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Outside the gate of Celestial Master’s Mansion.

Lin Qi’s aura reached its peak with the increasing spirituality of Mount Longhu.

He suddenly raised his head.

Lightning flashed in Lin Qi’s eyes.

Two bolts of lightning shot into the sky.

That was beyond the imagination of ordinary people, and it shocked the tourists not far away from Lin Qi.

“Damn, did this person shoot lightning out of his eyes?”

“He is an immortal. There is an immortal in Mount Longhu!”

“An immortal, definitely an immortal. Immortal, I have a wish…”

“Immortal, please accept my knees. I want to be your apprentice.”

They were already starting to go crazy.

They came to Mount Longhu mainly to admire the scenery of Mount Longhu, and not only to pray to the Celestial Master’s Mansion.

They did not expect to see a godly scene.

How could they remain calm!

And Lin Qi wasn’t affected by the scene.

The lightning in his eyes gradually disappeared.

Strong pressure was emitted from where Lin Qi was.

And the Heaven and Earth in that area suddenly changed.

Dark clouds were rolling like a bottle of ink that had overturned in the sky, and the lightning was drifting away.

The world lost its color, strong winds blew, and heavy rain poured down.

The sound of thunder was rolling.

A bolt of lightning shot down with a loud bang, illuminating the gloomy Mount Longhu.

All the tourists had shocked expressions on their faces, facing such a great power of Heaven and Earth.

“I have heard that the Celestial Master’s Mansion is the ancestral court of the Daoist.”

“Lin Qi is here to seek advice!”

Just like when he was in the Shaolin Temple.

But all the tourists who were in Mount Longhu heard this sentence clearly no matter where they were.

It was as if Lin Qi was whispering in their ears.

This time was different from the Shaolin Temple.

Last time, Lin Qi used his superb cultivation to condense and spread his voice.

This time, Lin Qi had refined the spirituality of Mount Longhu.

He was able to perfectly fuse with the environment of Mount Longhu.

Every grass and tree in the mountain.

Even birds, beasts, and insects.

After hearing Lin Qi’s voice.

They created special fluctuations that spread out Lin Qi’s words in Mount Longhu, repeating them over and over again.

The faces of the Daoists in the Celestial Master’s Mansion changed, and they looked up at the source of the voice with a solemn expression.

The person who came was polite in his speech.

He said something about coming to seek advice.

In fact, he was there to challenge the Celestial Master’s Mansion!

There was even someone in the Dragon Country who dared to challenge the Celestial Master’s Mansion?

The Daoists in the Celestial Master’s Mansion were stunned at first, feeling incredulous. Could it be that he was a madman?

However, they realized that Lin Qi was not simple when Lin Qi’s voice spread, and their expressions became much more solemn.

Meanwhile, in the main hall of the Celestial Master’s Mansion.

The Sect Master of the Celestial Master’s Mansion and the abbot of the Shaolin Temple had the same expressions.

They both had bitter smiles on their faces and looked helpless.

There were also two groups of Daoist sects standing in the main hall with the same solemn expression.

Naturally, the Celestial Master’s Mansion had received the message from the Martial Arts League.

However, the Celestial Master’s Mansion did not pay much attention to this matter before.

After all, the Earth Immortals had long disappeared over the past hundreds of years.

How could an Earth Immortal appear out of nowhere?

It must be a mistake from the officers in the Martial Arts League.

Lin Qi could only be a Saint Core Realm warrior no matter how strong he was.

The Celestial Master’s Mansion, which had passed down for thousands of years, naturally had a Saint Core Realm warrior guarding it. Of course, they were extremely confident and did not pay too much attention to it.

However, when the news of Lin Qi challenging Shaolin and injuring the hidden monk reached them just two days ago.

They were immediately shocked and realized the seriousness of this matter.

Shaolin’s hidden monk was a Saint Core Realm expert on his peak level. He was a living fossil of the martial arts world of the Dragon Country and had lived for more than a hundred years.

He was slightly stronger than the Saint Core Realm master of the Celestial Master’s Mansion in terms of strength.

However, even a master like the hidden monk was no match for Lin Qi.

Moreover, according to the news they received, Lin Qi had only used one hand from the beginning until the end of the fight. He had not even moved his position. He had defeated the hidden monk In less than three minutes.

The hidden monk was seriously injured and was about to pass away. However, Lin Qi was unharmed. Now, he came directly to them.

That gave the Sect Master of the Celestial Master’s Mansion a big fright. He did not know what to say for some time.

If he fought, any other Daoist, including himself, would not be a match for Lin Qi.

The reputation of the Celestial Master’s Mansion would be gone if they refused to fight.

When the other Daoists saw that the Sect Master of the Celestial Master’s Mansion was in a difficult position, they all said, “Sect master, it seems that the person who came is indeed an Earth Immortal.”

“We can only ask young Shi-shu to help us!”

The Sect Master’s eyes lit up, and a figure appeared in his mind. But soon, he smiled bitterly and said, “Young Shi-shu is often disappearing. He often traveled around the world. I wonder if he will be in the mansion now.”

The young Shi-shu he mentioned was the last disciple of the previous generation of Celestial Master.

Although he was younger than the other Daoists, his seniority was higher.

Moreover, he had received the inheritance of the Celestial Master. He was the most powerful being in the entire Celestial Master’s mansion and the only warrior in the Saint Core Realm.

The Sect Master of the Celestial Master’s mansion was usually the current Celestial Master. However, young Shi-shu was too young at that time. He had not learned the inheritance of the Celestial Master, so the current Sect Master of the Celestial Master’s Mansion was temporarily on the position on behalf of him.

“Let’s take a look at young Shi-shu’s residence.”

The Sect Master of the Celestial Master’s Mansion could only lead the Daoists to the courtyard where young Shi-shu lived in.

In an elegant courtyard at the back of the mountain of the Celestial Master’s Mansion.

A handsome young Daoist priest was lying on a rattan chair, resting with his eyes closed.

“I have heard that the Celestial Master’s Mansion is the ancestral court of Daoists!”

“Lin Qi is here to ask for advice!”

Lin Qi’s voice spread to this place.

The young Taoist priest suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes were shining.

“Interesting. There are still people who come to pay the Celestial Master’s mansion a visit in this era?”

“This person is not an easy person to deal with just by judging from the voice!”

“It seems that the one who injured the Shaolin hidden monk is this person!”

Song Qingshu muttered to himself.

That was the first time he had heard someone dare to visit the Celestial Master’s Mansion.

Paying a visit meant challenging them.

Such a thing was quite common in the Dragon Country.

The martial arts were popular in the Dragon Country, and there were martial arts schools everywhere.

Some people would come and challenge from time to time to make a name for themselves, and some would fight for business.

Even the Dragon Country held martial arts competitions.

It would be normal if that place were the city.

But that was the Celestial Master’s Mansion on Mount Longhu.

Not only was it the ancestral court of the Daoists, but it was also a holy land of martial arts.

The holy land of martial arts with a Saint Core Realm warrior guarding it.

No one had ever dared to challenge the Celestial Master’s Mansion so boldly.

Song Qingshu was also a little surprised.

Although he didn’t know about the message sent by the Martial Arts League to the Celestial Master’s Mansion.

But he knew about Lin Qi.

Song Qingshu had always been different from the others as the young Shi-shu of the Celestial Master’s Mansion.

Unlike the Daoists in the Celestial Master’s Mansion, Song Qingshu was the young Shi-shu of the Celestial Master’s Mansion. However, he was young, so he naturally could not endure the quiet cultivation on Mount Longhu. He would often sneak out from the mansion and go around the country.

Usually, he would surf the Internet and watch some small videos when he had nothing to do. He would also swipe rewards for the female online streamers.

Coincidentally, he had watched a video of Lin Qi crossing the river with his body and defeating the hidden Shaolin monk a few days ago.

Song Qingshu was a martial arts master, so his vision was naturally different from those onlookers. He could see that Lin Qi’s strength was extraordinary.

The Shaolin hidden monk was one of the three great Saint Core Realm warriors of the Dragon Country.

His realm was even higher than his.

Of course, Song Qingshu was not necessarily inferior to the hidden monk in actual combat ability.

After all, age was what mattered most, and the hidden monk was old.

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