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A moment later, the Sect Master of the Celestial Master’s Mansion led the Daoists to Song Qingshu’s courtyard.

The courtyard door was open, so they instantly saw Song Qingshu lying on the rattan chair.

Immediately, a look of joy appeared on their faces. The Sect Master of the Celestial Master’s Mansion let out a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Song Qingshu was in the Celestial Master’s Mansion.

The Celestial Master’s Mansion would lose its reputation that day if Song Qingshu weren’t here.

He bowed respectfully and said, “Young Shi-shu, it’s great that you’re in the Celestial Master’s Mansion.”

The Sect Master of the Celestial Master’s Mansion could be Song Qingshu’s grandfather in terms of age.

However, Daoism valued seniority. Although Song Qingshu was young, his seniority was remarkably high. He was the last disciple of the last Celestial Master.

As the successor of the Celestial Master, these old Daoists naturally didn’t dare to take advantage of their age!

However, Song Qingshu did not react to the words of the Sect Master of the Celestial Master’s Mansion. He continued to lie leisurely on the reclining chair and closed his eyes to rest.

He knew that these people would not visit him for no reason.

They must have come to him to ask for a favor.

“Young Shi-shu, have you heard that someone is coming to pay a visit from outside the mountain gate!”

The Sect Master of the Celestial Master’s mansion was not angry either when he saw that he did not react. Instead, he continued to explain, “Normally, we wouldn’t dare to disturb you, but this person is different. No one in the Celestial Master’s Mansion is a match for him, so we can only ask for your help!”

Song Qingshu’s eyes opened slightly, and a trace of curiosity flashed in his eyes.

Although he had already guessed that the person who had come was Lin Qi, who had injured the hidden monk. Song Qingshu had no information regarding Lin Qi’s identity and background, so he couldn’t help but be curious.

The hidden monk would not have attacked if it were not for the thousand-year-old reputation of Shaolin Temple. Unlike the hidden monk, who was an old monk from the Buddhist sect that had already calmed from being competitive.

Song Qingshu was young, so he was naturally competitive. He had the intention to fight with Lin Qi ever since he saw Lin Qi’s video!

“This person’s background is mysterious. However, according to the news from Martial Arts League, this person is already an Earth Immortal. He is a current immortal.”

“He came here not out of malice intention, but to give pointers to the Celestial Master’s Mansion.”

“However, such a public visit will affect the reputation of the Celestial Master’s Mansion!”

Song Qingshu’s body trembled, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

His originally relaxed and carefree expression was solemn at the moment.

He admitted that Lin Qi was indeed strong.

The fact that he could defeat the hidden monk was enough to prove everything.

However, it was hard for Song Qingshu to believe that Lin Qi was an Earth Immortal.

After all, he understood how difficult it was to become an Earth Immortal in this era with his level.

Many amazing people had stopped at the peak of the Saint Core Realm because of the natural environment and had no chance to see the scenery at the peak.

For hundreds of years, not to mention the Dragon Country, there had never been an Earth Immortal even in the entire world.

Even the previous old Celestial Master was not an Earth Immortal.

Who would believe that a person who suddenly appeared was an Earth immortal?

It was as if an ordinary person suddenly said that he was a billionaire. Would anyone believe it?

Any normal being would not believe it.

Moreover, it was tons of times more difficult to become an Earth Immortal than becoming a billionaire.

However, the meaning was different because this news was sent by the Martial Arts League.

Other people might spread rumors.

However, the Martial League was a special organization of the Dragon Country. It had supreme power and jurisdiction over all the warriors in the Dragon Country.

Although the Celestial Master’s Mansion was not under the jurisdiction of the Martial Arts League, it still had to follow the arrangements of the Martial Arts League!

After all, even if a warrior became a Saint Core Realm warrior, he would still be unable to resist the authority of the national machinery in this era.

There was no need, and it was also impossible for the Martial Arts League to spread false news.

Could it be that Lin Qi was an Earth Immortal?

Song Qingshu whispered to himself with an unbelievable expression on his face.

“Young Shi-shu, please accept the challenge!”

The Sect Master of the Celestial Master’s mansion bowed.

It was related to the thousand-year reputation of the Celestial Master’s mansion, so he had no choice but to put down his posture.

“Young Shi-shu, please accept the challenge!”

Behind him, several Daoists also bowed all at once. Their voices were deafening.

Song Qingshu waved his hand and said casually, “Leave this person to me.”

“It just so happens that I want to see what the so-called Earth Immortal looked like!”

The shock on Song Qingshu’s face was gone, and it turned into a high-spirited fighting spirit and excitement.

Although Song Qingshu’s actions were somewhat casual, he was a complete martial arts fanatic. Although he was shocked by the Earth immortal, he was more excited than shocked.

To be able to fight with such an expert was a great pleasure in life.

Moreover, all the warriors in the world thought that the martial path in the current world could only stop at the peak of the Saint Core Realm.

But, it proved that the path of martial arts did not stop there now that an Earth Immortal had appeared alive. Perhaps he could use this challenge to take a glimpse of the path to Earth Immortal Realm!

Song Qingshu had already leaped out of the courtyard like a bird as soon as he finished speaking.

At that time, the rain was heavy, and all the Daoists were holding oil-paper umbrellas.

But Song Qingshu didn’t care at all.

The raindrops were like bullets crashing down, but they change their path when they were dozens of centimeters away from Song Qingshu’s body.

The Daoists of the Celestial Master’s Mansion gazed at Song Qingshu’s figure in amazement.

The body of a Saint Core Realm warrior was covered with Concrete Qi. Not to mention the rain, even bullets couldn’t break through the body of a Saint Core Realm warrior.

The moment Song Qingshu jumped out, a long sword placed in the hand of a statue in the courtyard also flew toward Song Qingshu with a clang.

Song Qingshu flew in the air, and casually grabbed onto the long sword without turning his head.

That sword was the sword of the Celestial Master, the treasure of the Celestial Master’s Mansion!

Only the current Celestial Master could wield the Sword of the Celestial Master!

If this scene fell into the eyes of the netizens, they would go crazy.

They would exclaim loudly, “F*ck, it’s the sword control technique.”

However, that was not the sword control technique.

The sword control technique was to be able to control a flying sword and kill people from thousands of miles away!

The Celestial Master’s sword in front of them was flying like that because it was controlled by Song Qingshu’s invisible Concrete Qi. It was the so-called telekinesis!

Song Qingshu’s Concrete Qi cultivation had reached perfection. He took a few steps in the air with the Celestial Master’s sword in hand, creating circles of ripples, and then disappeared before everyone’s eyes.

The Daoist from the Celestial Master’s mansion was not only shocked but also a little confident upon seeing that scene.

“Do you think young Shi-shu can win?”

“Young Shi-shu’s cultivation has reached the peak. Besides, the Celestial Master’s sword contains the spiritual imprint of dozens of generations of celestial masters. He will win this battle!”

“Lin Qi is an Earth Immortal…”

“Hehe, I don’t think so. No one has been able to step into this realm for hundreds of years. Maybe this person has only a glimpse on the Earth Immortal Realm!”

“I think so too. The chance to maintain the reputation of the Celestial Master’s Mansion in this battle will depend on young Shi-shu.”

“Let’s wait for the good news!”