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All the new and old disciples at the test could understand what that meant.

It seemed that Zhang Wu had gained the approval of the sect leader, Daoist Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao.

After all, so many old disciples couldn’t become a disciple of Daoist Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao.

Zhang Wu was even more proud now.

“This disciple willingly accepts!” Zhang Wu bowed excitedly.

The surrounding disciples looked at Zhang Wu with looks of envy and jealousy.

Everyone had the same thought in their hearts.

How great would that be if they could be in his place?

There were already quite a few disciples discussing in whispers below the stage at that moment:

“I guess that Senior Zhang Wu will be in the first place in today’s test.”

“Of course. Who can be as powerful as Senior Zhang Wu?”

“Didn’t the senior say that Senior Zhang Wu was also the first place in the entrance test yesterday?”

“He might be the legendary Son of Heaven.”

You Yilin came in front of Zhang Wu and greeted him, preparing to bring Zhang Wu to the back of Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao.

Zhang Wu took the opportunity to whisper, “Senior You, last night…”

You Yilin gently pressed on Zhang Wu’s shoulder and replied in a low voice, “It’s just a small matter that is not worth mentioning.”

Zhang Wu finally felt at ease after hearing You Yilin’s reply.

Although he was dissatisfied with You Yilin in his heart, he still had to put on an act in front of him and others.

As for You Yilin, he had the intention to recruit this talent, so he naturally wouldn’t mind such matters.

Both of them resolved the small grudge they had yesterday with a short conversation.

The test was still ongoing.

Although Zhang Wu had made a good start, after all, this was everyone’s first time using the Baiyun mantra.

Naturally, most of the results wouldn’t be ideal.

The majority of the disciples’ fate had been decided after the elders saw the details about them.

Those who performed exceptionally were, after all, a minority.

Most of their aptitude was shown in the entrance test result from the day before.

Therefore, after many people went on stage and saw the dissatisfied expressions of the elders, they lost part of their passion.

It was even more impossible for them to perform well under such a mentality. They often failed to pass.

Gradually, the disciples also noticed.

The order of the new disciples’ test seemed to be different from that of the older disciples.

The older disciples were listed according to the time they entered the sect.

Taking the first disciple, Zhu Dali, for example.

He completed his entrance test three years ago.

In other words, that was already his third time participating in the apprentice test.

That was why he was so skilled.

The new disciples were not listed according to the time.

Instead, they were listed according to the results of the entrance test.

To put it bluntly, they were listed according to their aptitude.

The one on the top of the list had a better aptitude, and the more they would be able to gain the favor of the elders.

At the same time, the further back the disciples were, the less likely they would be to pass the test.

Seeing that more than ten disciples had failed the test in a row, the remaining people couldn’t help but sigh:

“It seems that I have no hope this year. I can only try to pass the test next year.”

“Yeah, the person in front has much better aptitude than me. If he didn’t pass the test, I think I have no chance.”

“Why don’t I give up this year? I don’t want to lose my reputation on the stage.”

At this moment, there were only a dozen people left who hadn’t completed the test.

They seemed to have secretly discussed it. They would just give up and take the test next year.

“Liu Yu!”

“I, I’ll give up this year and take the test next year.”

A disciple below the stage raised his right hand slightly and said in a low voice.

The elders frowned slightly but didn’t say anything upon hearing such an answer.

Although they couldn’t encourage the disciples to back down when facing the problem, they even wanted to encourage them to try.

However, these disciples were already at the bottom of the list.

One could imagine how bad their aptitude was.

The elders didn’t have to force them to go on the stage to embarrass themselves.

You Yilin turned around and glanced at Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao.

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao waved his hand lightly and said, “Forget it, forget it. Let him train for another year.”

You Yilin naturally had nothing to say since the sect master had agreed. He could only continue to call the name of the next disciple.

However, each of the disciples gave up on the test.

That was a decision that they had discussed.

The disciples below the stage had already started discussing quietly:

“The few of them are too cowardly. They don’t even dare to give it a try.”

“You are saying that because you have passed. They felt that they would embarrass themselves if they go on stage with such aptitude.”

“Indeed. They will be stupid if they still insist on trying since the result is obvious.”

“Sigh, I would have also given up on this year’s test if I had known earlier.”

One disciple after another gave up on the test.

Those disciples who were not preparing to give up at first also sighed and announced that they gave up.

The first few disciples who were better than them had already given up. What was the point of going up? To make them make fun of him?

In fact, everyone was indeed thinking the same thing.

Previously, more than ten people had failed to pass, so it was even more impossible for those at the bottom of the list to pass.

Moreover, these disciples had already given up. It would only make others think that they had overestimated themselves if they at the bottom of the list did not give up.

Most of the people had thought that the test was over.

It was estimated that the remaining disciples would all give up.

Even the few elders thought so.

Some disciples were even preparing to go back.

They wanted to race against time to practice the Baiyun Mantra and complete the test next year.

The atmosphere in the training field became a little strange at that moment.

It was as if everyone was waiting for the test to end quickly.

And the disciples whose names were called also felt such an atmosphere.

It was as if they would cause everyone dissatisfaction if they gave up a little slower than others.

After all, no one was willing to be wasted time.

“Zhang Wei!”

“I give up.”

“Wang Fei!”

“I give up.”

You Yilin was still calling out the names according to the rules.

The rest of the disciples reacted quickly and gave a reply that they were giving up.

They were all very clear that they would be glared at by the surrounding disciples even if they only replied a little slower.

No one was willing to be looked down upon.

They were even less willing to be the target of public criticism.

However, You Yilin put down the hand holding the name list when he read out the next name.

“Lin Qi!”

Everyone saw this action and naturally understood the meaning behind it.

That was the last new disciple!

At the same time, he was also the disciple with the worst aptitude this year.

Subconsciously, everyone was waiting for the answer “Ï give up”.

At the same time, they wanted to see who this disciple with the worst aptitude was.

However, the expected reply didn’t appear.

And everyone could see the appearance of this disciple with the worst aptitude.

It was because a white-clothed young man walked out from the crowd and walked onto the stage step by step.

“This disciple is here!”

Everyone was stunned at the same time. Then dissatisfied voices spread out from the crowd.

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