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“Han Feng, make your move!”

Although Lin Qi’s voice wasn’t loud.

It spread to every corner of the Martial Arts University.

As soon as Lin Qi finished speaking.

Han Feng let out a roar.

“Let’s start the battle!”

An imposing aura exploded from both of them.

The crowd at the edge of the field felt that there was a force around them.

It constantly pushed them out of the field.

Some of the students with lower realms had already sat down on the ground.

They looked at Lin Qi and Han Feng in horror.

They had underestimated the strength of the two masters.

Han Feng’s wide hands condensed a powerful force after he roared.

His body left many afterimages in the air.

He shot toward Lin Qi like a cannonball.

The palm technique carried the wind.

The palm technique was fierce.

The palm strike was like the Nine Heavens Divine Lightning in the sky, descending to the mortal world.

As expected of the strongest warrior among the three Saint Core Realm.

If the density of the spiritual energy in the world increased a little.

Han Feng could become a true Earth Immortal with the talent he had.

Therefore, what limited his strength was not his talent.

It was the environment.

“Is it the purest form of physical combat?”


It was because that was the most primitive form of combat.

It could stimulate the full potential in one’s body in battle.

Lin Qi also liked this feeling of punching straight to the body.

The feeling of being at one’s heart’s content.

Lin Qi’s aura changed from an immortal to a true warrior at that moment.

Both of them had already struck out over 10,000 punches in just a few seconds.

The surrounding students only saw the afterimages.

Shock appeared on their faces.

At that moment.

They longed for such a powerful strength.

The fist intent and palm intent collided in the air.


An ear-piercing sound exploded in the air.

It was deafening.

The fight between the two was evenly matched.

Lin Qi and Han Feng fought for a full four minutes.

Lin Qi seized the opportunity.

The last punch sent Han Feng flying.


Han Feng spat out a mouthful of blood.

His entire body was trembling uncontrollably.

He was exhausted.

All the strength in his body was gone.

There was only one thought in Han Feng’s mind at this moment.

Could that be…

The full strength of an Earth Immortal?

“It’s over!”

“For the sake of you letting me have such a good time…”

“I’ll use my strongest strike to send you off!”

“Thirty-Six Swords of Chaos!”

Just as he finished speaking…

The blue sky was suddenly filled with dark clouds.

In the vortex formed by the dark clouds…

Large amounts of lightning danced wildly like silver snakes.

Gradually, they intertwined.

A ten-foot-long light sword.

A look of shock appeared on Han Feng’s face.

“So, he didn’t use all of his strength in the battle just now.”

“Could that be the power of an Earth Immortal?”

Han Feng smiled bitterly.

“The difference between my strength and his is like Heaven and Earth.”

“I have no regrets if I die under this sword.”

“Go ahead!”

Han Feng’s face showed a generous expression as if he was ready to die.

“Han Feng!”

“Watch carefully!”

“This sword of mine is not a realm that an Earth Immortal can display.”

“It’s a Spiritual Saint Manifestation.”

“This sword contains the profound meaning of Heaven and Earth.”

“This is a Spiritual Saint Manifestation attack above the Earth Immortal.”

Lin Qi held the greatest sword in the world that he had created.

He shot it down from the sky.

The will approached before the person.

However, just as Lin Qi finished speaking.

Han Feng’s five senses were instantly sealed in his sea of consciousness.

Han Feng felt that countless stars and seas appeared out of thin air in his mind.

In an instant, the blue sea was suddenly covered with dark clouds.

Lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled.

The Nine Heavens Divine Lightning descended from the sky.

The sea was destroyed in the next second.

That was the power of destruction.

However, in the next moment.

The entire space was filled with life.

All life continued to spawn in the ruins.

Lin Qi was gone when Han Feng came back to his senses.

The students of the martial arts university were lying messily on the field.

They had fallen asleep.


They had fallen asleep.

When he looked at the time…

He realized that only an hour had passed since the fight with Lin Qi.


They had only fought for a few minutes.

“Did I pass out from Lin Qi’s sword attack?”


“Where are the wounds on my body!”

It was because Han Feng specialized in external martial arts.

It was inevitable that some injuries would appear when he cultivated.

Although those internal injuries were not usually noticed.

But as time passed.

They would gradually reveal themselves.

It eventually formed all kinds of hidden diseases.

And tormented him constantly.

“I can seem to see the acupuncture points on my body if I concentrate.”

“Is this the Spiritual Saint Manifestation Realm of an Earth Immortal?”

Although Han Feng had yet entered that realm.

He had already faintly touched the threshold.

He would be able to reach this realm if he was given enough time.

“But I don’t have much time left.”

A deep disappointment appeared on Han Feng’s face.

But just as he was about to give up.

He was pleasantly surprised to find that…

His lifespan had increased by 30 years out of thin air.

That… could it be that Lin Qi was helping him?

The Spiritual Saint Manifestation Realm was indeed unpredictable.

Within two years…

He would have the chance to attain that legendary realm.

That discovery…

It made him extremely excited.

“Fallen Immortal Lin Qi! He used the name of a battle with me.”

“But he secretly gave me pointers and even healed the injuries on my body.”

“That favor.”

“I, Han Feng, have nothing to repay.”

“I can only repay by serving him whenever he needs me.”

“I’ll be at your service.”

Han Feng accepted Lin Qi’s gift.

At the same time, he was certain.

He would be Lin Qi’s man to repay this favor in the future.

And now.

What Han Feng needed to do was to leave the Martial Arts University.

To find a quiet place.

And raise his strength to the legendary realm.

Only then would he be qualified to face Lin Qi.

He had also seen the news of Shaolin Temple and Mount Longhu, sealing the mountain on the internet.

According to his current situation.

The hidden monk of Shaolin Temple and Song Qingshu of Mount Longhu should have received Lin Qi’s guidance too.

That was why they temporarily lived in seclusion in the mountain forest.

He stretched out his finger.

The stone pillar at the edge of the playground was crushed.

Debris flew everywhere.

He carved a line of words.

“My skills are inferior to others.”

“I’m ashamed of myself.”

“I live in seclusion in the mountain from today onwards till the end of my life.”

Han Feng turned around and left the Martial Arts University before the people around him woke up after he wrote that.

One could imagine that.

Lin Qi had defeated the three Saint Core Realm masters of the Dragon Country.

There was no doubt that he had great strength.

But he was too arrogant with such strength.

After that night.

There would be a frenzy on the internet again.

It was because such a being was too terrifying.

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