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Guan Zhen and Guan Xiaoyu were both stunned by the scene in front of them.

Why was the effect of Lin Qi’s Flowing Cloud Movement Technique so weak?

Guan Zhen made his judgment based on the effect of Lin Qi’s Baiyun Mantra.

Guan Xiaoyu made her judgment based on Lin Qi’s Flying Sword Technique.

Therefore, both could not accept what they saw.

But the truth was that it had indeed happened.

There was only a weak air current around Lin Qi’s feet.

It could only blow the fine dust around his feet.

Lin Qi wiped the sweat from his forehead after he finished performing the technique, looking very tired.

Lin Qi was not faking it. He was indeed tired.

It was hard to control the strength of an elephant to step on an ant without killing it.

It was still tiring for him to perform such a weak effect even though Lin Qi had cultivated the Flowing Cloud Movement Technique to the maximum level.

Guan Zhen was disappointed.

How could Lin Qi still be a genius?

How could a genius show such a result?

However, Guan Zhen realized something after thinking about it.

Although the effect was not very strong, Lin Qi had successfully performed it.

That was already an amazing result for a new disciple.

Guan Zhen understood what was wrong when he thought of that.

It seemed that he had set too high expectations for Lin Qi.

Lin Qi had already done very well if he had normal expectations for him.

Guan Zhen hid his disappointed expression after understanding the point and turned into a look of admiration.

Guan Xiaoyu, on the other hand, was puzzled.

She had just personally experienced Lin Qi’s aptitude.

Lin Qi had learned how to ride on a flying sword just by listening to Guan Xiaoyu reciting the mantra and performing the way to use it.

Not only had he learned it, but he had also performed it well!

But what was going on now?

Lin Qi could even perform high-level Flying Sword Technique with ease.

Why was it so difficult for him to perform a low-level martial art like the Flowing Cloud Movement Technique?

Even she knew how to perform the Flowing Cloud Movement Technique, but Lin Qi didn’t?

Guan Xiaoyu frowned and said upon thinking of that, “Dad, why don’t you watch Lin Qi perform the Flying Sword Technique? He’s very good at flying.”

Lin Qi was slightly shocked upon hearing that.

It wasn’t easy for him to even perform the Flowing Cloud Movement Technique so poorly.

Could she not cause trouble for him?

Lin Qi became nervous in an instant.

Although Lin Qi tried his best, he could still perform the Flying Sword Technique poorly on purpose.

But Guan Xiaoyu was right beside him.

Guan Xiaoyu would question him if he put on an act.

The matter of the Flowing Cloud Movement Technique that he deliberately messed up would be all a waste.

Guan Zhen saw Lin Qi was worried and said calmly, “Xiaoyu, don’t mess around!”

“Lin Qi hasn’t fully mastered the Flowing Cloud Movement Technique yet. How can he perform the Flying Sword Technique very well?”

Guan Xiaoyu was anxious when she heard her father’s words, but she couldn’t explain them clearly.

She knew that if he could successfully perform the Flying Sword Technique, then the Flying Cloud Movement Technique should be a piece of cake for him too.

But she had experienced it herself.

She knew well how perfect Lin Qi’s Flying Sword Technique was.

“Dad, I’m not fooling around!”

Guan Xiaoyu said anxiously.

But Guan Zhen waved his hand and interrupted Guan Xiaoyu, “Enough, don’t say anymore. You’re harming Lin Qi.”

“Lin Qi’s talent is not bad, but One must be down-to-earth and not aim too high.”

“Let him finish cultivating the Flowing Cloud Movement Technique and the Baiyun Mantra first.”

Guan Zhen returned to his house with his hands behind his back after saying that.

Guan Xiaoyu was left in anxiety.

Of course, Guan Xiaoyu didn’t mention the Flying Sword Technique to harm Lin Qi.

On the contrary, she wanted to help Lin Qi.

She was worried that Lin Qi’s Flowing Cloud Movement Technique wouldn’t work well and make her father look down upon Lin Qi.

That was why she offered to help.

However, it was fortunate that she failed. Otherwise, she would have put Lin Qi in trouble.

Lin Qi heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing Guan Zhen leaving.

However, Guan Xiaoyu pouted unhappily and said, “Senior Lin, why didn’t you say anything just now? Why didn’t you show my father your cultivation results of the Flying Sword Technique?”

Lin Qi cleared his throat and pretended to be profound, “Master was right just now. One must be down-to-earth and not aim too high.”

“Don’t you understand what your father means?”

Guan Xiaoyu was stunned after hearing Lin Qi’s words. She asked curiously, “What does my father mean?”

Lin Qi stretched out a finger and shook it.

“Your father asked me about the results of my cultivation. Obviously, he wants to teach me a new cultivation method.

“If I have mastered all of them, then your father will teach me.

“But now that I haven’t mastered the Flowing Cloud Movement Technique, there is naturally no need for me to learn a new cultivation method.”

“Therefore, the results of Flying Sword Technique are not important at all. What is important is whether I need to continue to improve.”

Guan Xiaoyu suddenly understood after listening to Lin Qi’s long explanation.

Her father would teach Lin Qi new techniques if Lin Qi mastered all the techniques.

Lin Qi would have to cultivate the technique he did not perform well before learning new techniques.

It seemed that the results of the Flying Sword Technique did not seem to be important.

She looked at Lin Qi with admiration at the same time.

So that was how a person Senior Lin was? He was strong, but he was so modest.

He was good at performing the Flying Sword Technique, but he would not take it out to show off himself.

One must be down-to-earth and not aim too high.

Guan Xiaoyu seemed to understand something as she recalled her father’s words.

So, what her father said about one must be down-to-earth and not aim too high was Lin Qi’s attitude?

It seemed that he still had a lot to learn.

Guan Xiaoyu said lightly when she thought of that, “I’m going to cultivate.” Then she left.

Although Lin Qi did not know what Guan Xiaoyu was thinking, he still heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed that he had successfully fooled her.

He would go back to his temporary home first since everything was settled.

After all, the new home had been empty, and no one had stayed there for a long time. It still needed to be cleaned up properly.

Who would cultivate if they had maxed their ability with one click?

It would be better to sleep if they had the time.

Guan Zhen would probably be so angry that he would vomit blood if he knew that Lin Qi had such a mentality when he was alone.

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