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Although Lin Qi’s physical body was powerful.

He would still face difficulty escaping death from the most powerful weapon in that world.

But Lin Qi was confident now.

As long as he was given some more time.

He would be able to use his physical body to resist the world’s most powerful weapon.

Even if it was a nuclear weapon.

Lin Qi reached out his hand and grabbed at the novice monk.

The novice monk was shocked to find that he had come to Lin Qi’s Buddhist Kingdom.

There were chanting sounds everywhere.

Everyone worshipped Buddha in the Buddhist Kingdom.

There were thousands of Buddhist temples, and buddhas and bodhisattvas were everywhere.

The Buddhist Kingdom in front of him was a paradise.

The novice monk walked towards the Nalanda Temple.

He saw Gautama Buddha sitting in the middle of the Nalanda Temple.

He was instantly stunned.

The Gautama Buddha he saw earlier looked almost identical to Lin Qi.

Lin Qi was Gautama Buddha.

But, Gautama Buddha’s appearance had changed when he saw him at that moment.

He had changed into the appearance of the novice monk.

The novice monk’s entire body trembled as he had an epiphany.

“Since Gautama Buddha is me!”

“Since I am Gautama Buddha!”

“Everyone can become Buddha!”

The Buddha’s will emitted from the novice monk’s body in an instant.

The novice monk pressed his palms together and sat in the lotus position on the spot.

His youthful appearance became solemn.

The sound of Sanskrit lingered around his body as golden light bloomed.

Golden lotus flowers emerged from the void.

Lin Qi knew that the novice monk had comprehended the Dao.

He had created this palm-shaped Buddhist Kingdom, which contained high-quality Buddhist dharma.

Not to mention the novice monk.

One who had never come into contact with Buddhist scriptures could still use that form to become an eminent monk of virtue in the world, which was enough to be worshipped by the world.

The reason why he would show that form to the novice monk.

In addition to wanting to test the form, he mainly wanted to repay karma.

He learned the Gautama Buddha’s Palm from the Gautama Buddha’s handwritten scripture.

He also saw the Spiritual Saint Manifestation Realm from the Gautama Buddha’s Palm.

He had formed a large amount of karma with Buddhism.

Karma was something that could not be seen or touched, but it existed in the dark.

Only the existence of the gods and Earth Immortal could sense the karma between all things in the world.

The karma might not have much effect on Lin Qi, who had Spiritual Saint Manifestation.

However, he would be controlled by Buddhism if there was Buddhism in his reincarnation to a higher level world in the future.

Therefore, it was better for him to repay the karma at once.

The novice monk could not only comprehend high-quality Buddhist dharma on the Buddhist Kingdom in his palm, but he could also comprehend the Gautama Buddha’s Palm.

It could also be considered as returning the Gautama Buddha’s Palm to the Shaolin Temple.

“You are the first person to see my Spiritual Saint Manifestation.”

“Today, I will bestow upon you a good fortune. You will have a place among the Earth Immortals.”

“As for whether or not you can enter the Saint Manifestation Realm, it will still depend on your fortune.”

“It’s time for me to leave since I have repaid the karma.”

As soon as he finished speaking.

Lin Qi leaped down from the cliff.

He disappeared into the mountain in an instant.

Not knowing how much time had passed.

The novice monk opened his eyes.

He bowed deeply towards the direction where Lin Qi had left.

“Amitabha, thank you, almsgiver!”

The novice monk looked excited. His clear eyes were no longer childish like before. They were filled with the aura, Gods, Buddhas, and the radiance of wisdom.

Not only had he comprehended high-quality Buddhist dharma, but he had also learned the Gautama Buddha’s Palm.

He would be able to reach the peak of the Earth Immortal in no time.

The novice monk was filled with gratitude towards Lin Qi.

One of the 72 blessed lands of Daoism.

It was also where the Celestial Master’s Mansion was located.

The Celestial Master Mansion was a sect that had been around for thousands of years.

It had a longer history than Shaolin.

It was the ancestral home of Daoism!

As far as the eye could see, the Daoist temple was undulating continuously and deliberately exuberant.

There were thousands of Daoist temples everywhere when the Celestial Master Mansion was at its peak of glory.

Although it was not as glorious as it was a thousand years ago, it was not to be underestimated.

As the ancestral home of the Daoist family, the Celestial Master Mansion was visited by a large number of tourists every day.

It was March, and it was drizzling.

Even so, there were still many tourists on the mountain road.

The surroundings were full of greenery, and ancient trees were towering into the sky. The canola flowers at the foot of the mountain were blooming in the misty rain, and the environment was quiet and beautiful.

However, everyone’s eyes were not on the beautiful scenery of Mount Longhu at that moment.

Instead, they were fixated on a man.

That person was dressed in white, and his black hair was like a waterfall.

He slowly walked from the foot of the mountain.

The man was young, and he was as delicate as jade.

His temperament was particularly unique.

It was as if he was an independent immortal who had descended to the mortal world.

He perfectly blended in with the scenery of the mountain.

“Isn’t this man too handsome?”

“The male celebrities could not even fight against his beauty. I can’t take it anymore.”

“The celebrities are nothing. I think they are no match to that man!”

“Most importantly, his temperament. I’ve never seen anyone with such a temperament in my life!”

“He’s simply an immortal that doesn’t exist in the mortal world!”

Everyone was surprised by Lin Qi’s appearance and took out their phones to take photos.

Lin Qi had already adapted to such a scene.

He slowly walked on the mountain path without any expression on his face.

“Hey, look. He isn’t holding an umbrella!”

“D*mn, he can’t be a real immortal, right?”

Someone noticed at that moment.

That Lin Qi did not have an umbrella.

Although the rain was not heavy, he would still be soaked wet if he was drenched for a long time.

The raindrops would bounce off automatically when they were within a one-meter distance radius from Lin Qi.

They could not hit Lin Qi at all.

That scene shocked everyone.

“Why… why does he look familiar?”

“I think he looks familiar too. I think I’ve seen this person somewhere before.”

“He was the madman who crossed the river and injured the senior monk of the Shaolin Temple.”

“The country has even issued a warrant for his arrest!”

“Right, right, right. That’s right, I remember now!”

Someone recognized Lin Qi’s identity and exclaimed.

The crowd was excited and began to discuss noisily.

They had watched Lin Qi’s videos on every platform these few days.

The videos had already exceeded their imagination when they watched them.

It looked like a special effect.

A person, even a martial artist, could cross the river bare-handedly?

The battle with the hidden monk gave them a sci-fi-like feeling.

How could they not be curious?

Lin Qi frowned when he saw that scene.

But he didn’t stop. He sped up instead.

The tip of his foot touched the bluestone on the mountain path, and the bluestone directly exploded and cracked.

Lin Qi was like an arrow that left the bow and soon rushed up another mountain path.

Although Lin Qi didn’t care about these people’s words, he didn’t want them to disturb his mood.

Lin Qi felt a magical feeling when he came to Mount Longhu.

It could make one feel peaceful.

That was similar to the Shaolin Temple.

The Shaolin Temple made him feel peaceful.

But Mount Longhu could make him feel natural.

It was rarer than pure peace of mind and body.

After all, Mount Longhu had a longer history than the Shaolin Temple.

That was also the reason why there was such a drizzle.

And so many tourists came to visit Mount Longhu.

These people in the depths of the city.

They could blend in with nature when they were in Mount Longhu.

They could relax their bodies and minds, and their bodies could become much better.

That was because the environment of Mount Longhu was different from others.

The existence of the Celestial Master’s Mansion had changed the environment of Mount Longhu.

It was also a kind of Spiritual Saint Manifestation to a certain extend.

But it was no match to Lin Qi’s realm.

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