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As expected.

The next day.

The news of Lin Qi’s challenge to Han Feng spread like a tornado to every corner of the Dragon Country.

What shocked everyone even more was that.

The words that Han Feng left behind.

“My skills are inferior to others.”

“I’m ashamed of myself.”

“I live in seclusion in the mountain from today onwards till the end of my life.”

Even the highest-registered martial arts magazine in the Dragon Country had published this matter.

“An Earth Immortal appeared out of nowhere and defeated three Saint Core Realm masters of the Dragon Country.”

“An immortal-like man who made three masters went back to seclusion at the same time.”

The martial arts magazine had severely criticized Lin Qi as a person who used martial arts to mess with the law at the end of the news.

The trending news in most social media apps was all about that.

The news of Lin Qi defeating Han Feng.

But what they were more interested in was that an unknown ordinary Martial Arts University.

It had hidden a Saint Core Realm master.

Many people hurried to the Martial Arts University just after the news was exposed.

They wanted to witness the aftermath of the duel between a Saint Core Realm and an Earth Immortal.

Everyone was stunned when they arrived at the Martial Arts University’s sports field.

The sports field was unusually neat. It was not what they had imagined.

The scene of broken walls and black smoke rising everywhere.

But among these people.

There were also powerful martial arts experts.

The Saint Core Realm warriors were second only to the Earth Immortals.

When they saw the scene in front of them.

There was a look of shock on his face.

Space where they fought yesterday.

There were remains of sword intent in that place.

The sharp sword intent of the Thirty-Six Swords of Chaos was still powerful in that space.

The three masters of the Saint Core Realm fell back one after another.

And that was when…

A powerful ripple spread from the sky.

The three Saint Core Realm experts were thrown away like a sack of flour in the air.

A stream of blood flowed from the corner of their mouths.

The onlookers fled in panic when they saw that scene.

The news had spread all over the world.

Fear spread in every country.

The rulers of each country held a meeting.

It was because Lin Qi was from the Dragon Country.

They launched an invasion of the entire Dragon Country when the country was at its weakest.

They killed tens of millions of warriors.

And took away plenty of their resources.

They were afraid of Lin Qi’s revenge.


The matter of Lin Qi defeating the three great Saint Core Realm warriors…

The authorities in the country kept silent as if nothing had happened.


The Martial Arts League issued an announcement.

Criminal: Lin Qi.

He went against the martial law and injuring the three great Saint Core Realm experts of the Dragon Country, shaking the foundation of the country.

Basic situation: This person is dangerous. Don’t fight with him if you meet him. Inform the Martial Arts League at once because the Saint Core Realm experts were like the existence of the entire country’s sky, symbolizing a country’s status in the international.

The news of Martial Arts League was sent out.

The entire network was in chaos.

“They’re going to start capturing Lin Qi.”

The report about Lin Qi was even more shocking.

It was because the people of the Dragon Country were all guessing what kind of strength could capture Lin Qi.

The only Earth Immortal in this world!

But Lin Qi didn’t care anymore about that.

His whole body was suspended in the sky tens of thousands of meters high.

He looked down on the earth like a god.

He said lightly.

“Let’s start with the Ninja Country.”

Ninja Country!

Sakura City.

A man in white clothes with flowing black hair.

His eyes were staring at the sakura.

His whole body was exuding the aura of an immortal.

There were a lot of people who came to admire the sakura.

But they didn’t seem to be able to see it at all.

The tourists seemed to turn a blind eye to his aura of a fallen immortal.


Right at that moment.

A young girl wearing a short skirt with a pretty face suddenly bumped into Lin Qi’s back.

In an instant.

An invisible force pushed the young girl back.

The force was gentle.

The young girl raised her head.

She looked in front of her curiously.


All she saw was a sakura blossom tree in full bloom.

“It’s broad daylight. Could it be that I’ve met a ghost?”

The girl pouted and turned to leave.

“So this is the Spiritual Saint Manifestation Realm. It’s indeed magical.”

“I can use my spiritual energy to interfere with other people’s perception of me.”

“Therefore, the passer-by could not feel my existence.”

“This is the power of Spiritual Saint Manifestation Realm!”

“Then, I can do whatever I want in the warrior world!”

“But Spiritual Saint Manifestation can only interfere with people.”

“It could not interfere with the electronic device at all.”

Lin Qi could feel that the satellite of the Ninja Country had locked onto him.

But his face was still calm.

It was because of his strength.

He was already the god of this world.

Nothing could threaten his existence anymore.

Unless it was a nuclear bomb.

The people in the Martial Arts League had also told him that all the countries in the Federal had put him on the list of dangerous people when he left the Dragon Country.

And wanted him all over the world.

All the countries in the Federal began to take action one after another.

In the Dark Warrior World.

The bounty on Lin Qi had reached a terrifying figure of 100 billion yuan.

That was a huge amount of money.


Only four people have received that bounty.

The Dark World was out of warriors wanted by various nations.

Their ranks were very strict.

Even a Saint Core Realm in a country could be killed as long as the reward was enough.

The Ninja Country set up an inescapable net in every city before Lin Qi came.

Many ninjas were hiding in the dark, watching Lin Qi.

But it was useless.

It was because he had reached the realm of Spiritual Saint Manifestation, which could interfere with their minds.

Many ninjas lost track of Lin Qi when they were following him.

That made the leader of the Ninja Country extremely terrified.

But they found out not long ago that they could track Lin Qi by satellite.

And set up an ambush right where he wanted to go in advance.

Shinsakana City.

A saint Core Realm master was stationed here.

His expression was calm.


One could see that his hands were trembling slightly if they observed.

It fully revealed his fear.

Around him.

Tens of thousands of warriors all gathered in that place as if they were facing a great enemy.

They were waiting for the arrival of a man.

That was Lin Qi.

The blazing sun was high in the sky.

Their foreheads were covered with fine beads of sweat.

Their backs were wet.

It was more because of fear.

It was right here.

Lin Qi, the immortal young man.

He slowly walked to the opposite of these people.

Facing so many people…

There was no panic on Lin Qi’s face.

His eyes were as deep as the ocean.

He slowly raised his head.

He stared at the Saint Core Realm expert from the Ninja Country.

It was just one glance.

The atmosphere in the entire Shinsakana Country instantly became intense.

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