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Mount Longhu, on the peak of the mountain.

After song Qingshu left his courtyard.

He naturally headed straight for the foot of the mountain.

He was preparing to meet the mysterious land immortal that had been rumored recently.

Song Qingshu was young and full of vigor. He had displayed extremely high talent since he was young.

Naturally, he was proud and arrogant.

He was extremely displeased that his radiance was being covered by others.

But as soon as he came out…

On the mountain peak, dark clouds covered the sky, and lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

It was as if the divine lightning of the Nine Heavens had descended upon the mortal world.

He was completely shocked by the scene before him.

Looking from song Qingshu’s direction…

In the vortex formed by the dark clouds…

The divine lightning of the nine heavens was continuously condensing.

Its power grew stronger and stronger, and it contained a power that could destroy the heavens and earth.

At this moment.

Song Qingshu just happened to see a huge figure appear under the Nine Heavens Divine Lightning.

“Could this be the land god Lin Qi?”

Song Qingshu’s heart was instantly shocked by the scene created by Lin Qi.

Even though he was an origin core realm expert.

He could also feel a fear that came from his soul.

The Nine Heavens Divine Lightning in the dark clouds gradually condensed into a sword.

The sword was surrounded by lightning.

Seeing this scene, song Qingshu’s body couldn’t help but tremble.

“How is this possible? How is this possible?”

“Did he use the divine lightning in the sky to forge a sword?”

“Is this something that a human can do?”

Song Qingshu had too many questions in his heart.

However, he would only know after fighting.

“Let’s Fight!”

Song Qingshu pulled out the Celestial Master’s sword.

The Celestial Master’s sword burst out with powerful sword intent.

Song Qingshu left many Phantoms in the air.

In fact.

His body was full of sharp sword intent.

Song Qingshu had already reached the state of being one with the sword.

“Mount Longhu, Song Qingshu, please advise me!”

“Thirty-six chaotic swords.”


The beginning of Taiji.

The Taiji sword technique of this world.

When cultivated to the highest realm, man and sword become one.

He would become one with Yin and Yang and return to chaos.

Thirty-six sword shadows appeared behind song Qingshu.

This was his strongest attack.

Ever since he cultivated to the realm of man and sword become one.

He had never met an opponent who allowed him to use the thirty-six swords of chaos.

On top of the mountain, Lin Qi could tell the secret of his sword technique at a glance.

“The body is Yang, and the mind is Yin. The two become one, evolving into chaos

“With this, one can become one with the sword and step into the Deva realm

“With the help of the sword, one can feel nature and forcibly see the profound meaning of nature

“With the help of the sword, one can gain the support of the sword intent, and nature will be invincible

“This is a sword technique that a land god can understand.”

“It seems that the senior who created the thirty-six Chaos Swords.”

“Once stepped into the realm of a land God.”

Lin Qi was full of admiration for the creator of this sword technique.

Although he was still a distance away from reaching the realm of a land god.

He had actually created a sword technique that belonged to a land god.

I’m impressed.

He was very satisfied with his visit to Mount Longhu.

“Ding, 36 swords of chaos detected. Host needs to learn.”


A great deal about the 36 swords of chaos… kept pouring into Lynch’s mind.

In the blink of an eye.

Lynch has mastered the 36 swords of chaos.

When song Qingshu swiftly attacked,.

Lin Qi pulled out the strongest sword that he had forged.

It was floating in the air.

“I’ll show you my strongest sword.”

Lin Qi had now completely mastered the thirty-six chaotic swords.

He didn’t mind showing song Qingshu.

The profound meaning of the true thirty-six chaotic swords.

The strongest sword in Lin Qi’s hand burst out with dazzling light.

Behind him, thirty-six sword lights also appeared.

Yin and Yang merged into one, transforming into chaos!

But compared to song Qingshu’s display, the power was even more powerful.

Because he used the realm of a land immortal.

Song Qingshu’s heart was filled with shock.

“How is this possible? How can he display the thirty-six chaotic swords!”

What made him even more shocked was that the power he displayed was even more powerful than his own.

Song Qingshu felt like he was hitting a rock with an egg.

Even though Lin Qi had already arrived in front of song Qingshu.

He still had a look of disbelief on his face.

In fact…

A trace of fear appeared in the depths of his heart.

When a fearful thought appeared, countless fearful thoughts surged into his heart.

The thought of running away arose in song Qingshu’s heart.

If he left, the reputation of Dragon Tiger Mountain would be greatly damaged.

Reviving Dragon Tiger Mountain was his lifelong belief.

A trace of ruthlessness flashed through his heart.

Even if he couldn’t win, he wouldn’t die on the spot.

He couldn’t let others look down on the warriors of Dragon Tiger Mountain.

“Don’t be distracted!”

A voice actually appeared in song Qingshu’s heart.

Moreover, this voice was like a spring breeze after a rain.

It swept away all the negative emotions in his heart.

“How can I be distracted during a battle!”

“This is a great taboo for a martial artist.”

As expected, Lin Qi was someone who disdained to take advantage of others.

Perhaps it was because he was too weak that he disdained.


The two sword lights collided in the air.

The entire air exploded, emitting a deafening sound.

In song Qingshu’s mind.

In his soul.

He felt an indescribable impact.

And then…

His entire body lost all feeling.

This time, he lost all his senses.

The elephant was invisible.

Under such a mental attack…

Song Qingshu’s spirit…

Felt like he was in the middle of a nuclear explosion.


Turned into chaos.

Everything had turned into nothingness.

Lin Qi had used 30% of his strength in this attack.

Perhaps this was a test!

He couldn’t even withstand 30% of his strength.

He didn’t even have the qualifications to see the full power of this move.


Song Qingshu was at the great circle of the origin embryo realm.

When he had just used this move, he had actually lost his mind.

This also showed how powerful the power of the 36 chaotic swords was.

But Lin Qi naturally wouldn’t kill him.


Even if song Qingshu’s mental will didn’t pass the test…

But after suffering a huge trauma…

He still didn’t get injured.

Because the purpose of this mountain visit was to guide song Qingshu.

To improve the strength of Mount Longhu as a whole.

Because the situation of the dragon country in each country was very difficult.

There were only three experts of the origin embryo realm.

The experts of the origin embryo realm were equal to the most powerful strength in the world.

The number of origin embryo realm martial artists determined the status of each country.

And they could enjoy the most resources.

Under the premise of such an advantage, the gap would grow bigger and bigger.

Although some small countries had rich resources, there were no experts of the origin embryo realm in the country.

Naturally, a man would be innocent, and a treasure would be a sin.

When song Qingshu came back to his senses.

A crazed expression appeared on his face.

“How is this possible! How is this possible!”

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