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He had only used a little of his power and did not use his full strength.

His room had become a mess in the end.

Lin Qi believed that the room would have become a ruin if he had used a little more strength.

Suddenly, Lin Qi rubbed the bridge of his nose in distress.

That cultivation technique seemed to be a little too powerful!

There was no chance for him to use it under normal circumstances.

Someone might die if he used it.

“Looks like I still have to learn some trash cultivation technique first.”

Lin Qi secretly took a breath and prepared to get up to meet You Yilin.

Lin Qi could only think of two people when it was about cultivation techniques, other than the elders.

One of them was Guan Xiaoyu.

But she was not reliable.

He was not sure if she knew the cultivation methods herself.

The other person was You Yilin.

Lin Qi could only ask You Yilin for the cultivation technique if he did not want to be known by others.

Lin Qi went outside the house and took out the Chaos Yuan of Heaven and Earth Umbrella and performed the Flying Sword Technique.

Although that was not a sword, Flying Sword Technique was just the name of the cultivation technique.

Using a sword, using an umbrella, or even using wood and stone were all the same.

Soon, Lin Qi turned into a ray of light and flew towards the Sky-Reach Peak.

A female voice sounded from the courtyard after a moment.

“Senior Lin, why do I feel that what you said just now was weird?”

“It won’t stop you from showing my father your Flying Sword Technique even if you want to focus on practicing the Flowing Cloud Movement Technique first.”

It turned out that Guan Xiaoyu seemed to realize that Lin Qi’s logic was weird now and wanted to find Lin Qi to reason with him.

However, Guan Xiaoyu walked into the house with a suspicious look on her face when she saw no one answering from inside the house.

She saw the mess in the room and froze on the spot.

Guan Xiaoyu looked at the broken wood on the ground in front of her, and her mind went blank. She froze on the spot.

“Could it be that Senior Lin was taken away by someone?”

Guan Xiaoyu had misunderstood.

Anyone who saw the scene in front of them would think that a battle had taken place.

However, that person must be powerful if he could come to Yanhui Peak silently and fight here silently, then take Lin Qi away silently.

Guan Xiaoyu immediately ran home in a hurry to find Guan Zhen after she thought of that.

Only Guan Zhen could help Lin Qi if there were a powerful person who took Lin Qi away by force.

“Please don’t let anything happen to Senior Lin!”

In Shanhe Hall of the Sky-Reach Peak.

You Yilin was in the hall dealing with the affairs of the Baiyun Sect.

Meanwhile, Lin Qi towards the hall and landed on the ground.

“Senior You, how have you been?”

Lin Qi spoke loudly outside the hall.

You Yilin lifted his head upon hearing a familiar voice and saw that it was Lin Qi.

“Junior Lin, you must be joking. Didn’t we meet a while ago at Yanhui Peak?”

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao brought You Yilin along when he went to Yanhui Peak to cause trouble.

Therefore, the two of them naturally met not long ago.

Of course, You Yilin didn’t mention anything about causing trouble.

He had always been a decent person. So, he wouldn’t say anything that would make both of them feel awkward.

To say that they just met was just a joke between peers.

Lin Qi walked quickly to You Yilin. He had started to speak before he approached You Yilin.

“Senior You, do you have any trash… No, I mean, cultivation techniques that are slightly less powerful?”

You Yilin was stunned on the spot upon hearing what Lin Qi just said.

Usually, disciples would ask if there were any more powerful cultivation techniques.

Who would take the initiative to ask if there were any weaker cultivation techniques?

That was the first time he had encountered such a situation.

You Yilin thought for a moment and said with a smile, “It seems that Junior Lin’s Flowing Cloud Movement Technique has improved a lot. You came to ask for a new cultivation technique so quickly.”

You Yilin had seen himself how far Lin Qi’s Flowing Cloud Movement Technique had improved.

However, You Yilin could only pretend that he didn’t know because he had accidentally seen it.

Lin Qi said humbly, “I haven’t improved. I just want to learn more.”

Anyone would have believed it if they heard that.

But You Yilin wouldn’t believe it, of course. He just thought that Lin Qi was being modest.

However, You Yilin would fulfill Lin Qi’s request since he wanted to learn.

After all, he was the main disciple and could be considered half an elder, and Lin Qi was a rare talent.

He would naturally give his full support as the eldest senior if the talents of Baiyun Sect wanted to cultivate diligently.

You Yilin thought of something after he pondered for a while.

“Junior Lin, wait here for a moment. I’ve thought of a suitable cultivation technique for you.”

You Yilin walked towards the study room after saying that.

You Yilin should have brought Lin Qi along and let him choose it personally.

However, he was careful and deliberately did not bring Lin Qi along.

You Yilin returned with a bamboo scroll after a while and handed it to Lin Qi.

“This ‘Shanhe Spiritual Mantra’ is a relatively simple and easy cultivation technique. It is beneficial to the cultivation of your aura. You can take it and cultivate it.”

Lin Qi took the bamboo scroll without hesitation upon looking at You Yilin’s smiling face.

However, he frowned just as he opened the bamboo scroll.

[ Ding, detected that the host is learning the ‘Shanhe Spiritual Mantra’. Do you want to use 10,000 points to cultivate it to the maximum level with one click? ]

Lin Qi looked at You Yilin suspiciously.

A cultivation technique with 10,000 points, how could it be a trash cultivation technique?

The expression on You Yilin’s face did not change at all. He still looked as usual.

You Yilin would not be worthy of being the main disciple if he confessed just because someone looked at him suspiciously.

You Yilin deliberately chose this “Shanhe Spiritual Mantra” for Lin Qi.

It was because he knew that Lin Qi was a talent.

He had to learn good cultivation techniques if he was a talent.

Why would You Yilin give him a piece of trash?

The reason he chose this “Shanhe Spiritual Mantra” was that it was not a harmful mantra but could help one improve their cultivation.

Disciples who did not know such a cultivation method would not know how powerful it was.

They would only find that they had suddenly become stronger as they practiced it.

However, Lin Qi rolled up the bamboo slip again and weighed it in his hand.

“Senior You, this is your fault.”

You Yilin’s heart tightened when he heard this, but he still looked calm on the surface. He smiled and said, “Oh? Junior Lin, do you think there’s something wrong?”

Lin Qi smiled, looked at the bamboo slip in his hand, and said, “What this junior wants is a poor cultivation technique. Why did senior give me such a powerful cultivation technique?”

“Do you think that I can’t see through it as a new disciple?”