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“Xu Hui, arrange the best nurse to take care of Young Master Song!”

“Make sure he’s alive and well!”

Lin Qi ordered.

“Roger that, sir!”

Xu Hui replied respectfully.

Beside him were two of Song Tianming’s lackeys, Zhang Peng and Chen Qi.

The two of them already had a premonition that something bad was going to happen after knowing Lin Qi’s identity.

Now, they saw that Song Tianming had been crippled by Lin Qi.

Lin Qi had not even moved a single finger from the beginning to the end.

Both of them were shocked. Their bodies were trembling, and filled with intense fear.

They did not want to be crippled like Song Tianming.

If they were crippled, not to mention how much pain they would have to suffer in this world, they would also lose the qualifications to become reincarnators.

They were not Song Tianming, and could not afford to pay for the second reincarnation. They were from an ordinary family. They would never become reincarnators if they failed this test.

It was worse than killing them.

“Lin Qi, Lin Qi, we are classmates.”

“We didn’t recognize you just now. It’s our fault. I’m sorry.”

“If we kneel and lick your shoes and acknowledge you as our master, will you not attack us?”

Soon, they begged for mercy desperately. They knelt on the ground and crawled towards Lin Qi.

Reputation was not important at all for people like them who acted according to the situation.

What was important was that Lin Qi would let them go.

Therefore, they had to crawl over, kneel and lick Lin Qi’s shoes, and surrender to Lin Qi.

Lin Qi would let them go as long as he saw their pious look.

However, their plan was unfulfilled.

Lin Qi just glanced at them indifferently.

It was just a casual glance in the eyes of others.

But, they saw a bolt of lightning in their eyes.


A bolt of lightning exploded in their minds.

Their consciousness fell into chaos, and Zhang Peng and Chen Qi’s faces also showed a dull expression.

Their consciousness was trapped in their bodies and became vegetative just like Song Tianming.

They would spend more than 100 years in this world.

“Who… Who are you?”

“Why did you attack my son?”

A middle-aged man, who looked similar to Song Tianming walked onto the stage in anger and shock as he questioned Lin Qi loudly.

Beside him was a woman.

These two were Song Tianming’s parents.

Lin Qi did not even look at them.

Such ordinary beings were too different from him. He had no interest in fighting them.

Xu Hui would solve such matters.

The Song Family was destined to be removed from the list in Nancheng City that day.

Moreover, they were like a tiger without teeth now that Song Tianming was crippled. The Song Family was not something others need to worry about.

There were countless people in the entire Nancheng City aiming at the Song Family. That night was destined to be a restless night in the Nancheng City.

“Meet me at the Tide-Observing Bridge the next morning after you have settle the matter.”

Lin Qi left these words and disappeared.

Xu Hui’s eyes lit up, and his entire body trembled.

He naturally understood the meaning behind Lin Qi’s words.

Lin Qi wanted to give Xu Hui some pointers.

He had been stuck at the Foundation Establishment Stage for many years and had been unable to breakthrough.

He would be able to break through to the Precelestial Realm if he could receive Lin Qi’s guidance.

There were very few Precelestial Realm warriors in the entire Dragon Country. Even the leader of the Martial Arts League was only a warrior at the peak of the Precelestial Realm.

Xu Hui could not help but become excited at the thought of this.

However, Xu Hui immediately restrained his excitement.

He had to eliminate the Song Family.

Removing the Song Family from Nancheng City.

He also had to make Tang Yurou the head of the Tang Family.

Lin Qi had said that the Tang Family would become the top family in Nancheng City.

Then, the resources of the Song Family could only be taken by the Tang Family.

As for the others who wanted to interfere…

Then Xu Hui didn’t mind cutting off all of these hands.

He coldly glanced at the guests from different families.

These guests were trembling all over as if they had fallen into an ice cellar. They felt cold killing intent.

Instantly, the excitement, greed, ambition, and other emotions in the eyes of these guests disappeared. All of them had terrified expressions on their faces as they hurriedly left.

That was Xu Hui warning them.

“Lin Qi, I didn’t expect you to be able to defeat Song Tianming. I had worried for nothing. You have to compensate me with reincarnation points!”

“Also, you must have recognized me beforehand. How could you pretend not to know me?”

In a slightly shabby restaurant in the Nancheng City Alley.

Lin Xiaoxue and Lin Qi sat opposite each other, eating the hot wanton.

The wanton was filled with meat, and the soup was fresh and sweet. There were also shrimps, seaweed, and sesame oil in it. It was extremely delicious.

Lin Xiaoxue said goodbye to Tang Yurou and followed Lin Qi after leaving the Nancheng City Hotel.

Lin Qi knew that Lin Xiaoxue already knew his identity.

He and Lin Xiaoxue strolled around the Nancheng City since he had nothing to do.

Lin Xiaoxue had brought Lin Qi to that restaurant.

Although it was a little shabby, it was a famous snack in Nancheng City. It had been open for more than fifty years.

When Lin Qi heard Lin Xiaoxue’s ridicule, he couldn’t help but laugh, “It’s my fault.”

At first, Lin Qi thought that Lin Xiaoxue’s appearance in this world was purely a coincidence. He did not expect that Lin Xiaoxue was worried about him, so she specially bought the Reincarnation Tracking Token and followed him to this world.

She awakened half a year earlier than him, and she had been looking for traces of him during that six months.

Lin Qi felt a tint of warmth in his heart after learning about it.

Lin Qi was an orphan in his previous life. He had struggled in society, but he had nothing in the end. He was often looked down upon by others, not to mention that he was cared for by others.

Although he had parents when he transmigrated to this world, they were not his biological parents after all. Moreover, he had never met them before, so there was still some estrangement between them.

He did not expect that Lin Xiaoxue would reincarnate into this world for him.

However, it felt good to be cared for by others.

“You are now in the Qi-absorbing Realm, right?”

Lin Qi put down the spoon in his hand.


Lin Xiaoxue nodded. “The cultivation of martial arts in this world is difficult. I did not know that you could become a Saint Core Realm warrior.”

Lin Xiaoxue regarded Lin Qi as a Saint Core Realm warrior like Song Tianming, and she felt that it was very unbelievable.

Lin Xiaoxue’s cultivation speed was already fast. She was also an absolute genius warrior in this world, but Lin Qi exceeded her.

Lin Qi shook his head. “I’m not a Saint Core Realm warrior.”

Lin Xiaoxue’s pretty eyes revealed a trace of doubt. “How is that possible? Telekinesis can only be done by a Saint Core Realm warrior.”

“That’s right. One had to be at least a Saint Core Realm warrior to be able to do telekinesis.”Lin Qi shook his head. “But I’m not a Saint Core Realm warrior!”

“I don’t know if you’ve heard of the Earth Immortal!”

Lin Xiaoxue was stunned.

Of course, she had heard of the Earth Immortal.

But the Earth Immortal was a legendary realm.

The Earth Immortal had disappeared and was a legend for hundreds of years.

Moreover, the officials had already decided.

The spiritual energy in this world was running out. It was not enough for an Earth Immortal to appear again.

So, Lin Xiaoxue was surprised at first.

But she believed that Lin Qi would not lie to her.

More importantly, there was no need for him to lie to her.

Could it be…

That Lin Qi was an Earth Immortal?