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You Yilin was slightly shocked this time.

He didn’t expect Lin Qi to be able to see the extraordinariness of this cultivation technique.

However, although Lin Qi could see it, he also had a way to deal with it.

“Junior Lin, you must be joking. I did choose it according to your request.”

“The Shanhe Spiritual Mantra is indeed very weak. It won’t cause any substantial harm to people. It’s a cultivation technique that can improve oneself.”

“Isn’t this just what Junior Lin requested?”

You Yilin wasn’t trying to harm him but was cherishing his talent.

If Lin Qi wanted a powerful cultivation technique, and You Yilin gave him one that could be cultivated to the maximum level with 1,000 points.

Then, Lin Qi could believe that You Yilin was trying to hinder his progress.

However, he wanted a trash cultivation technique, yet You Yilin specially picked a good one and even lied about it.

He could see that You Yilin wanted to help him, but he was just afraid that he would not be willing to accept it.

Lin Qi secretly sighed upon thinking of that.

How could You Yilin guess that he indeed wanted to learn a trash cultivation technique?

However, it would be a waste not to learn the Shanhe Spiritual Mantra since it was already in his hands.

Lin Qi silently chose a yes in his heart and used 10,000 points to cultivate the Shanhe Spiritual Mantra to the maximum level.

At the same time, he calmly returned the Shanhe Spiritual Mantra to You Yilin and said, “Senior You, I want to learn techniques with lesser strength and effect.”

You Yilin sighed and took the Shanhe Spiritual Mantra upon seeing Lin Qi’s stubbornness.

At the same time, he asked his doubts.

“There are disciples who ask me for the cultivation techniques.”

“But other disciples want the powerful ones. Why does Junior Lin want a weak one?”

Lin Qi saw that You Yilin continued to ask, and he could not muddle through it. So, he could only say frankly.

“To tell you the truth, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to use it usually even if I learned a powerful technique.”

“I’m in the Baiyun Sect, so I usually don’t have the opportunity to use my killer move.”

At this point, Lin Qi stopped talking.

You Yilin naturally understood.

Although he was in the Baiyun Sect, it was hard to say when he would have some friction with others.

He would inevitably be at a disadvantage if he had no techniques to defend himself.

However, it would be even difficult for him to attack if he learned a powerful cultivation technique.

He couldn’t kill his fellow disciples just because of minor frictions, could he?

That was not appropriate.

However, there was an interesting point there.

Anyone would scoff if they heard someone say something like this.

That was because a powerful cultivation technique was not something that one could master with just one practice.

The power that one unleashed would be weak no matter how powerful the cultivation technique if they could not master it.

However, You Yilin knew that Lin Qi’s cultivation speed was fast.

It was even faster than his cultivation speed back then.

Therefore, he did not notice anything wrong with this sentence for a moment.

Lin Qi, on the other hand, did not feel that there was anything wrong.

Every single cultivation technique that he obtained was at the maximum level with one click.

Therefore, Lin Qi subconsciously did not feel that he had said anything wrong.

Both of them did not realize that there was anything strange about that, and they instantly reached a consensus.

“In that case, I’ll bring you directly to the study. Tell me which cultivation technique you like.”

You Yilin led Lin Qi to the study after saying that.

Lin Qi was naturally delighted upon hearing that You Yilin wanted to bring him to the study.

Lin Qi himself would find it troublesome if he asked You Yilin to take the cultivation technique one by one, even if You Yilin didn’t think it was troublesome.

He might as well learn three to five books in one go since he could go to the study directly.

He wouldn’t have to go to pay a visit to Sky-Reach Peak in a short time.

At the same time, he would avoid the possibility of encountering Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao.

He could kill three birds with one stone.

Lin Qi was quite satisfied with this development and quickly followed You Yilin.

You Yilin opened the door and said softly when he came to the study room.

“I’m sorry, Junior Lin. I still have many things to deal with, so I won’t be able to accompany you to choose.”

“You can look it up yourself if you like any book. There’s no harm in bringing it back to cultivate.”

“It’s just that you can’t cultivate the cultivation technique in the jade box.”

Lin Qi glanced at it. There was indeed a jade box on the table in the study.

Lin Qi subconsciously asked, driven by the curiosity,

“Senior You, what cultivation technique is in this jade box?”

You Yilin had also guessed that Lin Qi would ask this in advance.

After all, he had asked Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao the same question back then.

He smiled and said with a reminiscing look on his face,

“This cultivation technique was left behind by my master, Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao’s senior.”

“The reason I can’t let you cultivate it wasn’t because I am reluctant to give it to you.”

“It’s because it’s too difficult.”

“Too difficult?” Lin Qi was even more curious now.

The path of immortal cultivation was difficult, to begin with, for ordinary disciples, and it wasn’t something that one could do in a day.

How difficult could this cultivation technique be?

However, You Yilin seemed to have noticed the doubt in Lin Qi’s heart. He smiled and explained, “Junior Lin, there’s something you don’t know. This cultivation technique is a powerful cultivation technique left behind by Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao’s senior.”

“However, this cultivation technique has been placed there for two hundred years. No one has been able to learn it up till now.”

“Including my master, Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao.”

Lin Qi squinted his eyes slightly upon hearing that.

The Baiyun Sect had such a powerful cultivation technique?

It had been two hundred years, and even Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao couldn’t learn it. This cultivation technique could indeed be described as “difficult”.

It could be described as “Hell-Level Difficulty” in the game in the modern world.

Lin Qi had already made up his mind to see how powerful this cultivation technique was when he thought of that.

And You Yilin had guessed that Lin Qi would look at that cultivation technique.

However, he had no intention of stopping Lin Qi.

He didn’t let Lin Qi learn it because he was afraid that Lin Qi would painstakingly study this cultivation technique and end up with nothing, wasting his youth for nothing.

Therefore, You Yilin wouldn’t allow Lin Qi to take this technique away.

However, he would just let him be if he just wanted to read about that technique the study.

You Yilin wouldn’t let Lin Qi waste decades.

It would be fine if he just wasted a day looking through it.

He could also teach Lin Qi a lesson so that he wouldn’t be arrogant and think that he was smart enough to learn everything quickly.

You Yilin left first to settle some matters since he had already brought Lin Qi to the study.

As for Lin Qi, he walked towards the jade box without hesitation upon seeing that You Yilin had gone far away.

He saw that the entire body of the jade box was emitting waves of cold air, and there seemed to be faint light and shadows flowing within it.

He could tell that this jade box was not an ordinary item with one look.

And just the jade box that was used as a container was already so awesome.

The cultivation technique that was placed inside was naturally even more precious.

Lin Qi opened the jade box without hesitation as he thought that.

And there was only an ancient book with a blue cover and yellowing pages within the Jade Box.