind attack was real.

For example, someone pretended to cut open the person’s wrist when his eyes were blindfolded, and his limbs were tied up. Then make a dripping sound next to him. He would subconsciously think that his wrist was cut open, and he would bleed to death.

That was caused by the nervous reaction of the human body.

However, the Golden Buddha’s Lamp used the spirit to ignite a flame. The spirit flame could exist in the opponent’s body, or it could also burn outside the body.

The terrifying part about the spirit flame compared to the ordinary flame was that it could not be extinguished.

After knowing the power of the Gautama Buddha’s Palm…

Lin Qi did not dare to use the novice monk to test his forms again!

Because the next form, Buddha Moves the Mountains and Rivers, was the most powerful form of the first four forms.

Lin Qi was afraid that the novice monk would be smashed if he used him as an experiment again!

He jumped out of the window.

Outside the window was a hundred thousand feet cliff.

Lin Qi flew in the air and found a cliff.

Then, the Buddha Seal in his hand bloomed.

A huge golden handprint appeared.

It hit the cliff wall with a loud bang.

The entire Mount Song shook.

A huge handprint had sunk in on the cliff wall.

One would probably be smashed into dust if the palm hit them.

Fourth form: Buddha’s Request for Samghārāma!

That was a spiritual attack!

Facing the enemy’s inner self directly.

It can interrogate the enemy’s soul.

They would be sent to the Avici forever if there was any lie in the opponent’s words.

They would be burned by the flames of Hell!

The fifth form: Welcoming Buddha to the West!

That was a defensive palm technique.

It seems to show many arms when it strikes, and it can block a full range of attacks with the strength of one person!

The sixth form: Buddha’s Illumination!

That was a domain-type auxiliary palm technique!

It created a huge life force field that was like a lotus throne.

His entire body was covered in golden lotuses!

It could increase his movement speed, attacking ability, and recovery ability!

As for his enemies, they would be tortured by the Buddha’s flames!

The seventh form: Buddha Descends to the World!

His physical strength instantly increased by three times.

The mortal body transformed into the Buddha!

That was no longer a transformation on the spiritual level.

It was a terrifying increase in the physical body.

A physical body that could break through the void and see the gods without being damaged.

How terrifying an instant increase by three times would be?

Getting the Gautama Buddha’s Palm.

Lin Qi felt it was worth it that time!

The eighth form: Boundless Buddha Dharma!

That was a group attack palm technique!

A large amount of wind of palm was released in an instant.

The wind of palm wasn’t random.

There was a pattern to it!

The palm of wind would stick, alternate, and combine.

Then, one would turn into two, two would turn into three, and three would turn into ten thousand Buddhas!

Then, they would explode all at once!

When that palm technique on Lin Qi evolved.

He knew that the form had referred to the Daoist philosophy.

It was similar to the cleansing trice with one Qi in the Daoist.

The ninth form: The Congregation of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

He became the Buddha with his hand forming the Brahma.

Anyone who saw him was the Buddha!

If Lin Qi released the technique in the crowd…

Then within a radius of several thousand meters…

Everyone with or without faith would become his follower.

That was the final move of the Gautama Buddha’s Palm!

Its power was extremely terrifying!

It made Lin Qi produce a thought of…

Who could block the nine forms of the Gautama Buddha palm?

Not to mention the nine forms all at once.

It would be difficult for the opponent to block it, even if it was just a casual move.

Lin Qi hovered in the void.

The Gautama Buddha’s Palm continued to evolve in his hand.

He was constantly comprehending.

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