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There were only two mansion in Yanhui Peak.

One was the mansion was the one Guan Zhen currently lived.

And the other was his daughter Guan Xiaoyu’s dowry.

Guan Xiaoyu herself knew this.

But now, Guan Xiaoyu had arranged for Lin Qi to live in that house.

An adult would understand the meaning behind that.

However, he misunderstood.

Guan Xiaoyu was sometimes just too naive, and she wouldn’t consider things so carefully.

She naturally thought of the empty house when she heard that Guan Zhen wanted her to arrange a good place for Lin Qi.

There was no other meaning behind that act.

However, Guan Zhen naturally wouldn’t say that out since he had misunderstood the meaning.

It was the custom in China that things could be conveyed without needing to speak out.

There was no need to say everything.

The way Guan Zhen looked at Lin Qi was naturally different since he thought that his daughter had already fallen in love with him.

From a master’s gaze of admiration towards his disciple to a father’s gaze of scrutiny towards his future son-in-law.

But Guan Zhen found that his worries were unnecessary after looking at it for a moment.

It was because Lin Qi was too perfect.

He had the excellent aptitude and extraordinary bearing.

His appearance was also outstanding.

His every move gave out an extraordinary temperament.

To put it bluntly, Guan Xiaoyu would be fortunate if such a young man was her husband.

Guan Zhen was more and more satisfied as he thought of that.

He also decided in his heart that he must use his best ability to guide Lin Qi and tie him firmly to Yanhui Peak.

“Lin Qi, what cultivation technique have you been cultivating recently?”

He had to acknowledge Lin Qi’s situation first since he had decided to nurture Lin Qi.

Logically speaking, a new disciple should be cultivating the Baiyun Mantra.

However, he could not judge Lin Qi according to common sense.

Although the Baiyun Mantra had to be cultivated, Lin Qi was probably cultivating other techniques at the same time.

As expected, Lin Qi replied respectfully when Guan Zhen asked him, “Master, I am practicing the Baiyun Mantra, the Flowing Cloud Movement Technique, and the Flying Sword Technique.”

Guan Xiaoyu gave Lin Qi a strange look as soon as he said that.

There was no other reason.

Lin Qi’s Flying Sword Technique was something that Guan Xiaoyu had just told him that day.

Was that considered cultivating?

Besides, didn’t he already learn it?

Guan Xiaoyu was still young, so she naturally didn’t understand the principle of striving for excellence.

Her thoughts were simple. Why would she continue cultivating after learning it?

Thus, the way she looked at Lin Qi was somewhat strange.

But coincidentally, the way Guan Zhen looked at Lin Qi was also somewhat strange.

That was because Lin Qi was cultivating three cultivation techniques at the same time.

The Flowing Cloud Movement Technique was still alright other than the Baiyun Mantra. It was considered normal for new disciples with a good aptitude to cultivate it.

However, Flying Sword Technique was different.

That was a relatively high-level cultivation technique and was not something a new disciple could practice.

Guan Zhen could not help but frown slightly.


Guan Zhen’s eyes seemed to be a little dissatisfied. He could not help but say,

“Who taught you to cultivate the Flying Sword Technique? Doesn’t he know that riding a flying sword is not suitable for new disciples to cultivate?”

Lin Qi’s expression became strange upon hearing Guan Zhen’s words.

Wasn’t that person his daughter?

Even though Lin Qi was the one who requested it.

Guan Xiaoyu’s body trembled slightly at this moment.

She was doomed! She was about to be scolded again.

Her father’s dignity was there. Guan Xiaoyu knew the principle of leniency when she confessed. She immediately said in a low voice, “Father, I taught Lin Qi.”

Guan Zhen was stunned.

What was going on?

Why did his daughter teach Lin Qi the Flying Sword Technique?

When did his daughter master the Flying Sword Technique?

Didn’t she just begin to learn how to ride a flying sword? How could she teach someone?

A series of questions arose in Guan Zhen’s mind, but he didn’t say all of them. Instead, he stood up and changed the topic.

“Lin Qi, since you have already joined Yanhui Peak, I will see how your cultivation is.”

Guan Zhen took the lead to walk out of the house and into the courtyard after saying that.

Lin Qi and Guan Xiaoyu exchanged a glance and could only follow him.

One was Guan Zhen’s daughter, and the other was Guan Zhen’s disciple. They had to listen to him.

However, Guan Xiaoyu and Lin Qi had the same thought in their hearts.

Guan Zhen would be shocked if Lin Qi showed the results of his cultivation…

Although Guan Zhen’s courtyard was not vast, it was not small either.

Usually, Guan Zhen would also cultivate in the courtyard.

Although Guan Zhen was an elder, he knew the principle of striving for excellence.

He was strict with himself.

Guan Zhen stood still after arriving at the courtyard, waiting to test Lin Qi’s cultivation results.

However, Lin Qi was conflicted in his heart for a while and finally decided.

He wanted to put on a show!

Guan Zhen would look at him differently if he showed his true strength.

Although it might be better for Lin Qi, it was not without disadvantages.

Lin Qi would not be able to hide the fact that he was powerful if Guan Zhen spread his results for the sake of his reputation.

That was something that Lin Qi did not want to see.

Moreover, Guan Zhen’s expectations for Lin Qi would be higher in the upcoming Sect Disciples’ competition if Lin Qi showed outstanding results in his cultivation.

He could have just gotten through the top four.

It might have turned into a situation where he had to fight for the first place.

That was also something that Lin Qi did not want to see.

Lin Qi decided to perform a little weaker after thinking about it.

“Lin Qi, I’ve already seen the Baiyun Mantra. I won’t check on it this time.

“Show me the Flowing Cloud Movement Technique first so that I can give you some pointers.”

Guan Zhen stood with his hands behind his back. He looked at Lin Qi calmly as if he was talking about something common.

It was not surprising for Guan Zhen as an elder of the Baiyun Sect and Lin Qi’s master to be so calm.

It would not be a problem to say that he will give pointers to his disciples.

However, Lin Qi himself was clear about his ability.

He had already cultivated these three techniques to the maximum level.

It would not be a problem even if he had to give pointers to his master. Let alone needing Guan Zhen to guide him.

Of course, Lin Qi would not say it even if he knew that.

“Then, this disciple will humbly perform the cultivation.”

Lin Qi raised his hands slightly and placed them on his waist.

Then, he closed his eyes slightly as if he was circulating the aura in his body.

Guan Zhen saw this scene and nodded slightly.

‘It seems not bad from the stance.’ Guan Zhen immediately made a judgment in his heart.

However, he did not know how effective the technique would be.

Guan Zhen could not help but feel a sense of anticipation when he thought of that.

He focused his attention on Lin Qi.

However, Lin Qi still did not perform his Flowing Cloud Movement Technique after a moment.

A faint stream of air appeared beside Lin Qi’s feet after another moment.

Yes! It was a faint stream of air.

Guan Zhen was stunned.

‘Where is the genius they always say?’

‘That’s it?’

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