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Thousands of black shadows emerged from the darkness.

They walked out.

They were dressed in black and had a katana on their backs.

Their eyes filled with fierce killing intent.

Lin Qi looked at the number of warriors.

A sneer appeared on his lips.

Then, he shouted in the language of the Dragon Country, “How stupid.”

“They sent out these brats to deal with me.”

“Are these the only ability your Ninja Country has?”

“Can I interpret your actions as looking down upon me?”

Lin Qi’s voice was like thunder.

The sound waves rolled.

The warriors that surrounded Lin Qi fell in disorder.

Blood flowed out of their seven orifices.

Only a few thousand Saint Core Realm warriors and the only Saint Core Experts expert were standing.

That was the power of Spiritual Saint Manifestation.

To interfere with the enemy’s spirit.

The Ninja Country lost so many warriors at once.

Everyone showed panicked expressions on their face.

All the higher ministers in the Ninja Country were staring at the big screen in front of them.

Fear flashed across their faces.

Even their leader’s palm was trembling slightly.

Now, his heart was abnormally terrified.

It was because.

Lin Qi’s voice had killed more than half of the people.

The entire Ninja Country might be destroyed if he used all of his strength.

They didn’t dare to think any further.

They stared at the screen.

There was a middle-aged man with a sinister expression on the screen. His name was Tamura.

His hair was like steel needles.

He was the only Saint Core Realm expert in the Ninja Country.

Although there was only one Saint Core Realm expert in the Ninja Country.

The Ninja Kingdom had a remarkably high status in the world.

The reason was Tamura’s amazing battle record that shocked all the countries.

When the Ninja Country invaded the Dragon Country.

They killed 10 Saint Core Realm experts in the Dragon Country.

Some people speculated that Tamura’s strength had already reached the level of half-step to Earth Immortal.

That was why the Ninja Country was the existence just a rank inferior to the Eagle Country in that world.

The leader of the Ninja Country placed all his hopes on Tamura.

In the Shinsakana City.

Tamura held three katana in his hands.

He looked at the dead warriors around him.

His eyes filled with killing intent.

These warriors were all his subordinates.

His right-hand men.

The warriors, who had made great contributions during the war.

He couldn’t believe that all of them were dead with the roar from the young man in white…

How could he accept that?


“Isn’t that a bit over the limits?”

“They are all low-realm fighters.”

“Can you kill the innocent just because you have the strength?”

Lin Qi felt he had heard the funniest joke ever.

He burst into laughter.


“Are you joking?”


“Of course, you are joking.”

“Are you livening up the atmosphere before the battle?”

The smile on Lin Qi’s face immediately disappeared.

The indifferent temperament all over his body turned into sharp killing intent at that moment.

“Ninja Country.”

“Back then, you killed ten of our Dragon Country’s Saint Core Realm experts.”

“You even killed those unarmed ordinary people.”

“Now, tell me what humanity is.”

“As expected, you are a country with holes in your brain.”

Lin Qi’s words seemed to have pricked Tamura’s nerves.

He roared, “Bakayarou.”

“You are not allowed to insult the warriors of our country.”

A disdain look appeared on Lin Qi’s face.

“A criminal with blood on his hands.”

“You are insulting the word ‘warrior’.”

“Come on! Let the battle begin!”

“Let me see your strength.”

Tamura stretched out his front foot.

He pulled out his stance.

He pulled out the three katanas at his waist.

He bit one of them in his mouth.

“Sir, I’ll show you the greatness of my Santoryu Technique!”

Tamura’s lips didn’t move at all when he said that.

Lin Qi immediately understood.

That was special ventriloquism from Ninja Country.

He made the sound using the airflow in his stomach.

A material-like airflow appeared around Tamura.

“He has indeed stepped into the half-step of Earth Immortal.”

“He can materialize the blade intent.”

“Indeed, he has great potential.”


“Your opponent is me.”

Lin Qi’s entire body emitted a golden light as soon as he finished speaking.

It was as if Buddha had descended.

The Buddhist Kingdom in the Palm.

It was surely a murderous move if Lin Qi made a move.

He had no intention of probing.

It was because he didn’t need it.

He was confident in his strength.

In an instant.

Lin Qi became a Buddha in Tamura’s eyes.

The world in front of Tamura changed dramatically.

He felt like he was in the Buddha Kingdom.

Countless Buddhas were chanting scriptures.

Countless golden words.

They flooded into their minds.

It washed and changed their will.

Thousands of Saint Embryo Realm Warriors in that area threw down their weapons one after another and knelt in front of Lin Qi.

Tears were streaming down their faces.

They were constantly repenting.

“Oh my God, why are my hands covered in blood?”

“I see mountains of knives and seas of fire in Hell.”

“I see them strangling those criminals whose hands are covered in blood.”

Their entire bodies were trembling.

They begged Lin Qi incessantly, “Buddha!”

“Please, save me!”!

Lin Qi kicked the katana under his feet towards him.


“I can use my life to pay for my sins.”

Thousands of Saint Core Realm warriors picked up the katana in their hands and committed suicide by stabbing into their bellies.

The whole place was filled with the smell of blood.

Tamura, on the other hand, was biting the hilt of his katana tightly.

He was using his mind to resist the mental interference of Lin Qi.

He saw all the samurai stab themselves in the stomach.

He was so angry.


He had no way to deal with Lin Qi, who was in the Spiritual Saint Manifestation Realm.

Lin Qi put away the Buddhist Kingdom in the Palm.

Tamura’s figure let out many afterimages in the air.

The katana in his hand gave off a cold light.

There was only one thought in his mind now.

To kill the man in front of him.

Or perish together with him.

The solid sword shadow wreaked frantically in the air.

The field was filled with the sound of the air exploding.

It was deafening.

Lin Qi’s body floated in the air as if he was the God in that space.

The Thirty-Six Swords of Chaos.

The sky was filled with dark clouds.

Bolts of None Heavens Divine Lightning descended.

Tamura’s blade light collided with the Nine Heavens Divine Lightning in the sky.


Sparks flew from the katana.

Cracks appeared on the katana like a spider web.

It spread to the entire blade.

The hilt of the blade in Tamura’s mouth fell to the ground.

It was as if his back had drawn all his strength.

He knelt on the ground.

A mouthful of fresh blood spurted out.

“I lost!”

Tamura died after he finished his words.

“It is not unfair to die under my greatest sword.”

Half an hour later.

A high-ranking officer of the Ninja Country personally led hundreds of warriors to rush over there to support.

He felt as if he had seen Hell on Earth when he saw that scene

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