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Lin Qi was in complete shock at that moment.

He didn’t expect that the sect leader, Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao, had secretly done something like that.

At first, Lin Qi thought that he was the only victim.

He didn’t expect that Senior You Yilin had been suffering the old man’s harassment.

Lin Qi felt a chill when he thought of how respectful You Yilin was to Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao.

He did not expect that the Baiyun Sect, a reputable sect, would be in such an awful situation.

The sect master looked everywhere for a talented and handsome disciple to perform the exchange of Yang with him.

Just as Lin Qi was pondering whether he should leave the sect, Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao finally stood up and walked out of the room.

Before he left, he even turned around and glanced at Lin Qi.

“There are some things that I won’t force you to do, but I hope you can consider it carefully.

“After all, this will bring you great benefit.”

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao left after saying that.

He knew that taking in a disciple was also a matter of mutual consent.

After all, he was also the sect master of the Baiyun Sect. It was already sincere of him to lower himself to speak to this extent.

Next, it would depend on Lin Qi.

And Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao did not know that Lin Qi still wanted to refuse.

And he refused without any hesitation.

However, Lin Qi thought that in his heart and did not directly say it in the end.

He was worried that Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao would force him eventually.

Lin Qi definitely would not be able to resist if that was the case. He could only forcefully commit suicide and return to the origin world.

His reincarnated evaluation would be a little lower at the very most.

He had earned 100,000 points from his first reincarnated, and now he still had over 90,000 points. He had some savings.

Lin Qi would not hesitate to spend the cost of one reincarnated to avoid the danger of having his ass raped.

Fortunately, the Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao did not look like he liked using force and let Lin Qi consider it himself.

Only then did Lin Qi give up on the idea of committing suicide.

But Lin Qi began to seriously consider whether he should leave the Baiyun Sect at the same time.

After all, having a powerful gay by his side still made him feel uncomfortable.

But only the Baiyun Sect was quite normal among the three major sects.

The Golden Mountain Temple was full of monks.

Although Lin Qi was only a passer-by in this world, he knew he could not be a monk for a long time.

And not to mention the other sect.

The Chinese all knew what sect this was.

To put it bluntly, it was a nunnery.

Lin Qi couldn’t just cut his men’s feature to enter a nunnery.

So, Lin Qi had little choice but to stay in Baiyun Sect.

As for those small sects, there was no need to consider them.

The fact that they could only be small sects was enough to explain the problem.

They didn’t have any powerful cultivation techniques.

However, he had to think of a way to protect himself in the Baiyun Sect.

He couldn’t just be afraid all day.

Lin Qi had an idea as he thought about it.

Lin Qi was instantly excited.

There was only one way to avoid the clutches of the Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao and not leave the Baiyun Sect.

That was to become a disciple of another elder!

The Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao could not be too intimate with Lin Qi as long as he became a disciple of another elder.

The elder would stop him even if Lin Qi couldn’t.

Lin Qi felt that this method was feasible as he thought about it.

After all, the elders would fight over him with his talent.

However, he still needed to consider what method he should use to become their disciple.

Thus, Lin Qi sat on the bed and thought about the plan of becoming the disciple while operating the Baiyun Mantra.

Lin Qi arrived at the public training area early that morning.

He was still in high spirits, and there was not a trace of fatigue on his face even though he had been training for the whole night.

Baiyun Mantra was indeed exquisite.

Lin Qi felt the benefits of the Baiyun Mantra and became even more determined to stay in Baiyun Sect.

Next, he had to carry out his plan!

However, he still needed an opportunity now…

“Senior, Senior Lin Qi, is that you?”

A girl’s voice came from behind him, which made Lin Qi slightly stunned. Then, he turned around.

Behind him was a girl wearing a long green dress. She didn’t look old either, about seventeen years old.

The girl’s face filled with joy and shyness at that moment when she saw Lin Qi turn around. She didn’t know what to say or some time.

“I’m Lin Qi. What can I do for you?”

“No, it’s nothing. I just want to get to know you.”

The girl who spoke to Lin Qi seemed to be flattered and stammered.

Lin Qi finally understood.

This girl seemed to be his fans.

Maybe he could make use of her.

Lin Qi smiled upon thinking of that and said,

“Junior, I want to ask you for a favor.”

“What favor? Senior Lin Qi, feel free to ask. I’ll help you if I can.”

The girl looked excited. She almost said that she would even sleep with him.

Lin Qi knew that he had already succeeded halfway when he saw that the girl agreed. So he continued to ask, “Junior, may I ask are you familiar with any inner disciples?”

“Inner disciple?”The girl was slightly stunned, then pointed at herself and said, “I am an inner disciple.”

“You are an inner disciple?”

Lin Qi looked at the girl in front of him with a puzzled face and asked, “Why did you come to the public training area reserved for outer disciples since you are an inner disciple?”

The girl quickly explained as if afraid that Lin Qi would not believe her,

“I am an inner disciple. I came here only to…”

The girl suddenly stopped talking when she said that.

Lin Qi was curious this time.

The female disciple’s face suddenly blushed when Lin Qi asked, and her face was full of struggle.

She mustered up her courage in the end and said as if she had made up her mind,

“I just wanted to see Senior Lin Qi.”

Her voice was as tiny as a mosquito at the end of her words.

At the same time, the female disciple’s face also blushed more.

After all, a girl would feel shy when saying such words.

Lin Qi immediately understood.

It seemed that this female disciple was a fanatic fan of his.

She was willing to come to an outer disciple’s place to meet Lin Qi.

That was indeed a little unfair for an inner disciple.

However, Lin Qi felt that this girl was the best candidate for him to use.

“I want you to tell your master that I want to become your master’s disciple and become an inner disciple.”

Then, Lin Qi added as if he had thought of something.

“Of course, if your master is the Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao, then forget about it.”

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