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Song Qingshu collapsed to the ground with a disgruntled and dispirited look on his face.

The cultivation talent that he had displayed since Young had completely crushed the martial artists who were older than him.

His heart was filled with pride.


Lin Qi’s sword strike today had completely shattered the pride in his heart.

He now felt that he was a good-for-nothing.


What he couldn’t accept the most was that Lin Qi had easily defeated him.

Without using his full strength.

For a moment, song Qingshu couldn’t accept this psychological difference.

He lowered his head and saw half of the broken sword in front of him.

He stretched out his hand as fast as lightning.

He grabbed the broken sword and prepared to slit his throat.

A white sword light knocked the broken sword down from his hand.


Although Lin Qi’s voice wasn’t loud.

It entered song Qingshu’s ears like an explosion of thunder.

Song Qingshu’s whole body was trembling.

He suddenly raised his head, his eyes filled with unwillingness.

He stared at Lin Qi.

He gritted his teeth and said:

“I’m not a waste!”

Lin Qi’s voice was full of questions:

“A person who is ready to commit suicide in the face of a little setback, isn’t he a waste?”

“Then, what realm can you use that move just now?”

Lin Qi said calmly:

“The realm beyond that of a land immortal.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“A land immortal can’t do that. Aren’t you at the realm of a Land Immortal?”

A deep shock flashed across Lin Qi’s face.

“Impossible. The ceiling of this world’s martial power is that of a land immortal.”

“Moreover, this is a world with flaws.”

“In a thousand years, there hasn’t been a land god in this world.”

“Could it be that your excellency is toying with me!”

Song Qingshu’s tone was full of doubt, but Lin Qi was not angry.

He had also cultivated the Tathagata divine palm in the Shaolin Temple, and only then had he understood this realm.

“Above the gods on land is the manifestation of the soul!”

Lin Qi didn’t want to hide his strength.

When he had reached the manifestation of the soul realm,.

A novice monk witnessed this scene from the side.


That novice monk didn’t tell anyone about this.

Or maybe…

He just told the people of the Shaolin Temple.

But the people of the Shaolin Temple hid this information.

Therefore, when Lin Qi came to Mount Longhu…

Song Qingshu of Mount Longhu…

Didn’t know about this at all.

He had thought that he was in the realm of a terrestrial immortal.

In the end!


Lin Qi had already surpassed the legends.

He had become a legend.

“Above a terrestrial immortal is the manifestation of the soul.”

Song Qingshu looked into Lin Qi’s eyes and felt that he wasn’t lying to him. He smiled bitterly and said,

“So I’m the frog at the bottom of the well.”

“There’s actually a realm above the land immortal.”

He really couldn’t understand.

Lin Qi was seven years younger than him.

Why was the difference in strength so great.

Martial League had sent news earlier.

This land immortal in front of him was an expert in spiritual manifestation.

He was only an eighteen-year-old youth.

Even if he had started cultivating in his mother’s womb…

He couldn’t be so powerful!

One thing was certain.

When Lin Qi went to Shaolin…

His cultivation level was still that of a celestial being.

After Shaolin left, he had entered an even more powerful realm.

And it was a realm he had never heard of before.

In other words, spiritual manifestation.

Could it be that breaking through from a celestial being in the land was that simple?

This was the first time song Qingshu had heard of such a realm.

“My trip to Mount Longhu benefited me greatly.”

“I’m not someone who doesn’t know how to repay kindness.”

“So, in order to repay you!”

“Let me show you the evolution of the sword I just used!”

“As far as I’m concerned, your thirty-six swords of Primal Chaos still have one last sword.”

“I shall name it, the birth of myriad forms, the beginning of one Yuan!”

After the Chaos!

That would be the birth of a new life!

The birth of myriad forms!

The beginning of an era.

This was what Lin Qi had learned from the Thunder monarch scripture after cultivating it.

Lin Qi pulled out the strongest sword he had forged.

The moment this sword was pulled out.

One could only see.

Lin Qi’s entire body retreated dozens of meters.

Then, he floated in the air.

The tip of the sword pressed against the void.

In the originally empty void…

The entire void was like the surface of water, and ripples actually appeared.

This scene was not only seen by song Qingshu.

Even the tourists at the foot of the mountain could see it.

It continuously spread out like the entire void.

Soon after…

The sword light formed by the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder rapidly fused into the ripples in the void.

Finally, it merged with Mount Longhu.


Everyone suddenly realized.

A Ray of sunlight pierced through the thick dark clouds.

It was as if a ray of golden light had shone in from the sky.

It illuminated the entire Mount Longhu.

The sky was clear!

But only the area where Mount Longhu was was clear.

Outside Mount Longhu, there were still dark clouds.

Only the area of Mount Longhu was special!

Not only that!

At this time.

The flowers, plants, insects, fish, birds, and beasts of Mount Longhu.

Were growing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The branches and leaves of the trees were even more luxuriant than before.

The green buds that had just poked out from the ground were rapidly growing.

The flowers that were about to bloom also bloomed at this time.

A beautiful flower bloomed.

The entire air was filled with the intoxicating fragrance of flowers.

The entire Mount Longhu was filled with vibrant scenes.

It was like a Fairyland on Earth.

Everyone’s body and mind..,

were filled with indescribable joy at this moment.

At this moment…

The tourists of Mount Longhu felt as if they were bathed in holy light.

“Heavens! Is this a Fairyland on Earth?”

“I feel as if my illness has disappeared.”

However, these scenes were different in song Qingshu’s eyes.

He did feel that his body and spirit seemed to be bathed in holy light.

He had completely made up for what he had consumed just now.

But it wasn’t.

This was very contradictory.

Song Qingshu suddenly thought of what Lin Qi had said to him:

The birth of myriad forms, the beginning of one yuan!

This move was not the Divine Thunder of the nine heavens.

The Earth was dead silent.

It was a new life.

The mind and body would gradually recover to their peak state.

But to recover for others.

The gods of the land could not do it. They could only reach the stage of showing their divinity.

A look of enlightenment flashed across song Qingshu’s face.

He gave Lin Qi a deep look.

“Thank you, sir, I understand!”

A faint smile appeared on the corner of Lin Qi’s mouth as he said:

“The sword exchange has ended. It’s time for me to leave.”

“I hope that a land God will appear on Mount Longhu in the future to strengthen the might of our country.”

After Lin Qi finished speaking,

he strolled leisurely in the air.

But in the blink of an eye, Lin Qi appeared a thousand miles away.

Song Qingshu looked at Lin Qi’s back as he left, a determined look flashing across his face.

Sooner or later, he would reach the realm of spiritual manifestation.

He would no longer look as decadent as before.

That day.

On many news apps in the Dragon Country.

The first trending article was about Lin Qi.

In their report.

Lin Qi was completely described as an omnipotent immortal.