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Lin Qi struck the Gautama Buddha’s Palm over and over again.

He would gain new insights every time he struck.

The bigger he struck, the more profound the Gautama Buddha’s Palm was. It was incredible.

It could be said that the Gautama Buddha’s Palm was the general outline of the Shaolin Temple’s martial arts.

All the Shaolin Temple’s martial arts were seen in the Gautama Buddha’s Palm.

However, they were like the difference between a firefly and a bright moon compared to the Gautama Buddha’s Palm.

It could be said to be the Gautama Buddha’s Palm was simplified to the extreme.

After all, the Shaolin Temple’s martial arts came from Bodhidharma.

And Bodhidharma was a disciple of Gautama Buddha, who was separated by countless generations.

The Gautama Buddha’s Palm had already faded away in the process of inheritance.

Even Bodhidharma was not fated to meet it.

However, Bodhidharma might not be able to learn it even if he had the chance to witness the Gautama Buddha’s Palm with his own eyes.

No matter how many great disciples the Buddha had, they were unable to master the Gautama Buddha’s Palm before him.

They could only pass down martial arts that were suitable for themselves based on the Gautama Buddha’s Palm.

The Gautama Buddha’s Palm had been destroyed with that.

The 10,000 martial arts technique books of the Shaolin Temple would not be able to compare to any one of the Gautama Buddha’s Palm’s forms even if they were all learned!

“No, the Gautama Buddha’s Palm is not perfect enough!”

“There shouldn’t only be nine forms of the Gautama Buddha’s Palm!”

Lin Qi suddenly opened his eyes after finishing the last round of the Gautama Buddha’s Palm.

A bright light flashed in his eyes.

Lin Qi had long become familiar with the Gautama Buddha’s Palm after practicing over and over again and reaching the peak of perfection.

On the last round, Lin Qi felt that the Gautama Buddha’s Palm was lacking.

Lin Qi would not have such thoughts if it were before.

But Lin Qi’s realm at that moment was more profound than before he learned the Gautama Buddha’s Palm.

The Earth Immortal Realm was in perfection.

He stood on the same level as Gautama Buddha in terms of the realm.

Naturally, his horizons were much higher.

These nine forms of the Gautama Buddha’s Palm were indeed extremely powerful, having the ability to shake the past and the present.

But it still did not surpass the realm of the Earth Immortal.

It was just perfect implantation of the spirit of the Earth Immortal and the present world.

Lin Qi’s implantation of spirit was very shallow previously.

But after practicing the Gautama Buddha’s Palm, his implantation of spirit had reached the peak level.

However, he was still unable to break through the obstacles of reality.

The spirit could only be used on the spirit level!

Lin Qi could imagine how similar his mood at this moment was to the Gautama Buddha from thousands of years ago.

They had reached the end of this world.

There seemed to be no way forward. Such confusion and helplessness feeling.

Even the Gautama Buddha could not reverse it.

But Lin Qi was different. Lin Qi came from the origin world.

Lin Qi knew that the world in front of him was just a very ordinary world of martial arts.

There were higher-level and more powerful worlds.

There were powerful immortals, cultivators, fighters, mages, and other figures in these worlds.

Their minds could not only interfere with reality but could also change reality.

Gautama Buddha had never seen or heard of it.

That was why he said that the nine forms of Gautama Buddha’s Palm that he had created had limitations.

In Lin Qi’s opinion, there should be more powerful palm techniques above the nine forms. It was just that Gautama Buddha had not deduced it.

It was a combination of the Buddha from the origin world and the Buddha from the world he had transmigrated from.

The Buddhas in these worlds were very powerful.

Especially the world he had transmigrated from.

It was even more powerful.

Even Sun Wukong, who caused chaos in the Heavenly Palace.

He could travel 108,000 miles with just a somersault.

He was so stunned that he could not even walk out of Gautama Buddha’s palm.

In the end, Gautama Buddha’s palm turned into a Mount Wuzhi.

It suppressed Sun Wukong for 500 years!

What kind of divine power was that!

Countless thoughts converged and collided in his mind.

All kinds of thoughts were like heavenly horses flying in the sky.

He returned to the cliff where the Buddhist Scripture Library was located.

The novice monk was at the edge of the cliff. He had just watched Lin Qi demonstrate the Gautama Buddha’s Palm in the void with shock and excitement.

Lin Qi looked at the novice monk.

The novice monk immediately became nervous.

He was extremely excited when he saw Lin Qi comprehend such a powerful Gautama Buddha’s Palm from the Gautama Buddha’s handwritten letter.

However, he did not want to be Lin Qi’s guinea pig.

He had seen with his own eyes how powerful the Gautama Buddha’s Palm was, and he had personally experienced it before.

His life would be gone if Lin Qi was not careful.

However, the novice monk did not dare to run.

He was afraid of angering Lin Qi.

Moreover, he could not run away.

He was afraid that he would be blown if Lin Qi casually hit him with his palm!

Lin Qi did not mind when he saw that the novice monk was nervous and pale.

Instead, he stretched out his palm and clenched his five fingers into a fist.

The novice monk immediately let out a sigh of relief upon seeing that Lin Qi did not intend to use him as an experiment.

He mustered up the courage to look at Lin Qi’s hand.

Lin Qi opened his palm. There was nothing in his palm.

The novice monk’s expression changed.

He saw ten thousand miles of the Buddhist Kingdom in Lin Qi’s palm.

He saw the Nalanda Temple.

He saw all the Buddhas discussing Dao.

He saw Bodhisattvas chanting scriptures.

He saw the Eighteen Arhats.

He also saw Gautama Buddha.

Gautama Buddha looked exactly like Lin Qi.

Lin Qi was Gautama Buddha.

Gautama Buddha was Lin Qi.

Lin Qi was the Buddha of the ten-thousand-mile Buddhist Kingdom.

That form was called the Buddhist Kingdom in the Palm!

It was Lin Qi’s self-confidence that he had comprehended it.

The new Gautama Buddha’s Palm.

It was completely different from the previous nine moves of the Gautama Buddha’s Palm.

If the previous nine forms were the martial arts of the human world.

Then from that moment, Lin Qi comprehended this form.

The Gautama Buddha’s Palm had already transcended the human world.

The Buddha’s will contained in the palm was enough to become the current Buddha.

When he executed that form.

Lin Qi’s body also underwent a new change.

He felt that an invisible shackle in his body had been broken.

That invisible shackle was from Heaven and Earth.

It was the shackle of Heaven and Earth.

Lin Qi had broken the shackle of Heaven and Earth.

Lin Qi felt extremely relaxed at that moment.

His spirit was infinitely strengthened.

It was like a constantly growing cocoon, finally breaking out of it, and turning into a butterfly.

That world no longer had the means to subdue Lin Qi.

Lin Qi might have been afraid of nuclear weapons before that.

But Lin Qi was confident at that moment.

Those nuclear weapons could not hurt him at all.

His existence had broken the highest level of life that this world could produce.

The level of this world could be said to have changed because of his existence.

Before, this world was just a world of martial arts.

The mind could only affect, not interfere with reality.

But now, the law was broken by Lin Qi.

Lin Qi broke the shackles of Heaven and Earth just now and comprehended a new realm.

Lin Qi called it: Spiritual Saint Manifestation.

Spiritual Saint Manifestation, having the mind and body as one.

It was the combination of body and mind, which could interfere with reality.

And that was only the first step.

The focus of martial arts was not just the mind interfering with reality.

Spiritual ability to affect reality and even create reality was the right path.

Lin Qi was no different from creating a brand-new martial path for this world.

The end of this world’s martial path was the Saint Core Realm before that.

However, Lin Qi’s appearance had let the world know about the possibility of Earth Immortals.

Lin Qi had once again broken the limit at that moment.

He had opened the materialistic world to the path of martial arts!

From then on, this world no longer had a way to subdue Lin Qi.

The essence of Lin Qi’s life had undergone an earth-shaking change.

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