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The eyes of Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao lit up when he saw that young man who was slowly walking into the Shanhe Hall.

Although the young man was young, his every movement had a different kind of temperament.

That young man was a talent!

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao nodded when he thought of that and said, “Yilin, go and test this young man’s aptitude.”

Yilin slightly bowed and respectfully replied, “Yes, master.”

Yilin’s footsteps were light as he jumped up from the side of the master hall and floated towards Lin Qi.

Lin Qi, on the other hand, stood where he was with his hands behind his back with an indifferent expression on his face.

Lin Qi had already reached the Spiritual Saint Manifestation Realm in his previous life.

Although Lin Qi had reincarnated once again and had started from scratch, his state of mind was no longer something that an ordinary young man could compare.

Yilin naturally saw this scene, and he praised Lin Qi in his heart.

However, he did not show his admiration for Lin Qi on the surface. Instead, he took out a piece of jade from his pocket.

“Young man, please place the Jade in your palm and use your heart to feel the energy contained within the Jade.”

Lin Qi nodded slightly.

It seemed like that was the Baiyun Sect’s entrance test.

Lin Qi naturally had no reason to refuse since that was the case. He immediately stretched out his hand.

Yilin placed the jade stone into Lin Qi’s palm.

Lin Qi calmed down and felt the energy in the jade stone attentively.

However, the jade stone did not react at all after a long time. It just lay quietly in Lin Qi’s palm.

This time, Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao, who sat in the main seat frowned and sighed in his heart.

He thought that Lin Qi was a seedling with excellent aptitude when he saw him with extraordinary bearing.

He didn’t expect that he was good-for-nothing with no aptitude at all.

‘I’m old. I didn’t expect that I will misjudge.’

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao didn’t want to waste any more time and planned to go back when he thought about that.

Just as Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao turned around, he heard Yilin exclaim softly, “Congratulations, Junior Lin. You have passed the test!”

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao turned around quickly when he heard that, but he frowned again.

Yilin said he had passed, and of course, he had.


Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao sighed again upon looking at the white jade in Lin Qi’s palm emitting an extremely dim luster.

Although he had reached the qualification to enter the Baiyun Sect, his aptitude was too poor which was near to none!

“Forget it. Forget it. Accept him.”

“Yilin, make arrangements for this new junior.”

Yilin turned around and bowed to Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao, saying respectfully, “Yes.”

Yilin stood up after Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao left. Then he looked at Lin Qi and said with a smile, “Junior Lin, you will be a disciple of Baiyun Sect from now on.”

“I will take you to make arrangements for your master. You can work hard to cultivate and strive for a higher level from now on.”

“By the way, my surname is You. My name is You Yilin. You can call me Senior You.”

Lin Qi nodded slightly and replied, “Greetings, Senior You. You can call me Lin Qi.”

You Yilin was also slightly stunned upon seeing that Lin Qi was not the slightest bit happy. Then, he immediately understood.

It seemed that this new junior felt that his aptitude was poor, so he was not satisfied.

You Yilin felt rather emotional at that moment.

Some people couldn’t even pass that simple entrance test. They were all trying their best to enter the Baiyun Sect.

Some people weren’t satisfied with themselves even though they could be apprenticed to a master.

He could only say that the gap between people was indeed huge.

However, Lin Qi’s reaction didn’t make You Yilin feel disgusted.

On the contrary, he admired this little junior who was ambitious.

“Junior Lin, remember not to belittle yourself. Although everyone’s aptitude is different, they can change their fate through hard work.”

Lin Qi nodded slightly and did not speak anymore after listening to You Yilin.

You Yilin thought that Lin Qi was still disappointed, so he did not say anything more and just smiled slightly.

Then, he led Lin Qi to make the arrangements.

Although the Baiyun Sect was on Mount Baiyun, Mount Baiyun was divided into seven branches.

It would still depend on the test tomorrow as to which branch Lin Qi could join.

Lin Qi naturally couldn’t join the same branch as You Yilin, which was the Yunyou Daoist branch with his aptitude.

Of course, You Yilin wouldn’t talk about this in detail. He just silently led Lin Qi out of the Shanhe Hall.

You Yilin let out a light blow. The long sword on his back unsheathed itself. It landed beside You Yilin’s feet after circling for a circle in the air, hanging in mid-air without dropping on the ground.

You Yilin did this because he wanted to bring Lin Qi to acknowledge him as his master.

On the other hand, he also wanted to bring him to experience the feeling of flying on a sword to encourage Lin Qi to work hard in his cultivation.

However, Lin Qi’s face was still as calm as ever, as if he were not excited at all.

You Yilin was a little surprised this time.

However, he did not say anything. He just stood on the immortal sword by his feet and waved at Lin Qi, “Junior Lin, come up.”

Lin Qi nodded slightly and stood steadily behind You Yilin.

Meanwhile, his expression did not change at all.

You Yilin saw all of that, and his evaluation of Lin Qi increased by a level.

The little junior might have some achievements after some time.

However, he still had to familiarize himself with the basic techniques of the Baiyun Sect for the first three years.

It still depended on the situation about his outcome three years later.

You Yilin chanted a chant as he thought and brought Lin Qi on his flying sword.

You Yilin brought Lin Qi on his flying sword and soon arrived at the residence of the disciples.

That was the residence of all the outer disciples.

The outer disciples had a chance to take the test once a year. They could only join one of the seven lineages and become an inner disciple after passing the test.

And now, Lin Qi, who had just passed the entrance test, naturally had to live here.

The flying sword automatically flew back into the sheath of Yilin’s sword after the two of them jumped off the flying sword.

Yilin once again observed Lin Qi.

His face was still calm, without any surprise or yearning for Yilin’s Sword Control Technique.

“Junior Lin, come with me.”

You Yilin secretly praised Lin Qi and called him.

Then, You Yilin led Lin Qi to a house.

That was one of the places where the disciples who passed the entrance test stayed.

Yilin remembered that there should be a vacant bed here.

“Lin Qi, you can stay here for today. I will arrange a separate room for you after you pass the apprentice test.”

Lin Qi nodded. He felt that this arrangement was reasonable.

The disciples who had just entered the sect could only stay in a large room. Once they had value, they could change to a single room.

It was reasonable and fair.

Yilin nodded slightly upon seeing that Lin Qi did not have any objections. Then took a step forward and was about to knock on the door.

However, the conversation that came from the room made You Yilin frown slightly. His hand that was about to knock on the door froze in front of the door.

“Brother Zhang, your aptitude is high. I saw that your jade pendant emitted a bright light!”

“That’s right, Brother Zhang. We’ll follow you from now on. You have to take care of us.”

“We will have a bright future if we follow Brother Zhang from now on!”

“Brother Zhang will become a famous man in Baiyun Sect in no time. The next sect leader will be Brother Zhang then!”