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Guan Zhen’s expression was awkward.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that this Boundless Heaven and Earth Robe was not inferior to Guan Zhen’s Black Gold Kirin Armor.

On the other hand, Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao was still looking pleased and confident.

What a joke. How could he, as the sect master of Baiyun Sect, lose to an elder in a competition of assets?

Wouldn’t that be the biggest joke in the world?

Of course, Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao had put in a lot of effort since he was willing to give up this Boundless Heaven and Earth Robe.

He looked pleased with himself on the surface, but it hurt him deep within to let go of so many things.

After all, he intended to give that Doist Robe to You Yilin.

The Daoist robe that the previous sect master had passed on to him and then passed on to the next sect master would be a beautiful legend.

However, Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao had no choice but to take it out to fight for Lin Qi.

Fortunately, You Yilin didn’t know that he had planned to give the Boundless Heaven and Earth Robe to him.

Otherwise, Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao didn’t know how to face his beloved disciple.

“I’ll find some other treasure to give to Yilin in the future, “Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao thought so in his heart.

The situation was a little awkward at such a moment.

Guan Zhen didn’t win in the two treasures that he had taken out.

The rumor that he had let his daughter seduce Lin Qi would be true to others if that went on.

Although he had never done that, rumors were terrible.

There was no way to prove that he didn’t need to sacrifice his daughter to win Lin Qi over if he couldn’t come up with something better.

However, he had almost nothing left to offer!

If he wanted to give out more, he would have to take out what he had intended to give to his daughter.

Finally, Guan Zhen hesitated.

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao naturally saw Guan Zhen’s hesitation.

He felt a wave of pride in his heart.

Now, he would see what Guan Zhen had to say.

He had weapons and defensive equipment as the sect leader.

There was no reason for Lin Qi to join Yanhui Peak.

Guan Zhen must have used his daughter to charm Lin Qi.

It seemed that if that competition were fair, Lin Qi would still choose Sky-Reach Peak.

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao was even more pleased with himself. He could no longer hide the smile on his face.

A calm voice sounded from the crowd just when everyone thought Guan Zhen was going to lose.

“Daoist Spiritual Sect Master, master, are you two talking about this disciple?”

The crowd automatically opened a path upon hearing that, revealing the two people behind them.

It was Lin Qi and Guan Xiaoyu.

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao’s heart skipped a beat when he heard that Lin Qi had already called Guan Zhen his master.

Lin Qi slowly walked to the front and looked at Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao upon seeing that the crowd had parted to make way for him.

“Disciple Lin Qi greets Daoist Spiritual Sect Master.”

Then, he turned around and looked at Guan Zhen, bowing.

“Master, this disciple is late.”

Everyone understood upon seeing that.

It seemed that Lin Qi chose Guan Zhen after all.

However, it was unknown whether the reason Lin Qi chose Guan Zhen was because of Guan Xiaoyu.

However, Lin Qi said lightly, just as everyone was speculating, “Although I don’t know where the sect leader heard the rumor, I, Lin Qi, can guarantee it with my personality.”

“That I asked to join Yanhui Peak on my will, and it has nothing to do with anyone.”

“Master has never promised me any benefits.”

“Sect Leader, it’s all rumors if you have heard anything from somewhere.”

“Sect Leader, I humbly ask you to clear my master’s name.”

Although Lin Qi’s words sounded casual, each of his words was loud and clear.

Everyone at the scene heard it.

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao’s expression had turned gloomy this time.

Lin Qi had willingly joined Yanhui Peak?

Why would Lin Qi suddenly be willing to acknowledge a master if not because of those benefits?

Even if he wanted to acknowledge a master, he would have to acknowledge him, Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao of Sky-Reach Peak as his master.

What was Guan Zhen of Yanhui Peak in front of him?

Guan Zhen must have used his daughter to set a honey trap.

Guan Xiaoyu coming to the scene with Lin Qi explained everything.

However, although Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao thought so in his heart, he could not say so.

After all, Lin Qi had already said so as the person involved in this matter.

The matter would become bad if Daoist Spiritual Master insisted that Guan Xiaoyu had seduced Lin Qi.

At the same time, Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao didn’t want to make enemies with Lin Qi.

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao could only sigh and say helplessly under everyone’s gaze, “Since Lin Qi himself has said so, it seems that I have misunderstood Elder Guan.”

“Junior Guan, please forgive me for being a fool.”

Guan Zhen was very unwilling to forgive Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao.

After all, he had accused his daughter. Any father wouldn’t be willing to let it go.

However, he was the sect master of the Baiyun Sect, after all.

Guan Zhen had to leave him with some reputation, at least.

Moreover, Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao had already shown his sincerity by apologizing in front of so many people.

It would seem that Guan Zhen was an unkind person if he kept holding on to the matter.

“It’s nothing. I have nothing to fuss about since the misunderstanding has been resolved.”

The quarrel between the Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao and Guan Zhen was resolved instantly because of Lin Qi’s words.

Subconsciously, everyone could not help but look at the disciple, Lin Qi.

They saw that Lin Qi was wearing a white robe that an ordinary disciple wore, which was ordinary.

However, it gave them a faint feeling that Lin Qi had an extraordinary being’s temperament when he wore it.

After all, Lin Qi had already reached the Spiritual Saint Manifestation Realm in his last reincarnation.

His temperament was naturally incomparable to that of an ordinary person.

It was normal for disciples to have such an illusion.

“Since the misunderstanding has been resolved, I won’t waste Elder Guan’s time. Goodbye.”

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao was already regretting it.

He had rushed to Yanhui Peak on impulse to cause trouble, which was embarrassing.

What was even more embarrassing was that he as the sect master of the Baiyun Sect had quarreled with an elder of the same sect for the sake of a disciple.

He would probably be humiliated for ten years if that matter spread out!

Even Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao himself did not know why.

He would subconsciously pay attention to the matter if it were about Lin Qi.

He might even be impulsive.

That disciple should not be taken easily.

His existence was like the brightest star in the sky.

He could be caught at a glance no matter where he was hiding in the crowd.

That was probably what a favored Son of Heaven was supposed to be.

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao reluctantly turned his head to look at Lin Qi. He still flew on his sword and left Yanhui Peak in the end.

Guan Zhen, on the other hand, looked at Lin Qi gratefully.

His daughter might have been framed if Lin Qi had not spoken for him just now.

Guan Zhen had a thought in mind when he recalled about that.

He had to treat Lin Qi well!