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Guan Zhen’s intention was clear.

It was almost as if they were going to start a fight at the slightest disagreement.

The little disciples on Sky-Reach Peak were already panicking and didn’t know what to do.

Who would have thought that Elder Guan of Yanhui Peak would start a fight with their beloved senior that day!

However, what was even more worrying was that.

Senior You didn’t have the slightest intention of backing down.

“Since Guan Shi-shu wants to give Yilin some pointers, Yilin naturally won’t miss this opportunity.”.

“Guan Shi-shu, please enlighten me.”

You Yilin still tried his best to speak appropriately at this point.

A fight was turned into an elder giving a pointer to a junior by You Yilin in just a few words.

But everyone knew in their hearts that this was just a formality.

“One!” Guan Zhen flipped his wrist slightly and ignored You Yilin’s words. Instead, he started counting by himself.

However, You Yilin also slowly pulled out the immortal sword behind him. He still had no intention of backing away.

A powerful aura burst out from Guan Zhen’s body. The aura even affected the surrounding air.

A strong wind blew from Guan Zhen’s body in all directions.

Many disciples couldn’t even stand properly and were blown away on the spot.

And You Yilin’s expression also became gloomy.

He was still more or less shocked upon seeing Guan Zhen’s true strength, even though he was already the eldest senior.

He felt that it would be difficult for him to gain an advantage from Guan Zhen in that battle.

However, he still didn’t retreat.

He was also the next sect master, as the main disciple.

How could he tolerate others coming to the Sky-Reach Peak to cause trouble?

He would not allow even if it were an elder of the Baiyun Sect!

Guan Zhen’s eyes focused upon seeing that You Yilin still had no intention of backing away, and he shouted, “Three!”

Guan Zhen swung his sword and charged towards You Yilin without hesitation after shouting.

The surrounding disciples were all shocked.

No one thought that Guan Zhen would make a move!

Some of the female disciples even cried out in shock at this moment.

And You Yilin did not have the slightest bit of fear.

He raised the immortal sword in his hand and charged forward.

The clanging sound of the swords was heard.

The two immortal swords collided and exploded with a great amount of energy.

A wild eruption occurred in an instant, and the color of the world changed!

The sunny sky was suddenly covered with dark clouds.

There were many pine trees on the Sky-Reach Peak.

They were shaken by the collision force and were on the verge of being uprooted at that moment!

An elder and the main disciple, both were extraordinary figures.

And at this moment, they were fighting on the Sky-Reach Peak.

Guan Zhen held a thin sword in his hand and continuously attacked You Yilin.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that Guan Zhen was not used to using this sword at all!

Guan Zhen’s weapon was the Chaos Yuan of Heaven and Earth Umbrella, and the thickness of it was something that this thin sword could not compare.

Hence, everyone could see this scene and had a misconception in their hearts.

It was like a three-meter-tall giant holding a tiny tree branch in his hand.

However, although it wasn’t easy, Guan Zhen’s attacks were still accurate and ruthless.

Although You Yilin was the first disciple, he could only barely withstand Guan Zhen.

You Yilin would probably be at a disadvantage by now if Guan Zhen’s weapons were the Chaos Yuan of Heaven and Earth Umbrella.

It was because Guan Zhen’s weapon was not his that made him able to be in a tie situation with Guan Zhen.

You Yilin felt a trace of anger in his heart after blocking about ten moves from Guan Zhen.

He would have been injured by Guan Zhen by now if he weren’t skilled enough.

You Yilin naturally would not just stand there and take a beating since Guan Zhen did not show any mercy.

You Yilin saw a chance to attack as he blocked Guan Zhen’s moves!

They saw You Yilin raised his sword and pushed Guan Zhen’s sword away.

He followed the momentum of this block and turned around to stab Guan Zhen in the next second!

Guan Zhen was shocked this time.

Guan Zhen, who was used to using Chaos Yuan of Heaven and Earth Umbrella, used the moves that he was familiar with.

He not have been pushed aside by You Yilin if he was using the Chaos Yuan of Heaven and Earth Umbrella!

But now, Guan Zhen was using a thin sword. That was different.

Guan Zhen immediately shouted and dogged upon seeing that the sword was about to stab him. He forcefully adjusted to the sword in his hand and quickly blocked You Yilin’s attack.

The scene was seen by all the disciples and they were all stupefied.

Was that a duel between top-notch cultivators?

Not only were they powerful, but their moves were also incomparably precise.

Every move made their hearts surge.

They couldn’t help but want to cheer loudly if it weren’t for the inappropriate situation!

After attacking and defending for one round, only then did the two separated from each other and look at each other from a few meters away.

“I didn’t expect your cultivation to have improved so much. I’ve underestimated you.”

Guan Zhen said in a cold voice upon looking at You Yilin’s calm expression.

He was not saying that out of politeness.

Guan Zhen thought that he could still easily defeat You Yilin even if he didn’t use a handy weapon.

However, Guan Zhen found that You Yilin was unharmed after a few rounds of attack.

Although it was almost impossible for You Yilin to defeat Guan Zhen, Guan Zhen knew the situation.

He felt that he wouldn’t be able to take down You Yilin in a short period.

You Yilin also replied indifferently upon hearing Guan Zhen’s words, “Guan Shi-shu, you haven’t made a move for more than ten years, yet you can still maintain your ability at the peak. Yilin admires you.”

You Yilin knew that he would have already lost if Guan Zhen had used Chaos Yuan of Heaven and Earth Umbrella.

Both of them stood there and sized each other up. No one made a move first.

Both of them knew well that there would probably be no result if they continued fighting.

However, Guan Zhen squinted his eyes and said coldly, “Junior You, are you ready for the second round?”

Everyone understood at once.

Guan Zhen would not stop until he achieved his goal this time!

Everyone was curious about what had happened that made Elder Guan so determined to cause such a ruckus on the Sky-Reach Peak.

Guan Zhen, on the other hand, was determined to find Lin Qi.

He firmly believed that Lin Qi must have been locked up in the Sky-Reach Peak.

Guan Zhen would never give up if he could not find Lin Qi.

A voice came from the Shanhe Hall just as the two were about to fight again.

“Guan Zhen, are you ignoring my existence as the sect master?”

Guan Zhen and you Yilin’s hearts sank upon hearing that.

Guan Zhen did not expect You Yilin’s strength to have reached such a level. His disciples would not be able to defeat him.

He would lose in Sky-Reach Peak if You Yilin and Daoist Spiritual Master joined hands.

As for You Yilin, he didn’t want Spiritual Master Yunxiao to deal with it.

The prestige he had built up would collapse in an instant if that happened.

On the other side, Lin Qi, who was flying on an umbrella, looked at the dark clouds in the sky and couldn’t help but mutter, “I didn’t expect the weather in this world to be so strange. It’s about to rain just like that.”

Lin Qi sped up again and rushed to the town not far in front of him after saying that.

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