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“Even if we use our Self-Defense Forces.”

“I’m afraid that they will be sacrificed in the end.”

The high-ranking officials of the Bang-ji Country were all silent.

Their strategists, the think tanks, and military advisers with smart brains were all thinking of countermeasures and how to deal with Lin Qi.


They soon realized.

All the schemes and tricks seemed so pale in front of absolute power.

That was absolute power.

They could only make a helpless choice.

“Let Sir Park Cheol-soo face Lin Qi alone!”

“We have to minimize the damage.”

“We gather the power of the entire country and make the final battle with Lin Qi when he is injured.”

The leader of the Bang-ji Country was daydreaming.

Lin Qi would be injured.

That was simply a joke.

Perhaps that was how they comfort themselves psychologically.

It was better to have hope than to have no hope.

The leader of the Bang-ji country said, “Evacuate all the people around the area.”

“Let them have a fair duel.”

“Inform the satellite department to record the entire scene of their battle.”

“Send the most experienced martial arts master in the country.”

“Invite him to the monitoring room to study Lin Qi’s weakness.”

As expected of the leader of the country, he instantly thought of the best decision.

“But we also have to prepare for the worst, which was becoming a vassal state of the Dragon Country.”

Someone whispered in his ear, “Lin Qi has been wanted by their country.”


“Will a person wanted by Dragon Country help his country destroy the Ninja Country?”

“They were putting an act for a stupid person like you to make you lose your guard.”

Just as the leader of the Bang-ji Country said.

Although all the countries wanted Lin Qi.

But the Dragon Country was the first country to issue a wanted notice.

There was something fishy about it.

Anyone with a brain could sense that something was not right.

Lin Qi was like a Grim Reaper at the moment.

He was named Saint Core Realm master’s harvester everywhere he went.

Not a single Saint Core Realm master had survived in his hands.


In Sun City of Bong-ji country.

A bald man with bare feet stood in the middle of the square with a solemn expression.

There was no one around.

It was dead silent.

Lin Qi appeared in the air at that moment.

He was dressed in white and looked indifferent.

His long hair was swaying in the wind.

He looked like an immortal.

It was the first time.

Park Cheol-soo stood face to face with Lin Qi.

There was only one thought in his mind.

Not to underestimate the man in front of him.

He was someone who killed others without even thinking twice.

He was sent to that world by the god of death to reap lives.

Park Cheol-soo was determined to die this time.

He was here to duel with Lin Qi.

Although he couldn’t reach the Earth Immortal Realm in this life.

He would have no regrets if he died in the hands of an Earth Immortal.

“Heaven Melting Hand, Park Cheol-soo is here. Please accept my challenge!”

“Let me have a taste of the true strength of the Earth Immortal.”

Park Cheol-soo stood in position.

His palm stretched out like a spiritual snake.

It was as if his arm had no bones.

That is the highest level of Heaven Melting Hand.

It was beyond human limits.

A gentle force rose from Park Cheol-soo’s body.

The force lifted his body from the ground.

It shot toward Lin Qi.

A vortex formed by countless spiritual aura appeared around Park Cheol-soo’s body.

A terrifying suction force burst out from the vortex.

Countless afterimages of palms appeared in the air.

The angle of the attack was tricky.

It was because any warriors’ defense had a blind spot.

He would be able to find the loophole of his opponent in an instant and defeat him.

But his opponent was Lin Qi.

Lin Qi could see the profound meaning of the Heaven Melting Hand at a glance.

Welcoming Buddha to the West.

A Golden Buddha statue appeared behind Lin Qi.

There were countless golden arms behind the statue, which emitted dazzling golden light.

“Let’s see if you can block even one of my moves.”

Thousands of golden palms kept colliding in the air.

They had collided tens of thousands of times in the air in just a few seconds.

Welcoming Buddha to the West and Heaven Melting Hand.

They were of a different approach of the same effect.

But Welcoming Buddha to the West’s power was even more powerful.

Park Cheol-soo felt that all the spiritual energy in his body was sucked out.


Lin Qi still had a casual look on his face.

It was as if this such a battle was like a puzzle game.

It wasn’t challenging at all.

“Let’s end it here!”

“It’s like the difference between a firefly and the Sun in front of a powerful ability.”

A golden palm hit Park Cheol-soo hard on his chest.

His entire chest sank.

His internal organs shattered.

He spat out a mouthful of blood.

There were blood clots in it too.

Park Cheol-soo used his last breath to say, “I lost!”

Park Cheol-soo was filled with sorrow.

He had cultivated for countless years.

But he hadn’t been able to withstand a single move from Lin Qi.

“The Earth Immortal Realm is indeed formidable.”

Park Cheol-soo slowly closed his eyes.

There were more than ten grey-haired warriors in the monitoring room in Bang-ji Country.

They were all people of Bang-ji Country.

The elders who had gone through life and death had serious expressions on their faces at that moment.

The leader of the Bang-ji country stood up and said, “Everyone!”

“Have you found Lin Qi’s weakness?”

Everyone shook their heads.

“This person doesn’t have any weakness.”

“He’s an invincible existence in this world.”

“We’ve already lost.”

The indifferent expression on the leader of Bang-ji Country’s face completely disappeared when he heard that.

He let out an angry roar, “Could he be a god?”

“How could he not have any weaknesses?”

The leader of the Bang-ji Country was struggling.

Finally, he unwillingly said something, “Announce to the entire world.”

“The Bang-ji Country!”

“We will become a vassal country of the Dragon Country from now onwards.”

The world was shocked.

The Bang-ji Country had also surrendered to Lin Qi.

The Eagle Country sent out forty people to ambush Lin Qi when he swept through the other small countries.


These people didn’t come back.

“It seems.”

“The Eagle Country wants to seek for death as soon as possible.”

“Then I’ll satisfy them today!”

That day was the last day that Lin Qi’s true spirit awakened.

And he came to Eagle Country that day.

He swept through all the countries and stepped into the martial arts world during that time.

Besides, Eagle Country’s Saint Core Realm warriors were all crippled by him.

Those countries that once invaded the Dragon Country already disappeared from this world at that moment.

That day was Lin Qi’s last battle.

The target that time was the Eagle Country.

The most powerful country in the world, with the eagle as their totem.

It means to fly into the void and look down on all the countries.

Their most powerful strength was the twelve God kings.

Their strength has reached the half-step to Earth Immortal Realm.

They were all dressed in black at that moment, standing on the border of the Eagle Country.

They were quietly waiting for the arrival of Lin Qi.

They had great confidence in defeating Lin Qi this time.

Lin Qi’s enemy was only one Saint Core Realm master before them.

Now there were 12 masters of half-step to Earth Immortal Realm attacking him at the same time.

Could he even defeat them?