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Lin Qi did want to keep a low profile.

However, it was his first time using the Baiyun Mantra a day ago.

Although he had trained to the maximum level with one-click, that was not something that he could master on his first use.

Therefore, Lin Qi only emitted a faint light at the beginning. It was a tentative act.

Then, the more Lin Qi used the Baiyun Mantra, the more comfortable he felt inside his body.

That was a feeling that Lin Qi had never felt before when he reincarnated the last time.

That feeling made Lin Qi involuntarily increase the strength of the Baiyun Mantra.

Therefore, it made Lin Qi accidentally pull out the Baiyun Mantra in a high-profile manner.

In other words, he was immersed in it at that moment.

He did not have the intention to amaze the world.

However, he could not help but exert 50% of the power of the Baiyun Mantra by accident.

Yes! It was only 50% of the power.

If not for the fact that Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao cleared his throat and pulled Lin Qi out of his immersion state.

The whole world would probably know Lin Qi’s name.

As for the competition, Lin Qi did not want to participate at all.

You Yilin could only sigh and say upon seeing that Lin Qi did not seem to be joking, “I won’t force Junior Lin since you have not considered it yet. But if you change your mind and willing to participate, just let me know.”

You Yilin had learned that from Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao.

You Yilin was such a person, whether it was his conduct in the world, his words and actions, or his cultivation method.

He would learn and apply whatever he saw if he felt they were useful.

Lin Qi naturally saw that.

He secretly sighed in his heart.

You Yilin would be worthy of being the favored Son of Heaven if he hadn’t been reincarnated into this world.

Unfortunately, You Yilin could only be second since he was there.

Lin Qi had to fight for first place for the sake of the system’s evaluation!

You Yilin went back alone after chatting with Lin qi for some time.

He had a lot of things to do as the main disciple.

The time that he usually had to cultivate was becoming less and less.

After all, he was already equivalent to the main disciple.

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao also gradually transferred many matters and authority to You Yilin.

You Yilin naturally knew what that meant and did not dare to neglect it.

You Yilin glanced at the outer disciples who focused on cultivating in the public area before leaving.

There was a tint of envy in his eyes.

Lin Qi opened the bamboo slip and prepared to learn this new cultivation technique called “Flowing Cloud Movement Technique” after You Yilin left.

Its name showed that this was a cultivation technique that could increase a cultivator’s agility. Lin Qi felt he needed to learn that.

[ Ding! Detected that the host is learning the “Flowing Cloud Movement Technique”. Do you want to spend 3000 points to cultivate it with one-click to the maximum level? ]


Lin Qi muttered in his heart.

Then, Lin Qi learned the “Flowing Cloud Movement Technique” with the help of the system.

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao would be shocked if he was there.

That was because anyone with a discerning eye could see that Lin Qi was different from before.

Of course, those who were cultivating here were all outer disciples. No one could see the changes in Lin Qi.

Moreover, no one paid too much attention to Lin Qi, even if they could see it. They would only keep a little distance from him.

After all, to most people.

No matter how powerful he was, that was his business.

It had nothing to do with them, even if he was powerful.

They might as well spend more time improving their strength if they had the time to pay attention to others.

Otherwise, they could only be an outer disciple for the rest of their life.

Thus, Lin Qi had already mastered the Flowing Cloud Movement Technique at that moment when no one was paying attention.

Of course, Lin Qi did not use it there.

He had already said before that he was a low-profile person.

He might attract the attention of others again if he performed the max level of the Flowing Cloud Movement Technique there.

He would not be able to cultivate in peace then.

Thus, Lin Qi thought that he was keeping a low profile and kept the bamboo slip. He put it in his pocket and immediately got up to return to his residence.

However, that scene had a different meaning in the eyes of a few outer disciples.

“Isn’t that person Lin Qi? Senior seemed to have given him a bamboo slip just now. It seems to be some cultivation technique.”

“So what? Isn’t it normal for a senior to care for a genius like Lin Qi?”

“That’s not the point. The point is that Lin Qi took a glance at it and put it away. He seems to be going back now.”

“What do you mean? He can’t be so arrogant even if he’s a genius. It’s only been half an hour since he came here, and he’s gone back so soon?”

“Who knows? Maybe he is a genius. He can even learn a new technique in an instant.”

“Tzh, I think he’s lazy because he’s talented.”

“That’s good too. We’ll keep working hard and catch up sooner or later!”

After all, leaving early in the morning was more eye-catching.

Therefore, many people noticed Lin Qi leaving.

Everyone could not help but discuss the famous disciple among the new disciples.

There were different opinions.

Some people thought that Lin Qi had become lazy because of his talent and intelligence and wanted to muddle along.

Some people thought that Lin Qi was too talented and had learned the new technique at once.

However, only a few of them had such thoughts.

Even a genius would not be able to learn the new technique all of a sudden!

In short, Lin Qi had indeed become high-profile once again, even though that wasn’t his original intention.

Soon, Lin Qi’s matter reached You Yilin’s ears once again.

“Eh? He only read for a short while and then went back?”

You Yilin listened to the report from his confidant with a surprised expression.

“Yes, I heard that he didn’t read for a short while but only took a few glances.”

You Yilin couldn’t help but frown.

The new junior indeed had a good aptitude.

But how could he be so greedy for comfort?

He had kindly given Lin Qi a cultivation technique, but he didn’t expect him to go back to rest without practicing it.

You Yilin didn’t blame Lin Qi for wasting his good intentions.

But Lin Qi was indeed a rare talent to You Yilin.

It would be a loss for Baiyun Sect if such talent were wasted due to laziness.

“No, I have to talk to Lin Qi and encourage him.”

You Yilin pushed aside the matter he was dealing with when he thought of that and went to Lin Qi’s residence without stopping.

You Yilin, who was flying on his sword, was naturally fast.

You Yilin arrived at Lin Qi’s residence not long after that.

However, You Yilin was shocked when he arrived there.

He saw Lin Qi performing the Flowing Cloud Movement Technique in the open space in front of his residence.

“This kid had learned that so soon?”

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