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Twelve figures appeared in front of Lin Qi, but he was not surprised at all.

Although they were fast, they were as slow as a snail to Lin Qi’s Spiritual Saint Manifestation Realm.

However, the black clothes worn by the twelve warriors surprised Lin Qi.

“This is the combination of martial arts and technology?”

Everyone was no different from being naked in front of Lin Qi’s realm.

Lin Qi could easily see through all the surfaces.

The twelve people were also slightly surprised when they saw that Lin Qi could see through their trump cards at a glance.

However, a tint of determination appeared in their eyes after a moment.

That was not normal.

Lin Qi guessed it in the next moment.

It seemed that these twelve warriors wanted to perish together with him!

As expected, they charged at Lin Qi together before saying anything.

However, they did not have any intention of attacking!

It was just that the energy in their bodies was increasing rapidly, and it had already surpassed the Saint Core Realm!

Even Lin Qi felt a tint of surprise at that moment.

The next moment when they were one meter away from Lin Qi.


Twelve loud bangs sounded at the same time.

These twelve people had self-detonated!

One had to know that self-detonation could stimulate the limits of the body’s energy.

In other words, the self-detonation attacks of these twelve people had already surpassed the Saint Core Realm, almost reaching the Earth Immortal Realm.

Lin Qi e would be heavily injured by the combined self-detonation attacks of these twelve people if he was in Saint Core Realm.

He might even die on the spot.

However, the current Lin Qi had already surpassed the Earth Immortal Realm and reached the Spiritual Saint Manifestation.

In addition, he had already merged the limits of Buddhism and martial arts into one.

It was almost impossible for these twelve attacks to injure Lin Qi.

However, Lin Qi broke through again when he faced the self-explosion attack of these twelve Saint core Realm experts.

In the meeting room of the high-ranking officials of Eagle Country.

They watched the scene of Lin Qi’s body gradually turning blurry on the screen.

All the high-ranking officials of the eagle kingdom collapsed onto their seats with cold sweat all over their faces.


The immortal from the Dragon Country had been eliminated by them!

However, the Eagle Country had also paid a heavy price.

That was the highest combat strength of the Eagle Country, which was the lives of the twelve Saint Core Realm experts.

However, all of that was worth it.

“Spread the word. The entire country mourns for these twelve experts. They used their lives as the price to eliminate Lin Qi. We should be proud of them.”

The Eagle Country’s highest leader quickly gave the order, and the others nodded in agreement.

However, a young voice appeared in their minds in the next moment.

“Destroy me? You guys are too naive.”

The high-ranking officials in the room were shocked.

The voice was Lin Qi.

Lin Qi was not dead!

So, the reason why Lin Qi’s body became blurry was not that he was dead.

On the contrary, he had transcended!

His existence was no longer limited to the physical form.

Instead, he had become one with Heaven and Earth.

The world was Lin Qi at that moment.

And Lin Qi was the world!


The highest leader of the Eagle Country knelt and let out a long sigh, “The Eagle Country is willing to submit to the Dragon Country!”

The news quickly spread throughout the world.

Countless country leaders made the same decision.

Submitting was their only choice.

The overlord of that world was already the Dragon Country.

In the origin world.


A capsule opened, and Lin Qi slowly walked out.

The result of Lin Qi’s reincarnation this time was also transmitted into Lin Qi’s mind through the reincarnation capsule.

[ Reincarnator’s Current Evaluation: SSS-Class ]

[ Obtained Points: 100,000 (highest level reward in the World of Modern Urban)]

Lin Qi smiled and immediately activated the next reincarnation.

All the operating systems of the human body could be maintained in the reincarnation capsule, so Lin Qi did not feel hungry or sleepy after his reincarnation.

As for Song Tianming, it would take him at least a few more hours to wake up.

It was still unknown even if Song Tianming could wake up!

The notifications sounded again after he laid down again in the reincarnation capsule.

[ Due to the standard you have reached in your previous reincarnation, the fee for this reincarnation is 0. ]

[ Due to your previous reincarnation had exceeded the standard, you can choose the reincarnation world this time. Please choose. ]

“Reincarnation to the Immortal Cultivation World.”

Lin Qi said calmly.

In the Immortal Cultivation World.

Mount Baiyun.

There were crowds in Mount Baiyun that day.

The Baiyun Sect was naturally an extremely high existence to others as one of the three famous sects in the world.

However, such an existence had opened the once-in-a-decade disciple recruitment ceremony that day.

There was joy and pain in the world for mortals.

But it was only a few decades of life in the end.

However, one could extend his or her life if they could enter the Baiyun Sect and become a cultivator.

There were even people who could fly on a sword and become immortals.

Thus, countless people would gather in Mount Baiyun, hoping to become a disciple of the Baiyun Sect.

It was duck in a blink of an eye.

The number of people who wanted to become a disciple had also decreased by a lot at that time of the day. Naturally, most of them did not pass the requirement.

The expressions of the young people who had failed were either unconvinced or determined. However, most of them wanted to wait until ten years later to try again.

The defeated middle-aged men, on the other hand, had disheartened expressions.

They could only be a mortal after being rejected by Mount Baihu.

Unless they went to the Golden Mountain Temple to become monks.

That was unacceptable to most people.

The number of people in Shanhe Hall gradually decreased. A Daoist sat on the main seat, with the grace of a crane and the bearing of an immortal. He slowly brought a young man into the hall.

The Daoist was dressed in a white robe. Although his hair and beard were all Snow White, he still looked energetic.

The person was the sect master of the Baiyun Sect, Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao.

“Yi Lin, are there any talented disciples in today’s disciple recruitment?”

The young man next to him answered respectfully, “Reporting to master, there are a total of 4,300 disciples today, and only less than 100 of them can enter the gate.

“There’s only one as for those with good aptitude.”

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao frowned slightly and sighed, “Forget it. Forget it. If there’s no one, then there’s no one.”

He seemed to have thought of something after saying that and looked at the young man beside him, “Although there are no new disciples with good aptitude, it’s enough for me to nurture a disciple like you.”

The young man named Yi Lin next to him didn’t look surprised. He nodded slightly and said, “Thank you for your praise, master. It’s the luckiest thing in Yi Lin’s life to be able to receive your guidance.”

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao stroked his white beard and nodded slightly.

Yi Lin was his disciple. The disciple he was proud of.

At the same time, he was also the next successor of the sect master that everyone tacitly acknowledged.

It wouldn’t matter even if there weren’t any new disciples with good aptitude with him around.

Almost all the people in the Shanhe Hall had already returned, and the vast hall was empty.

“Today’s disciple recruitment will end here.”

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao said softly and planned to return.

However, a young man’s voice came from outside the Shanhe Hall.


Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao turned around subconsciously and looked at the person outside the hall.

The young man was about sixteen or seventeen years old. He was dressed in white and had a handsome face. He seemed to have some temperament.

“This disciple Lin Qi is here to acknowledge you as my master!”