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That was the spirituality of Mount Longhu.

To make it simple, the small world in Mount Longhu had given birth to a tint of consciousness.

It has a muddled consciousness like a baby.

But it has not yet possessed a complete thought.

The reason for Mount Longhu had spirituality.

It was crucially related to the purpose of the Celestial Master’s Mansion.

The Celestial Master’s Mansion was established in Mount Longhu for more than thousands of years.

Countless Daoists practiced devoutly in Mount Longhu during these thousands of years.

The daily call to spiritual life and the four seasons in every year.

Chanting of scriptures and discussion about Dao.

Cultivation of the body and mind.

Preaching the Dao and discussion about martial arts.

The Daoists’ understanding of Heaven and Earth was all imprinted in Mount Longhu.

And thousands of endless tourists.

With devout and reverent hearts.

Many came to Mount Longhu with countless wishes when they prayed for the Celestial Master’s blessing.

Countless thoughts converged in the space and time of history.

And the weak but deeply moving spiritual nature was naturally born.

It was because of such spiritual nature.

That Mount Longhu could become the first ancestral court of Daoism.

That it attracted countless tourists.

One could feel an extraordinary feeling of inaction and mystery as long as they stepped into Mount Longhu.

It could instantly relax the body and mind of the tourists as if they had detached from the world.

It could wash away the tiredness in the mortal world.

The Shaolin Temple had a similar feeling.

But it was far inferior from Mount Longhu.

First, the Shaolin Temple had only been established for over a thousand years, and it could not compare to the Celestial Master’s Mansion, which had been rooted in Mount Longhu for thousands of years in terms of time.

Second, the Buddhist ideology emphasized that all four realms were empty, and the body was just a bag. One needed to get rid of the sea of bitterness to become a Buddha.

That was contrary to the thoughts of most ordinary people.

They lived in the secular world, and naturally, many things were difficult to let go of.

Not to mention fame and fortune, even family ties were difficult to let go. So how could they escape into Buddhism?

Only a few people who had seen through the secular world could achieve the goal of the four realms being empty and wholeheartedly bowing to Buddha.

But the Daoist thought was different. It was natural to do nothing and let nature take its course.

Therefore, what he felt at Mount Longhu were peace and relaxation.

And Lin Qi felt that spirituality when he stepped into Mount Longhu.

It felt different from other tourists.

He had reached the stage where his soul manifested, and his spiritual energy could be released and entrusted to the void.

He released his spiritual energy, encompassing Mount Longhu after feeling the spirituality.

The spirituality did not repel Lin Qi’s spiritual energy. On the contrary, it was happy.

It was like a baby facing an adult who was playing with him. It was happy in its heart and could not stop laughing.

And Lin Qi naturally could feel all the emotions in Mount Longhu as communicated with this spirituality!

That was right, emotions.

There was a saying that humans were not as heartless as plants!

But at this moment, Lin Qi realized.

Plants also had feelings.

That was the consciousness of all things.

He could feel that the weeds were extremely happy because of the spring rain.

He could feel that the fish in a small stream in Mount Longhu were swimming freely in the water, and it was extremely comfortable.

There was an ancient sage who once said, “No one would know how the fish felt without being them.”

At that moment, Lin Qi truly felt the pleasure of the fish.

Countless emotions interweaved together.

It made Lin Qi understand the pleasure of Heaven and Earth.

He would not have experienced such feelings if he had not already stepped into the Spiritual Saint Manifestation Realm.

What was even more valuable was that this spirituality had not yet given birth to its consciousness.

It was equivalent to a gold mine that had yet been explored.

And Lin Qi had discovered this gold mine.

Lin Qi felt that his realm had begun to slightly circulate after only communicating with this spirituality for a short while.

One had to know that he was already in the Spiritual Saint Manifestation Realm, surpassing the realm that could appear in this world.

The level of this world had been brought up because of Lin Qi’s existence.

He was the first person in this world who was in the Spiritual Saint Manifestation Realm.

One gave birth to two, two gave birth to three, and three gave birth to all living things.

From now on, there would be new people who could be in the Spiritual Saint Manifestation Realm.

And before that, the path of martial arts in this world was only achieved until the Earth Immortal.

It was also because of such a reason that there was no existence of spiritual manifestation in this world before. Although Lin Qi had made a breakthrough, he was still confused about the subsequent cultivation.

Although he knew that Spiritual Saint Manifestation Realm focused on the strengthening of the spiritual energy, he did not know the way to do so.

He was crossing the river by touching the rock.

But, his spiritual energy was slowly circulating at the moment. In other words, the pure natural spirituality of Mount Longhu could enhance Lin Qi’s spiritual energy.

He never expected that an unintentional thought would give him a glimpse of the cultivation path of Spiritual Saint Manifestation.

“I’ll take it if that’s the case.”

Lin Qi took in all the invisible spirituality and refined it!

When Lin Qi approached the front gate of the Celestial Master’s mansion step by step.

The aura on his body kept rising.

But it was not as overbearing and majestic as when he was in Shaolin.

It was a state of inaction and naturalness.

He and Mount Longhu had perfectly fused.

Images of thousands of years of Mount Longhu flashed through Lin Qi’s mind.

Daoists worked at sunrise and rested at sunset.

They chanted scriptures, chanted Daoism, practiced martial arts, and cultivated.

Daoist scriptures appeared in his mind one after another.

Lin Qi did not need to study them.

The understanding of Daoist scriptures that these Daoists had for thousands of years had engraved into Lin Qi’s memory.

That allowed Lin Qi to skip the process of learning Daoism for countless years.

His foundational cultivation method, the Scripture of the Thunder Monarch, was a Daoist cultivation method.

Therefore, Lin Qi’s spiritual realm circulated once again, and it improved a little compared to before after gaining an understanding of these Daoist scriptures.

Lin Qi still preferred Daoism compared to Buddhism.

The thought of Daoism was more in line with Lin Qi’s understanding of the world and all things.

At that moment, Lin Qi’s understanding of Daoist scriptures might be the best in the entire Dragon Country.

If Lin Qi chose to bring the spirituality of Mount Longhu to the origin world instead of refining it…

It would make the reincarnators of the origin world go crazy.

Especially reincarnators, who chose to cultivate immortality and cultivate Dao.

Such natural, pure and uninteresting spirituality in Mount Longhu was simply a great tonic to them.

It could promote their cultivation.

Of course, they would be pissed off on the spot if they saw Lin Qi refining it so casually.

They would curse. Lin Qi was a wastrel, wasting such good resources so much.

Lin Qi’s methods of refining and absorbing the spirit were too crude. He could only absorb a small part of it just like that.

It was like a high-quality ingredient, but Lin Qi chose to take it in raw.

They would have many ways to refine and absorb it, which could promote their realm in minutes.

It was difficult for them to obtain spirituality like this.

Everyone would fight for it once it was discovered.

Even if it were a newly born spirituality, one would immediately take it as long as they saw it.

And spirituality would give birth to consciousness if it continued to grow. The mountains and rivers had spirituality, which was what mortals called the mountain gods. It was difficult to absorb them.

Lin Qi was lucky to meet such spirituality in this world.

Lin Qi didn’t think much about it. He casually refined the spirituality since it was beneficial to him.