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Everyone had quieted down at that moment, quietly watching Lin Qi perform the Baiyun Mantra.

And the light in Lin Qi’s hand was still getting brighter!

What was even more terrifying was that Lin Qi did not look tired at all. He was at ease.

Brightness, time, and the disciples’ condition when performing the mantra.

These were the three criteria for observing a disciple’s results.

Although one only needed to make the palm shine to be considered as passing the minimum standard.

However, whether one’s aptitude was good or not, or how much attention one would receive after entering the inner sect had to be considered in all aspects.

The current Lin Qi had greatly exceeded the standard.

He had become the genius disciple that all the elders had decided to fight for!

“Wait, the light that he emitted seems to have surpassed Senior Zhang Wu!”

One of the surrounding disciples exclaimed, causing Zhang Wu to tremble behind Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao.

He was now a famous disciple among the new disciples.

Even Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao thought highly of him.

The advantages he had just obtained would instantly disappear if Lin Qi surpassed him!

Zhang Wu would lose the importance Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao placed on him.

That was something that Zhang Wu could not accept!

However, what should happen would happen, no matter how unwilling Zhang Wu was.

Sure enough, the light in Lin Qi’s hand had become a little dazzling.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that Zhang Wu was inferior to Lin Qi!

“This kid should be the first one to take the test today.”

An elder beside Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao said in a low voice.

Zhang Wu’s body trembled again this time. Then, he nervously looked at Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao, who was in front of him.

However, the scene that he didn’t want to see the most happened.

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao nodded when he heard the elder’s words, indicating his agreement.

From Zhang Wu’s view, he could even faintly see the admiration on Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao’s face.

That was something Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao had never shown when he looked at Zhang Wu!

Zhang Wu instantly felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave, and his entire body became extremely cold.

Even though he didn’t want to admit it, he knew it.

His position in Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao’s heart was already inferior to Lin Qi’s.

And the most outstanding new disciple that year would probably be Lin Qi.

The feeling of losing something he just gained in spit second made Zhang Wu feel uncomfortable.

He looked at the handsome young man in white on the arena with a face full of resentment.

Lin Qi.

Lin Qi!

Why did such a person appear in his life?

Zhang Wu felt that he would become the proud Son of Heaven of the new generation if it weren’t because of Lin Qi.

He would even surpass You Yilin!

However, Lin Qi’s appearance made all these beautiful dreams shatter into pieces.

The current Zhang Wu no longer had any halo on him.

He was only a “disciple with good aptitude”.

There was nothing else.

“Wait, am I hallucinating? Why do I feel that the light in Lin Qi’s hand has already surpassed the senior!”

One of the disciples let out this exclamation, which immediately shocked all the disciples.

Surpassed the senior?

How could it be!

However, the light from Lin Qi’s hand was so dazzling.

It seemed that he had surpassed the senior.

One had to know that the senior was the main disciple!

He was the heir of the next sect master.

Was this kind of existence that a new disciple could surpass just like that?

However, You Yilin also revealed a surprised expression.

Although You Yilin wasn’t sure about others, he was sure of one thing.

Yes, Lin Qi had indeed surpassed the Baiyun Mantra that he had just used.

Although he had reserved some strength at that time, that wasn’t a level that a new disciple could easily reach.

It wasn’t just a new disciple.

It was likely that not many of them could reach this level even if they were an inner disciple.

Moreover, that was under the circumstances that Lin Qi had been emitting the light for a long time.

A shocking thought appeared in You Yilin’s heart in an instant.

Could it be that this junior with the name Lin Qi had mastered the Baiyun Mantra?

Not only You Yilin, even the elders could not help but have such a thought.

Although the disciples were not clear about it, the elders and You Yilin were clear about it.

Cultivating a beginner cultivation technique like the Baiyun Mantra was indeed very exhausting in the beginning stage.

However, it would no longer consume any physical strength after mastering the cultivation technique.

It could even help to recuperate one’s meridians and recover from injuries.

In other words, the highest state of the Baiyun Mantra meant that the more one used it, the more energetic they would be.

The more one used it. The more abundant the energy would be!

The elders and You Yilin were more convinced upon looking at Lin Qi’s face that showed no signs of fatigue.

That new disciple had already mastered the Baiyun Mantra!

That thought was equivalent to giving each of them a heavy blow on the head.

Although the Baiyun Mantra was a low-level beginner cultivation technique.

But that was not something that a random new disciple could master on their first try!

Lin Qi was an unusual talent!

No, he might even be a talent even rarer than You Yilin!

If You Yilin was a rare talent in a hundred years.


Lin Qi was a rare talent in a thousand years!

You Yilin had felt that he was a favored Son of heaven.

He would become a mountain that this generation could not surpass.

But Lin Qi, the little junior in front of him, had broken his understanding.

Someone who could climb over his mountain had appeared!

However, You Yilin was not like Zhang Wu.

Zhang Wu looked at Lin Qi with hatred and disgust.

And You Yilin’s face was full of excitement.

That was the feeling of mutual appreciation between geniuses.

Only when one reached You Yilin’s level would one feel such loneliness.

It was a kind of loneliness that could not be overcome.

And now, You Yilin realized that he was not the only genius in this era.

Lin Qi was like him!

After all, You Yilin was already the main disciple of the Baiyun Sect.

His long-term self-confidence would not let him feel that Lin Qi had already surpassed him.

You Yilin still had this bit of confidence.

You Yilin had already placed Lin Qi on an equal footing and treated him as his opponent at that moment!

That was You Yilin’s highest recognition of Lin Qi!

“Ahem.” The sound of someone clearing their throat pulled everyone’s thoughts back to reality.

And Lin Qi also understood the meaning of that.

It was enough.

Lin Qi only felt his entire body feels comfortable and refreshed after he performed the Baiyun Mantra.

Although the Baiyun Mantra was an introductory cultivation technique, the profoundness within it was indeed extraordinary.

Was that the world of immortal cultivation?

An excited expression flashed across Lin Qi’s eyes.

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao noticed the split-second expression on his face.

However, Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao seemed to have misunderstood something. He looked at Lin Qi with a kind face and asked, “Lin Qi, are you willing to be my disciple?”

No one was surprised when Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao said that.

After all, even Zhang Wu was favored by Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao.

Lin Qi was better than Zhang Wu. How could he be a disciple of other elders?

However, the people who were not surprised just now were shocked in the next second.

“I don’t want to be your disciple.”

Lin Qi said faintly.