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The famous sects of the Central Plains would gather.

And they gathered not to drink tea and chat but to spar.

Speaking of which, everyone sparred in martial arts, exchanging what they had and did not have.

But secretly, there was an unwritten rule.

The sect with disciples who did well in the competition would have a high status in the next three years.

The next competition would be held three years later in whichever sect’s territory, which won first place in the competition.

You Yilin had obtained the title of the number one disciple of the Central Plains by an overwhelming advantage three years ago.

It was because of this achievement that You Yilin successfully became the main disciple of the Baiyun Sect.

Now that the day of the next competition was right around the corner after three years passed in the blink of an eye.

According to You Yilin, he could not participate in the competition this time.

It was because only new disciples could attend the competition.

Those who entered the sect three years ago could not participate in the competition again.

You Yilin conveyed a message to Lin Qi in his words.

He hoped that Lin Qi could obtain a good result in this competition and bring honor to Baiyun Sect.

It had to be said that You Yilin had also displayed his magnanimity on this point.

He did not seem to be worried that Lin Qi would surpass him at all.

He even had the vague intention of hoping that Lin Qi would improve quickly.

His magnanimity and vision were all things that ordinary people could not compare.

As a result, Lin Qi could not help but think highly of You Yilin.

Of course, Lin Qi had to consider whether he would participate in the competition or not.

Therefore, he didn’t agree immediately.

After all, that competition didn’t seem to be of any benefit to Lin Qi at the moment.

He was just a passer-by in this world. Frankly speaking, the Baiyun Sect had nothing to do with Lin Qi.

What Lin Qi needed to do now was to increase his strength and strive for a higher system evaluation.

Lin Qi washed up and fell asleep after considering that matter.

The disciples of Baiyun Sect got up one after another and went to cultivate early the next morning.

However, most of the disciples went to their respective masters to receive their masters’ teachings.

Only outer disciples would go to the public cultivation area and cultivate alone.

That was the rule of the Baiyun Sect, and it had been the same for thousands of years.

But everyone in the public training area had a strange expression on their faces that day.

It was because Lin Qi was also there!

It was uncomfortable for such a favored Son of Heaven to be with the outer disciples like them.

The feeling was like a lion among a group of rabbits.

Although that lion would not harm the rabbits, the rabbits were still somewhat afraid.

Sure enough, an area was naturally vacated around where Lin Qi was.

No one dared to cultivate beside Lin Qi.

Lin Qi was happy about that.

That would instead provide him a peaceful and quiet environment.

“Junior Lin, you came to cultivate so early?”

A familiar voice sounded from behind him. Lin Qi could not help but turn around to look.

It was You Yilin!

“Senior, you’re early too.”

The two of them greeted each other in that way.

You Yilin glanced at Lin Qi and seemed to have thought of something. He smiled and said, “Oh right, Junior Lin hasn’t received a new cultivation method, right?”.

“Although you’ve just entered the sect, I saw that you seem to be able to perform the Baiyun Mantra skillfully yesterday.”

“Why don’t I teach you a new cultivation technique today? This way, you can also try to cultivate a new cultivation technique after you finish cultivating the Baiyun Mantra every day.”

You Yilin took the initiative to teach Lin Qi a new cultivation technique.

That would also be convenient for Lin Qi.

After all, Lin Qi wouldn’t need to cultivate the Baiyun Mantra all day long with his aptitude.

From what You Yilin knew, although Lin Qi had a higher talent for the Baiyun Mantra, he would continue to cultivate it.

After all, the Baiyun Mantra was the Baiyun Sect’s basic cultivation technique. Cultivating any cultivation technique could not be done without the Baiyun Mantra.

However, how would he know that Lin Qi had already cultivated the Baiyun Mantra to its peak at that moment?

In other words, he no longer needed to cultivate the Baiyun Mantra.

However, Lin Qi did not intend to explain that.

It saved him the trouble of asking for it since You Yilin wanted to teach him a new cultivation technique.

You Yilin took out a bamboo slip from his pocket upon seeing Lin Qi nod his head in agreement.

On the outside of this bamboo slip were four big words:

Flowing Cloud Movement Technique.

That was one of the cultivation techniques of the Baiyun Sect.

Although it was also a relatively low-level cultivation technique, it was something that ordinary outer disciples were not qualified to learn.

You Yilin did that because he cared about Lin Qi.

“Thank you, Senior You.”

Lin Qi took the bamboo slip and thanked him politely.

You Yilin nodded slightly and said with a smile,

“Junior Lin, about the competition I mentioned last night…”

You Yilin was a person with a lot of experience in dealing with the world.

Generally speaking, a person who had just received benefits from others would not be able to refuse at that time.

But was Lin Qi an ordinary person?

Not at all.

“I’m sorry, Senior You. I’ve already thought about this matter. I don’t want to participate in the competition.”

Lin Qi refused without any hesitation.

It made You Yilin feel a little awkward.

He couldn’t help but ask, “Junior Lin, why are you unwilling to participate?”

You Yilin couldn’t figure it out.

None of the young disciples did want to show off when they joined the Baiyun Sect.

That was a chance to shine.

Some people might be worried that they would lose too badly and lose their reputation.

But Lin Qi did not have to worry because he was a genius!

You Yilin was very excited when he participated in the competition back then.

It was because that was a chance to make a name for himself.

You Yilin’s talent and hard work did not let down the opportunity he had at the same time.

He won!

And he soared to the sky.

Therefore, You Yilin could not understand Lin Qi’s reason for rejecting him.

However, just as You Yilin was guessing the various reasons that Lin Qi might give.

Lin Qi opened his mouth, “I’m sorry, Senior You. I’m a low-profile person.”


Even You Yilin, the main disciple, felt his eyes twitch when he heard this.

He, Lin Qi, was a low-profile person?

Then no one in the world would be high-profiled if he was low-profiled!

Who was the one who made such a big commotion when he performed the Baiyun Mantra for the first time that made everyone shocked yesterday!’

Even the sect master of the Baiyun Sect, Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao couldn’t help but invite Lin Qi to be his inner disciple.

It wasn’t over yet. Lin Qi even rejected the offer on the spot.

And he f*cking claimed that he was low-profiled?

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