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Lin Qi stood up in the void.

He walked step by step towards the young Daoist Priest as if he was strolling in the garden. With every step he took, lotus flowers would bloom under his feet.

A lotus flower would bloom with every step he took.

The surrounding tourists did not feel strange because Lin Qi had already blocked their senses. Lin Qi was still in the lotus position in front of the stone tablet to them.

The young Daoist Priest was very nervous.

He did not know what Lin Qi was going to do.

Although he did not know that Lin Qi had become an Earth Immortal, he knew that Lin Qi was incredibly powerful. He was much more powerful than his master, Daoist Master Qingxu.

At least his master could not walk in the void.

“You don’t have to be nervous.”

“I obtained the Scripture of the Thunder Monarch from the Divine Firmament Temple’s Legendary Stone Monument. In some aspect, I am also a disciple of the Divine Firmament Temple.”

“Therefore, I have formed karma with the Divine Firmament Temple. Now, I have to repay the karma.”

“The Scripture of the Thunder Monarch was originally the inheritance cultivation technique of the Divine Firmament Temple. Now, it has to return to its original owner.”

Lin Qi had already approached the young Daoist Priest as he spoke.

Lin Qi stretch out his palm, which was fair as jade, and gently pressed on the young Daoist Priest’s head.

He wanted to teach the young Daoist Priest the “Scripture of the Thunder Monarch”.

Not only that, he also wanted to help the young Daoist Priest breakthrough through the martial realm.

That way, he could repay the karma between him and the Divine Firmament Temple.

When Lin Qi’s palm pressed on his head, the young Daoist Priest’s pupils instantly widened.

A sentence appeared in his mind.

Immortal touched his head with gentle, then bond hairs and be immortal.

The immortal touched his head.

That was the legendary martial arts.

The immortal touching his head and the Earth Immortal ability might have surpassed the young Daoist Priest’s imagination.

Many mysterious words appeared in his mind.

He was surprised to find that this was the “Scripture of the Thunder Monarch” created by their founder, Master Ling Su. His master often sighed, and said he would die without regret if he could see the “Scripture of the Thunder Monarch”.

Now, the “Scripture of the Thunder Monarch” scripture appeared in his mind just like that.

And the amazing thing was that he could understand the meaning of the scripture. Unknowingly, he began to cultivate according to the words in the “Scripture of the Thunder Monarch”.

The young Daoist Priest’s temperament underwent an earth-shaking change. He was like a piece of transcendent precious jade, blooming with brilliance.

It only took him five minutes to step into the Precelestial Realm from the Foundation Establishment Realm.

That step had trapped countless warriors in the world.

Some people who practiced martial arts for their whole lives could not even reach the beginning of the Precelestial Realm.

However, in just five minutes.

Lin Qi used the immortal technique to help the young Daoist Priest breakthrough through the Precelestial Realm directly.

Not only that, but Lin Qi also left some pure energy in the young Daoist Priest’s body.

The young Daoist Priest’s future cultivation path would be smooth under that energy, and there would be no more obstacles.

Although he might not necessarily become an Earth Immortal, it was still easy for him to reach the Saint Core Realm.

The young Daoist Priest was immersed in the cultivation of the “Scripture of the Thunder Monarch”.

Lin Qi withdrew his palm.

The karma lines on his body had already disappeared.

Hence, Lin Qi turned around and left.

At that moment, Daoist Master Qingxu walked in shakily from outside the door. He saw Lin Qi, who looked like a fallen immortal, and his little disciple, who was cultivating.

He quickly understood what had happened.

“Thank you, Immortal Lord. Thank you, Immortal Lord.”

Daoist Master Qingxu looked at Lin Qi with an excited expression. He kept thanking Lin Qi. He knew that Lin Qi must have passed on the Divine Firmament Temple’s legend to his disciple.

He wanted to kneel. Just as he was about to kneel, a gentle force dragged his knees. He could not kneel no matter how hard he tried.

Lin Qi’s voice sounded in his ears.

“You don’t need to do so.”

At the same time, Daoist Master Qingxu felt a warm current in his body. It was as if he was soaking in a hot spring. The hidden ailments in his body disappeared under the influence of this warm current. Even the white hair beside his ears showed signs of turning black again.

The Elder Daoist Qingxu raised his head in excitement, but at that moment, Lin Qi’s figure had already disappeared.

“Is this the legendary Earth Immortal?”

The Elder Daoist Qingxu muttered to himself.

Lin Qi’s methods were miraculous. He could rejuvenate the priest’s decaying body and delay his death. It was simply unbelievable.

He would never forget it for the rest of his life.

Later on, he recorded it in a book and spread it around the world.

And the Scripture of the Thunder Monarch returned to the Divine Firmament Temple.

In the Nancheng City of the otherworld’s Dragon Country.

“This identity is worth it!”

“I was born into an influenced family!”

“Moreover, I’ve been awakened when I was ten years old and had memories.”

“I had arranged everything more than ten years ahead of Lin Qi.”

“Lin Qi seems to have just reincarnated.”

“Humph, he might have just reincarnated into an ordinary person.”

“The entire Nancheng City belongs to my family. Lin Qi, how can you fight with me?”

“Lin Qi. Oh, Lin Qi. I’ll make you regret participating in this reincarnation test.”

“I won’t kill you easily. I’ll make your body and mind suffer permanent trauma.”

“This is what you get for daring to offend me.”

Song Tianming stood on the rooftop of the most high-class hotel in Nancheng city.

He was enjoying the scenery of this world as he blew in the wind.

A heroic spirit rose in his heart.

He was now thinking about how to take perfect revenge on Lin Qi.

Killing Lin Qi was too unchallenging and meaningless.

He wanted to let him experience what it was like to live a life worse than death.

He had lived for more than ten years, and for the first time, there was a person who dared to humiliate him.

And he even dared to offend him in public.

He was punched by Lin Qi and broke a few teeth that time, causing him to lose his reputation in front of many students.

How could he tolerate such a thing?

He was the son of the Song family, but he was humiliated by an ordinary person?

He wanted to make Lin Qi regret offending him.

Lin Qi was naive. He wanted to become a reincarnator so that he could fight against him.

He had ten thousand ways to make Lin Qi unable to become a reincarnator. And so, what if he became a reincarnator?

Unless Lin Qi became a High-level Reincarnator, otherwise, he would only be an ant in front of a powerful family like the Song family.

Now that he reincarnated as the legitimate son of a powerful family in Nancheng city. He also had terrifying power.

Not only that, but he would also marry a woman from another powerful family in Nancheng city in a few days.

That woman did not like him. But under his coercion and enticement, her family had no choice but to make her marry him.

Once they got married, he would be able to completely control Nancheng city.

When the time comes, he would find Lin Qi and torture him.

Song Tianming was extremely excited when he thought about Lin Qi tortured to death by him.

“Boss, we will win this time.”

A few young men walked over from behind.

These people were Song Tianming’s thugs.

They had also used the reincarnation tracking token and followed Song Tianming to this world.

They believed that as long as they followed Song Tianming, they would have great achievements and become reincarnators.

“Boss, when are we going to find Lin Qi?”