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When Lin Qi left Mount Longhu,…

Mount Longhu sent a message to the outside world.

“Mount Longhu will close for a year.”

“We will no longer accept any challenges from the warriors.”

And it was revealed in the message that.

Song Qingshu was injured seriously in the duel with Lin Qi.

He retired from the world.

After the message was posted on the Internet…

All the netizens were shocked.

“Song Qingshu, one of the three masters of the Dragon Country, was defeated. The myth they know had been defeated by a young man who had suddenly appeared and made him retire.”

But there are two extreme opinions to the story on the Internet.

One believed that Lin Qi had continuously defeated two masters of the Saint Core Realm.

He was showing off his martial arts.

That was to gain fame.

But the other side was impressed by Lin Qi’s impressive battle results.

They became his loyal fans.

The comments under the news had reached millions.

Many people guessed that.

Lin Qi would find the last master of the Saint Core Realm in the Dragon Country.

To challenge him.

“Can anyone tell me where the third master of the Saint Core Realm is?”

“I want to go to the scene and see for myself…”

The graceful bearing of that expert.

Everyone immediately understood that the matter wasn’t over yet when that comment appeared.

He had previously defeated the hidden monk of the Shaolin Temple.

After that, he went to challenge Song Qingshu from Mount Longhu, then defeated him.

Lin Qi’s intention was obvious.

It was to find the master of the Saint Core Realm.

And defeat them.

But a master in the Saint Core Realm.

They were the most powerful force in the Dragon Country.

Their personal information was all confidential.

Two days later.

During daytime.

Lin Qi stood on the tallest building in the Dragon Country.

His beautiful eyes burst out of power through the void.


Lin Qi, with the ability he had…

He couldn’t find the last Saint Embryo Realm master of the Dragon Country.

“This opponent…”

“Is he the only way to raise my spirits?”

A playful smile appeared on Lin Qi’s face.

“You are playing a game of hide and seek with me.”

“However, I’ve already reached the stage of Spiritual Saint Manifestation Realm.”

“Finding you is a piece of cake.”

Circles of ripples appeared in the void.

They kept spreading outward.

They spread to the entire Dragon Country.

Lin Qi’s eyes lit up:

“So you’re there.”

Lin Qi’s eyes locked in a certain direction.

He flew over.

In the Martial Arts University of Dragon Country.

There were about 10,000 warriors.

They were training hard on the field.

But at that time.

A figure suddenly fell from the sky.

It attracted everyone’s attention.

It was because it was daytime.

Lin Qi’s figure could be seen.

“It’s him!”

“The fallen immortal in the rumors recently.”

“He’s so handsome!”

“What fallen immortal?”

“What! You don’t know about him?”

“He’s my idol!”

“He’s the only Earth Immortal in this world.”

“It’s rumored that two Saint Core Realm experts have already died at the hands of this youth.”

“Then what on Earth is he doing here?”

A fair-skinned girl’s eyes suddenly lit up, “Could it be!”

“There’s a Saint Core Realm expert in our school?”

It was because of Lin Qi, who had appeared out of nowhere.

He had always been challenging Saint Core Realm experts.

That was why she had such a guess.

The surrounding students began to discuss crazily.

All the students.

They stared curiously at Lin Qi, who descended from the sky.

It was as if they would be at a disadvantage if they didn’t take a glimpse of him.

It was because Lin Qi’s entire body was exuding the aura of an immortal.

There were some female students in the martial arts academy.

Their eyes filled with infatuation.

It was as if they wanted to eat Lin Qi.

Lin Qi floated in the air of the sports field.

His voice seemed to pierce through the void as he said faintly, “Lin Qi is here to pay a visit.”

Right at that moment.

An elderly man in a black robe with grey hair slowly walked in front of Lin Qi.

“Martial arts academy, Han Feng, humbly welcomes you.”

“What? Mr. Han is an origin core realm expert.”

Some students’ faces flushed with excitement.

“I’ve attended teacher Han’s class before.”

“He guided me the last time!”

Han Feng’s appearance was in his seventies or eighties.

However, his eyes were not cloudy.

They looked bright and reserved.

He was not simple.

Han Feng stared at Lin Qi.

He was the last master of the Saint Core Realm in the Dragon Country.

His experience was also strange.

He was a good-for-nothing in the first thirty years of his life.


He had unintentionally obtained martial arts skills from a Saint Core Realm from thousands of years ago.

His cultivation had also improved by leaps and bounds.

“You have come to me eventually.”

“What is your purpose?”

Han Feng’s tone was full of doubt.

Lin Qi did not answer his question. He only said indifferently, “You are much stronger than the two from before.”

“That is what makes it interesting.”

Han Feng shook his head seriously and said, “You fought with the hidden monk of Shaolin Temple, and then you fought with Song Qingshu of Mount Longhu again.”

“However, those two people did not affect you at all.”

“In other words, you caused the serious injury on the two masters of the Saint Core Realm.”

“But you weren’t even injured at all.”

“I admit that I’m inferior to you.”


“Even if I no longer have the desire to be competitive.”

“But facing the only Earth Immortal in this world…”

“I want to see just what is the difference between the two of us.”

“I will have no regrets in this life even if I die at your hands.”

Just as Han Feng finished speaking…

The black clothes on his body began to rustle.

His two big palms were exposed.

They looked rough.

Han Feng specialized in practicing external martial arts.

“An ordinary Iron Palm.”

“I didn’t expect you to have practiced it to the point where you are invulnerable.”

“Although your martial arts technique is ordinary.”

“But I have to admit.”

“In terms of pure combat strength.”

“You are the strongest among the Dragon Country’s three great Saint Core Realm warriors.”

Lin Qi gave Han Feng a simple evaluation.


Shaolin’s hidden monk.

Song Qingshu of Mount Longhu.

They were inferior to the elderly man in front of him in terms of combat skills.

Han Feng smiled bitterly upon Lin Qi’s evaluation.


“I’m not the strongest among them.”

“I can sense that my lifespan is running out.”

“All the potential in my body has been exhausted.”

“Although I’ve reached the Saint Core Realm.”

“But I can only hide in this place and wait for death.”

“So I’m the weakest among them.”

After Han Feng finished speaking.

He stood in a stance.

His eyes were filled with a strong fighting spirit.

His intentions were obvious.

The surrounding students all retreated to the edge of the field.

It was because the battle between the Saint Core Realm experts would be earth-shattering.

They would be affected by the vibration of the battle if they stood too close to the battlefield.

More and more people gathered outside the field.

They were looking forward to the battle between the two experts.

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