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The next day, at the Mount Baiyun training grounds.

Several hundred disciples had been accepted into the sect after a day of entrance test a day ago.

That day was naturally the day for the further test of these disciples.

They would likely be selected by the watching elders and accepted into the sect if they passed the test and even showed their specialty.

However, they could only continue to be an outer disciple and practice the most basic cultivation technique of the Baiyun Sect if they failed the test, then wait for the next year’s test.

In short, that day was the day to decide where the new disciples and the people who failed the test last year would go.

All the disciples had different moods on that day.

Some of the new disciples who had just arrived were already excited.

Some of the less talented disciples were nervous.

As for those disciples who failed the test last year, most of them were full of confidence.

They couldn’t fail again after a year.

Only Lin Qi was still in a calm state.

The Baiyun Sect’s test was mostly about cultivation techniques.

Lin Qi naturally didn’t have to worry that he wouldn’t pass with the max cultivation with the one-click system.

Soon, Sect Master Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao and a few elders arrived at the arena. You Yilin, the main disciple from a day ago, came along with them.

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao and a few elders came to the spectator stand of the arena and sat down. After that, they gave You Yilin a look.

You Yilin immediately nodded and said to the outer disciples who were waiting in line in the arena, “Today is the outer sect apprentice test.”

“Those who can pass will be accepted into one of the Baiyun’s seven branches and become an inner disciple of the Baiyun Sect.

“Those who didn’t pass. Don’t be discouraged. There is still a chance to continue the test next year. You will always succeed as long as you practice hard.”

“Today’s topic is the Baiyun Sect’s entry-level mental cultivation method, Baiyun Mantra.”

“Next, let me demonstrate it for you.”

Yilin lightly tapped his toes after saying that and jumped onto the training platform in the middle.

You Yilin was naturally a famous person in Baiyun Sect as the main disciple.

In addition, he was handsome, and his movements were astonishing.

Many female outer disciples immediately began to discuss among themselves. Some of them couldn’t help but scream, “Wow, look, look. Senior You is so handsome!”

“I wonder when I will be as powerful as Senior You.”

“Hehe, it doesn’t matter even if I’m not as powerful as Senior You. I just want to marry Senior You.”

Baiyun Sect was not like the monks of Golden Mountain Temple. Every disciple in that sect could marry.

Naturally, many female disciples had already started to aim at You Yilin.

At the same time, many male disciples were either jealous or envious of You Yilin.

You Yilin seemed to be used to such a scene and was not affected at all. Instead, he continued to demonstrate, “Junior, what I’m going to say next is the mental cultivation mantra of Baiyun Mantra. Please remember it.”

Then, You Yilin immediately began to demonstrate under everyone’s gaze.

You Yilin chanted, and his right hand formed a sword finger.

You Yilin did not read out the mantras quickly. He even deliberately slowed down his speech so that all the disciples could hear him.

The movement in his hand was also the simplest. It was so simple that everyone could do it with one look.

Immediately, many female disciples praised Senior You for being so considerate and so on.

Most of them were focused on watching You Yilin’s demonstration, afraid that they would miss any details.

As the beginner cultivation method of the Baiyun Sect, the greatest effect of the Baiyun mantra was to strengthen the body and stabilize the meridians.

At the same time, it had another function, which was to serve as the foundation for other higher-level cultivation methods.

In other words, one would be able to cultivate other cultivation methods better if they could master the Baiyun mantra well.

You Yilin had already finished reciting eight lines of the mantra.

And the right hand that he had formed the sword mantra was gradually giving off a white light.

That year’s new disciples had never seen such a scene before and immediately became excited.

As expected, one could cultivate immortality upon arriving at the Baiyun Sect!

And the disciples that came last year were similarly amazed too.

Only those who had experienced it themselves knew that it was not easy to cultivate the Baiyun mantra to such a level.

After all, they had been here for a year, and the person with the best results could only produce a weak glow on his right hand.

And the glow on You Yilin’s right hand was already somewhat dazzling.

The few elders in the spectator stand sighed with emotion when they saw that scene, “Senior Yunxiao, looks like this disciple, Yilin is indeed a great talent.”

“Yeah, and Yilin should still have a lot of energy left.”

“Not only that, but Yilin is also decent in the way he conducts himself in the world. He’s a good talent.”

“It seems that we can rest assured if we leave the Baiyun Sect to Yilin in the future.”

You Yilin was the internally determined successor to the sect leader as the main disciple.

That was already publicly acknowledged by the entire Baiyun Sect.

Naturally, there was nothing to hide.

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao looked at his proud disciple and nodded with satisfaction, “I have watched this child Yilin grow up. He is indeed a rare talent.”

“The last time such a talent appeared was probably a hundred years ago.”

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao revealed a look of reminiscence as he said that.

He remembered when he was just an inner disciple.

The main disciple was also so stunning at that time.

“Senior Lin…” Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao murmured softly and slowly closed his eyes.

“This is how the Baiyun mantra is performed. Juniors, please remember it in your hearts.”

“Next, the disciples whose names are called, please step onto the stage one by one and try to use the Baiyun mantra.”

“I wish everyone a good result.”

There was a round of warm applause from the audience after You Yilin finished his words.

“Zhu Dali.”


A burly man walked out from the crowd and went onto the stage.

The apprenticeship test had officially begun.

Zhu Dali seemed to be a little nervous under the gaze of all the disciples and elders.

The test started from the outer disciples who had failed before.

On the one hand, these outer disciples had all gone through the test and had some experience.

On the other hand, it was to take care of the new disciples who had just entered the sect yesterday and give them some time to practice the Baiyun mantra on their own.

As expected, many of the smarter new disciples were already practicing secretly.

The few elders saw this and nodded slightly.

These disciples were at least intelligent, no matter what their aptitude was. They would be able to cultivate easier than others. For now, they could be considered a good batch of disciples to teach.

On the stage.

Zhu Dali mimicked what he had seen and started to form a sword mantra, muttering something in his mouth.

It could be seen that this disciple had been practicing diligently last year, and his actions were quite accurate.

After Zhu Dali finished reciting the chant, a faint glow appeared on his right hand.

It was naturally incomparable to You Yilin, but Zhu Dali’s face filled with joy at that moment.

He had taken the test last year and was sure that he had most likely passed the test.

As expected, the few elders nodded their heads when they saw this.

Zhu Dali put away the Baiyun Mantra, bowed to the spectator stand, and quietly waited for the elders to choose.

The elders would begin to choose after passing the test.

Generally speaking, there would be elders willing to take him in as a disciple as long as one passed the test.

The key was whether one could become the disciple of Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao in the first mountain range of Mount Baiyun!

That was the crucial part of the test!

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