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You Yilin slightly frowned upon hearing such a conversation outside the door.

There was indeed a disciple surnamed Zhang who had decent aptitude that day. He could be considered an outstanding one, at least among that day’s new disciples.

They talked about the next sect master, but You Yilin didn’t care.

The position of sect master was for those who were capable.

He would naturally be willing to see new disciples who came later and surpassed him.

That was also an extraordinary aspect of You Yilin’s attitude and bearing. It wasn’t unreasonable for Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao to value him.

But at the same time, You Yilin was also very confident in himself.

It wouldn’t be so easy to surpass him and become the new main disciple.

However, to have such a situation of forming cliques among the outer disciples of the Baiyun Sect on the first day made You Yilin unhappy.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

The room instantly became quiet after You Yilin knocked three times on the door.

You Yilin pushed the door open after turning around to look at Lin Qi.

The people in the room were shocked and quickly bowed upon seeing that it was the main disciple, You Yilin.

“Greetings, senior.”

At the same time, these new disciples could not help but feel nervous.

The senior should have heard their conversation just now. Was he going to make things difficult for them next?

These people would not have a good time if the senior blamed them.

However, You Yilin did not mention the conversation just now. He just nodded slightly and said, “Juniors, let me introduce him to everyone.”

You Yilin turned sideways and let Lin Qi enter everyone’s line of sight after saying that.

“This is the last disciple who entered the sect today. His name is Lin Qi.”

“From today onwards, “Junior Lin will live with you.”

“You must get along well with your junior as seniors. You can also give Junior Lin some pointers.”

One had to know that these people had only just entered the sect today.

How could they have any experience in cultivation?

Everyone understood after hearing that.

It seemed that this Junior Lin’s aptitude was especially bad.

Everyone understood and nodded one after another.

Among them, a rather handsome man with a good physique said, “Senior, please rest assured. We will get along well with the junior.”

You Yilin glanced at him and nodded slightly.

That man was called Zhang Wu.

He was the “Brother Zhang” they were talking about just now.

“Zhang Wu, you have the most aptitude among today’s new disciples. You have to help your junior and set a good example in the future.”

Then, You Yilin gave a few more instructions to Lin Qi and left them alone.

The few disciples were left looking at each other.

“Senior You seems to be quite magnanimous.”

“He should have heard it just now. I thought he would be angry.”

“I suddenly feel that Senior You is so handsome.”

A few new disciples could not help but sigh upon seeing that You Yilin did not blame them or mention it at all.

Zhang Wu was a little displeased this time.

That bunch of fence-sitters had just been flattering him, and now they were flattering You Yilin again.

Zhang Wu turned his head to look at Lin Qi when he thought of that and asked, “Hey, newcomer, did you and senior hear our conversation just now?”

Lin Qi glanced at Zhang Wu and did not answer. He just silently found an empty bed and walked over, prepared to take a rest.

Zhang Wu was already a little displeased when he heard the other disciples praising You Yilin.

But the junior dared to even ignore him.

How could he tolerate that?

Moreover, the meaning behind You Yilin’s words just now was that Lin Qi’s aptitude was not good, so he asked everyone to take care of him.

He, a person with poor aptitude, actually dared to ignore him, the new best disciple.

Wasn’t he courting death?

Zhang Wu became angrier as he thought about it. He raised his voice and said, “Hey, I’m talking to you. Are you deaf?”

The other disciples also saw that Zhang Wu seemed to be unhappy at that moment.

All of them trembled upon thinking of how they had just praised You Yilin in front of Zhang Wu. They didn’t dare to go up and dissuade him.

It seemed that the junior was going to be bullied today.

Lin Qi slowly turned around and said calmly upon hearing Zhang Wu’s words, “We heard it, so what?”


The other disciples gasped.

Senior You heard it. They were doomed.

Zhang Wu’s expression also became a little gloomy.

Although he was a little carried away just now, he was still more or less afraid of the main disciple, You Yilin.

Zhang Wu became even more depressed.

At the same time, he also looked down on Lin Qi, this new junior.

He was a new junior with extremely poor aptitude, but why did his every move give people an elegant feeling.

Moreover, he was somewhat handsome!

Although this world also respected martial arts, who would be willing to be ugly if one’s appearance and image could be better.

Zhang Wu looked at Lin Qi and became more and more unhappy.

“You, come over and massage my shoulders.”

Zhang Wu pointed at Lin Qi and shouted.

Lin Qi frowned slightly and looked at Zhang Wu with a pitying gaze upon hearing his gaze.

That gaze seemed to say, “You’re just a piece of trash of this level.”

How could Zhang Wu endure such a gaze at Zhang Wu? He immediately jumped off the bed and walked in Lin Qi’s direction.

“It seems that I, Zhang Wu, have to teach you what it means to be respectful!”

Lin Qi didn’t have any reaction upon hearing that. He just looked at Zhang Wu indifferently.

However, Lin Qi didn’t care about Zhang Wu at all. He just laid down on the bed and prepared to rest.

He wouldn’t worry if Zhang Wu wanted to cause trouble for him.

After all, he had already earned 100,000 points in his previous world.

That wasn’t the first time he had reincarnated. Points could be spent at any time.

He could immediately exchange for a low-level cultivation technique and then max it out with one click if he wanted.

At the very least, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to deal with trash like Zhang Wu.

The other disciples were slightly shocked. They hurriedly stopped Zhang Wu and said, “Brother Zhang, Baiyun Sect forbids conflict between disciples. They might even kick you out.”

“Yeah, it’s our first day here. It’s better to avoid trouble.”

“Brother Zhang, the junior isn’t sensible. Please don’t blame him. Let me massage your shoulders.”

Zhang Wu stopped upon hearing the words of the other disciples.

Indeed, he had achieved his goal and established his prestige.

At the same time, he was also a little afraid of the sect rules. He didn’t want to be kicked out of the sect on the first day.

After all, he was the most talented among the new disciples, and his future was bright.

It was better to keep a low profile for now.

As for the other disciples, they were not taking care of Lin Qi.

They did not want to cause trouble because they had already offended You Yilin.

But at the same time, they also felt resentful when they saw Lin Qi’s indifferent look.

Why should they suffer for the sake of this new junior who had no insight?

Lin Qi had offended all the seniors in the same room.

Meanwhile, he was snoring amid everyone’s resentment.