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Lin Qi lost his composure upon hearing the female disciple’s words.

“Elder Guan is your father?”

A random female disciple turned out to be the elder’s daughter.

What was even more ridiculous was that this female disciple was his fan?

It was difficult for Lin Qi to remain calm when such a dramatic scene happened to him.

Junior Guan turned around with a smile and said, “Yes, Elder Guan is my father.”

“I forgot to introduce myself. You don’t know me yet, do you?”.

“I’m Elder Guan’s only daughter, Guan Xiaoyu.”

After saying that, Guan Xiaoyu raised her head and looked quite proud.

Lin Qi finally understood at that moment.

No wonder that female disciple looked silly. It turned out that she had never faced the wickedness of the world.

No wonder this female disciple was an inner disciple even though her cultivation was not good. It turned out that it was because her father was an elder.

She was a f*cking second generation of an officer.

A middle-aged man’s voice came from the house just as he was speechless about the fact.

“Xiao Yu, why did you sneak down the mountain! I haven’t punished you yet, and you still dare to…”

A short-haired middle-aged man in a grey robe said as he walked out of the house.

That person was the elder of Yanhui Branch, Guan Zhen.

Guan Zhen seemed to be quite dissatisfied with his daughter secretly leaving Yanhui Branch as if he wanted to punish her.

But Guan Zhen froze on the spot the moment he saw Lin Qi.

“This disciple, if I’m not mistaken, you’re Lin Qi, right?”

Guan Zhen couldn’t help but ask.

Lin Qi smiled and replied respectfully upon hearing that, “Greetings, Elder Guan. I didn’t expect you will still remember a new disciple like me. It’s an honor for Lin Qi.”

Guan Zhen immediately put on a warm smile upon hearing Lin Qi’s reply. He went forward and held Lin Qi’s hand as they walked into the house.

Even his daughter was forgotten outside the door. It seemed that he had ignored her.

“Dad! Why did you leave me here like this!”

Guan Zhen still pulled Lin Qi forward and told Guan Xiaoyu without looking back, “Do you need someone to guide you around your house? Come in yourself!”

Guan Zhen wanted to bring up the matter of his daughter going down the mountain without permission, but Guan Zhen swallowed his words since Lin Qi was still here as a guest.

After all, one should not expose one’s dirty laundry. He could take care of Guan Xiaoyu’s matter later on.

Guan Xiaoyu stomped her feet angrily upon seeing that her father had led Lin Qi into the house and did not seem to care about her at all. In the end, she had no choice but to follow him.

Guan Zhen and Lin Qi were already sitting in the living room.

Although he was concerned about whether Lin Qi had adapted to Baiyun Mountain or whether his cultivation was going well, he wondered in his heart.

Why did this favored Son of Heaven come to Yanhui Branch today?

Could it be that he wanted to enter the inner sect?

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao was rejected too when he wanted to take Lin Qi as his disciple.

“Elder Guan, I want to enter Yanhui Branch,” Lin Qi sipped his tea and said calmly.

“Elder Guan, are you unwilling to accept me?” Lin Qi frowned slightly.

Guan Zhen was slightly stunned when he heard that and quickly said, “I am willing to accept you. I will naturally groom a talent like you well!”

Guan Zhen was happy at this moment. He did not expect that he would be able to have such a shocking disciple.

One had to know that all the geniuses would be snatched away by the sect leader.

When would it be his turn?

But at the same time, Guan Zhen also noticed something strange.

He was already over forty years old, but he felt a little reserved in front of this sixteen-year-old youth.

Lin Qi seemed to always be like an enormous mountain, steady and unperturbed in front of him.

He was not nervous at all because of his identity as an elder.

On the contrary, he was subconsciously a little cautious when facing Lin Qi.

Guan Xiaoyu’s voice sounded when he was in a puzzle, pulling him back from his thoughts.

“Alright, it’s already good that I didn’t punish you, but you still dare to complain.”

After saying that, Guan Zhen turned his head slightly and glanced at Lin Qi, “How about this? You will be punished for going down the mountain without permission.

“However, it’s a happy thing that Lin Qi joined my Yanhui Branch today.”

“I’ll send you to arrange a place for Lin Qi and bring him around to familiarize himself with the environment. I’ll consider it as a punishment for you.”

Guan Zhen had his reasons for doing this.

Letting his daughter lead Lin Qi to familiarize himself with the environment would show his greatest sincerity.

Moreover, Lin Qi and Guan Xiaoyu were around the same age.

His daughter, of course, had an outstanding appearance.

As for Lin Qi, he was also one of the best among the younger disciples. He was also handsome.

It would be a good thing if the two of them could have a good match.

Guan Zhen felt that his arrangement was brilliant when he thought of that. He was in a good mood and took a sip of tea happily.

Guan Xiaoyu was also quite happy when she heard Guan Zhen’s arrangement. She said excitedly, “Dad, has Senior Lin joined Yanhui Branch?”

Guan Zhen smiled and nodded slightly. He could not hide the pride in his eyes.

The position of Yanhui Branch in the Baiyun Sect would rise a lot in the future with a disciple like Lin Qi.

“Alright, let’s stop here for today. It’s more important to settle Lin Qi down first.”.

“Xiaoyu, you must make good arrangements.”

Guan Zhen was afraid that his willful and playful daughter would mess things up, so he reminded her again.

How would he know that his daughter was a fan of Lin Qi?

Xiaoyu approached Lin Qi mysteriously after Guan Zhen left and asked, “Senior Lin, how did you learn how to ride a flying sword?”

Guan Xiaoyu had been thinking about this in her heart.

She really could not understand why she had not learned how to ride a flying sword after learning it for three months, while Lin Qi had learned how to ride a flying sword after listening to the mantra.

Lin Qi looked at Guan Xiaoyu’s curious expression and could not help but laugh, “I was just lucky. I’ll have to trouble Junior Guan to arrange a place for me.”

Lin Qi naturally could not tell Guan Xiaoyu how did he learn how to ride a flying sword.

He could not tell Guan Xiaoyu that he had a system that allowed him to reach the maximum level just by one-click.

Of course, Lin Qi could also say that he was a genius. That was more or less a little shameless.

However, Lin Qi did not say it directly, but Guan Xiaoyu interpreted his words like that.

Lin Qi was a favored Son of Heaven, so it was not surprising that he could learn it in a short time.

Guan Xiaoyu stopped asking since she could not get any techniques out of him and took Lin Qi to arrange a room for him.

On the other side, at Lin Qi’s original room.

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao went there excitedly, wanting to talk to Lin Qi again.

However, Spiritual Master Yunxiao was stunned upon looking at the empty room.

“What happened? Where is Lin Qi?”