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The high-ranking official of Ninja Country had a look of shock on his face upon looking at the hellish scene.

Tamura, who was worshipped like a God in Ninja Country, was dead.

The spiritual pillar of Ninja Country fell.

“How is this possible?”

“Tamura is the most invincible existence in the world.”

“How could he die?”

Lin Qi suddenly appeared in front of the high-ranking official of Ninja Country.

“Is this all your Ninja Country has?”

A flash of sword light was seen as soon as he said that.

There was a splash of blood in the air.

Tamura’s throat was slit.

All the high-ranking officials of Ninja Country slumped in their chairs.

The moment Tamura died.

A thought flashed through in everyone’s mind.

“The Ninja Country is doomed.”

“That youth! He’s not a fallen immortal!”

“He’s the god of death from Hell.”

“He’s here to reap lives.”

The leader of the Ninja Country felt incredibly regretful.

He shouldn’t have allowed the invasion of the Dragon Country.

All the countries were using satellites to make a live broadcast of everything that happened in the Ninja country.

Including the Dragon Country.

Everyone in the Dragon Country was in tears when they saw what happened in the Ninja Country.

Ten Saint Core Realm warriors appeared in Dragon Country at the same time when the country was at its most powerful.

It was the most powerful country in the world.

The Dragon Country didn’t invade the weak countries with its strength.

Instead, it used its powerful strength to protect the weak countries.

The Ninja Country came to seek the protection of the Dragon Country.

The Dragon Country did not say a word and defeated the enemies who invaded them.

But the Ninja Country had wild ambitions.

Tamura brought the warriors of their country after entering the half-step to Earth Immortal Realm to invade the Dragon Country.

Tamura killed all ten Saint Core Realm masters of the Dragon Country.

They slaughtered ordinary people wantonly in the Dragon Country.

It was simply insane.

The people in Dragon Country were so excited that tears streamed down their faces when they saw Tamura of the Ninja Country die.

The joy of revenge surged into everyone’s hearts.

Many people were shouting that they wanted the country to revoke the wanted notice against Lin Qi because he was the country’s hero.

He washed away the shame of the Dragon Country.

He made all the people of the Dragon Country stand up again.

He was the backbone of the entire Dragon Country.

The leaders of the Bang-ji Country and the Eagle Country looked at the end of the Ninja Country.

Cold sweat broke out on their foreheads.

It was because they had also invaded the Dragon Country.

The leader of the Ninja Country suddenly stood up.

He said to everyone sitting in the conference room.

“Let’s go and ask for the forgiveness of the fallen immortal.”

The leader of the Ninja Country brought all the high-rank officials to Shinsakana City.

All the people in the world stared at the screen in front of them.

“What does the leader of the Ninja Country want to do?”

“Are they going to perish together with the fallen immortals?”

People from all the countries were talking about it.

Lin Qi was floating in the air.

He looked at the leader of the Ninja Country, Watanabe, who was rushing over.

Watanabe stared at Lin Qi, who was floating in the air.

A thought of worshipping him arose in his mind.

Was that the god of this world?

A deep sense of powerlessness rose in his heart.


The leader of the Ninja Country kneeled in front of Lin Qi.

The high-rank officials behind him also kneeled in unison.

The people of the various countries stared at the screen in front of them.

They were dumbfounded.

“What? The leader of the Ninja Country kneeled?”

“As expected, the Ninja Country is the nation best at kneeling in the world.”

“Their national spirit is to kneel.”

The whole country of the Dragon Country cheered.

Although that was not an official event.

The officials just pretended not to see the behavior of the people of the Dragon Country.

“Our Ninja Country!”

“From now on, we will become a vassal state of the Dragon Country.”

“You are our master.”

Lin Qi laughed after Watanabe finished speaking.

“Are you insulting my intelligence with these words?”

“Is kneeling what the Ninja Country is best at?”

“The warriors of the Dragon Country picked up their weapons when you invaded them.”

“They would rather die on the battlefield.”

“Than be someone else’s slave.”

“This is the spirit of the people of the Dragon Country.”

“And are you invertebrates?”

“Your country becoming a vassal state of the Dragon Country is only an insult to the Dragon Country.”

“Do you think it’s our honor?”

The blood of the people of the Dragon Country immediately boiled when they heard Lin Qi’s word.

Some girls were so excited that they even shed tears.

They clapped their hands profusely.

In some corner of the Dragon Country.

An old man with grey hair without limbs with a straight back.

His eyes were tearing as he stared at the old TV in front of him.

At that time, he was only 16 years old when the Ninja Country invaded.

The youngest warrior.

He shouldered the weapon in his hand, vowed to defend his country to the death.

And he lost his limbs.

Because he only had one faith in his heart at that time.

It was not to be the slaves of the Ninja Country.

They had to live on standing up.

They had to let the people of the Ninja Country know that the people of the Dragon Country were not someone they could bully just like that even if they had to die while fighting against them.

That was the spirit of the people of the Dragon Country.

A feeling of fear spread throughout the entire nation of the Bang-ji Country and the Eagle Country.

They knew in their hearts.

That Lin Qi’s next target was their country.

After Watanabe heard Lin Qi’s words, “Please forgive us, sir, for our previous mistakes.”

A faint smile appeared on the corner of Lin Qi’s mouth as he said, “I think the best way to apologize is to make the entire Ninja Country disappear.”

Lin Qi’s entire body erupted with a powerful strength as soon as he finished his words.

Watanabe and all the high-ranking officials felt like there was a mountain pressing down on their shoulders.


Everyone’s bones broke.

“Since you’re best at kneeling, I’ll break your bones then.”

“And make you kneel forever.”

Mournful screams resounded throughout the entire Shinsakana City.

The leaders of the various countries felt a chill down their backs.

They didn’t expect Lin Qi’s methods to be so ruthless.

He directly crushed their bones into powder form.

Watanabe’s bounty was revoked in the Dark World at that moment.

It was because he had disappeared from this world.

Very few people would accept such a bounty because every country had Saint Core Realm expert guarding it.

But the Ninja Country’s expert was gone.

The Ninja Country was removed from this world.

Half a month later.

In the Sun City in Bang-ji Country.

All the leaders of the Bang-ji Country stared at the surveillance footage.

They had a serious look on their face.

“Damn it! Lin Qi came to our country.”

“Could it be? His target this time is Master Park Cheol-soo.”

It was because he was the only Saint core Realm expert in Bang-ji Country.

Lin Qi’s goal was obvious.

It was the Saint Core Realm experts of various countries.

“Sir, what should we do now?”

“His strength has already reached the peak of this world.”

“He’s now the god of this world.”

“We’ve also seen the situation in the Ninja Country.”

“He’s like the god of death.”

“Reaping the lives of Saint Core Realm experts.”

“Such terrifying power.”

“It’s completely not something we can fight against.”