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Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao had already left with You Yilin. So the disciples naturally dispersed as well.

Guan Zhen brought Lin Qi into the house after the crowd dispersed.

Guan Zhen looked at Lin Qi with concern after sitting down and said with a bitter smile, “Lin Qi, I’m afraid that my reputation will be ruined if you hadn’t help me today.”

Lin Qi shook his head slightly and said faintly, “Master, it’s nothing. The matter of joining Yanhui Peak was my idea, and it has nothing to do with others.”.

“Moreover, I naturally have to speak up for Yanhui Peak since I’m already a disciple of thsi place.”

Guan Zhen nodded his head in satisfaction upon saying that. The more he looked at Lin Qi, the more he liked him.

He didn’t expect that Lin Qi was not only talented, but he was also so decent in this aspect.

It seemed that he shouldn’t mistreat Lin Qi.

Guan Zhen got up upon thing that and went back to his room. He took out an ordinary-looking paper umbrella from the wall.

Guan Xiaoyu was slightly stunned when Guan Zhen returned to the living room and said,

“Dad, why did you take out the Chaos Yuan Heaven and Earth Umbrella?”

Lin Qi couldn’t help but take a look at the paper umbrella when he heard that.

The name of the Chaos Yuan Heaven and Earth Umbrella indicated that this umbrella had a great background.

Guan Zhen, on the other hand, gently stroked the paper umbrella.

 “I promised to give the Chaos Yuan Heaven and Earth Umbrella to Lin Qi in front of everyone just now.”

“A real man never goes back on his words. How can I, Guan Zhen, go back on my words?”

Guan Zhen stood up and walked to Lin Qi’s side after saying that. He handed the Chaos Yuan Heaven and Earth Umbrella to Lin Qi and said, “Lin Qi, since you are already a disciple of Yanhui Peak, and you helped me a lot just now.

“I will naturally treat you well as an elder of Yanhui Peak.”

“This Chaos Yuan Heaven and Earth Umbrella will be yours from today onwards!”

Lin Qi was also slightly shocked upon hearing that.

He and Guan Xiaoyu heard that Guan Zhen and Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao seemed to be arguing about him joining Yanhui Peak when they rushed to the scene just now.

However, he didn’t know about the gift.

How could he not be surprised that Guan Zhen wanted to give him such a valuable thing?

However, Guan Zhen spoke first just as he was about to refuse.

“Lin Qi, don’t refuse to accept it.”

“I’m afraid that the disciples will think that I, Guan Zhen, can’t afford to give you a gift and go back on my words if you refuse.”

“You can take it since I’ve said that I’ll give it to you. Or do you not like my Chaos Yuan Heaven and Earth Umbrella?”

Guan Zhen had already said so much, so Lin Qi could not refuse. He could only take the paper umbrella with a bitter smile and said, “Lin Qi won’t refuse if that’s the case. Thank you for the treasure, Master.”

Guan Zhen laughed heartily upon seeing that Lin Qi was willing to accept and said, “Lin Qi, there is no need to thank me since we are already master and disciple.”

“However, you thanked me for a little too early, even if you want to thank me.”

Lin Qi did not quite understand and asked curiously, when he heard that, “I wonder why master said that?”

Guan Zhen smiled slightly and looked at Lin Qi and said word by word, “I will give you another treasure tomorrow.”

What was going on? Was Yanhui Peak so generous?

It was alright if he gave him a treasure, but why was he giving two?

Lin Qi did not dare to accept this time. He quickly said, “Master has given me the Chaos Yuan Heaven and Earth Umbrella. I am already very flattered. How would I dare to receive another treasure?”

Guan Zhen waved his hand and said in a clear voice, “I’ve also promised to give you another treasure in public. It will be putting me in a difficult situation if you don’t accept it.”

Lin Qi was finally speechless.

He and Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao had been discussing outside for a long time. Could it be that they were discussing what to give him?

However, there was no reason to reject the benefits that were given to him forcefully.

It would be a waste not to take it since Guan Zhen insisted on giving it to him.

Lin Qi could only nod slightly, “Master, Lin Qi thank you in advance.”

Guan Zhen changed the topic at that moment, “However, I can’t give it to you for free. There is one thing that I need your help with.”

Lin Qi nodded and said, “Master, please feel free to instruct me as long as it doesn’t go against this disciple’s moral principles.”

Lin Qi naturally understood the principle of one had to pay something to gain something from others.

There was nothing wrong with helping Guan Zhen to do one or two things since he had accepted Guan Zhen’s benefits.

Guan Zhen smiled when he saw that Lin Qi had agreed and said, “Actually, it’s not a big deal. I want you to not let me down.”

“You must get a good ranking for my Yanhui Peak Branch in this year’s Central Plain Sect Disciple’s tournament.”

Guan Zhen’s words had another meaning.

It was because Guan Zhen thought that Lin Qi would participate in this competition.

Among the young disciples, one of them was not arrogant and had a competitive heart.

Lin Qi would not be an exception.

Therefore, although he was saying that he was helping him, it was to encourage Lin Qi.

However, Lin Qi didn’t plan to participate in this competition.

It was too showy to win the competition and too embarrassing to lose.

Moreover, there didn’t seem to be any substantial benefits for Lin Qi.

Lin Qi wasn’t willing to participate in this kind of thing.

But now that he had already accepted the benefits of Guan Zhen, Lin Qi couldn’t refuse.

“Master, since you have requested that, then I will do my best to fight for a good ranking for Yanhui Peak.”

A good ranking was not something that required first place.

The top four were also considered good rankings.

The top eight were also good rankings as long as he did not lose too badly.

Lin Qi did not consider getting first place at all.

It was not that Lin Qi felt that he could not get first place.

After all, he had the system. So he could learn any cultivation technique with one click.

Getting the first place didn’t depend on whether he could get it. But on whether he was willing to get it.

However, the good ranking that Lin Qi mentioned would be the first place in Guan Zhen’s opinion.

After all, which stunning and talented genius would be willing to submit to others?

Guan Zhen was even more satisfied with Lin Qi upon thinking of that since Lin Qi had already said so.

It seemed that the first place in this competition would be the Yanhui Peak Branch of the Baiyun Sect.

Guan Zhen’s mood was even better when he thought of that.

He secretly made up his mind. He would guide Lin Qi and make his strength rise to a higher level in the next few days.

However, the cultivation training could be done the next day because it was already late that day.

Guan Zhen seemed to have thought of something at that time and asked Lin Qi with concern, “Lin Qi, did Xiaoyu arrange a place for you to live?”

Lin Qi nodded upon hearing that and said, “Junior Guan has already arranged a place for me to live. I am satisfied with the place.”

Guan Zhen was relieved upon hearing that Lin Qi was satisfied with teh place, but he still subconsciously asked, “Xiaoyu, where did you arrange for Lin Qi to live?”

Guan Xiaoyu didn’t dare to ignore her father’s question, so she answered honestly, “Dad, I arranged Lin Qi to live in… that empty house.”

Guan Zhen was slightly stunned as if he understood something.