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“Do you know that? A young man went to the Xinghua Restaurant in the east of the town to cause trouble today.”

“Cause trouble? Did you arrest him?”

“Ha, why should we arrest him? He’s a silly boy.”

Two constables were happily chatting with each other on a roof in a government official building.

The small town was peaceful, and these constables were also happy and idle.

Of course, they naturally ignored the gangster inn shop outside the town.

“I was on patrol at that time, and I heard a commotion inside when I passed by the Xinghua Restaurant.”

“Then I heard the waiter of Xinghua Restaurant shouting something like ‘there’s a gangster inn ten miles east. Go there then if you are”.”

“What does that mean? Why did it involve that group of people?”

The younger constable subconsciously shrank his neck when he heard the other constable mentioned the gangster inn outside the town.

Even the town’s Judicial Department did not dare to provoke that shop. The young constable was a little afraid.

The old constable smiled and pretended to see through the whole situation. He said smugly, “Hey, I heard that it was that kid who wanted to buy wine and had no money. So he said that Xinghua Restaurant was an unscrupulous shop. That is what happens in the end.”

The young constable also understood at that moment.

No wonder the waiter of the Xinhua Restaurant would say such things.

“What happened after that?” The young constable sat up straight and hurriedly asked.

“After that…” the old constable was about to continue, but he seemed to have seen something, and his eyes stared straight outside the Judicial Department Office.

The young constable was about to continue asking, but then he seemed to have realized something, and he followed the old constable’s line of sight.

He saw a young man about sixteen years old. He was dressed in white and held a paper umbrella in his hand. In his hand was…

The young constable was shocked when he saw this scene. He quickly stood up and shakily pulled out the saber at his waist. He stuttered, “Kill, kill, kill… killer!”

The young man glanced at the young constable and gently raised his hand, throwing the human head at his feet.

The young constable was so scared that he jumped back twice, but the young man’s words came to his ears.

“This guy’s head is worth 500 taels?”

The old constable squinted his eyes and looked at the head when he heard that as he gulped.

“This, this is Liu Laosan?”

The young constable adjusted his hat and asked subconsciously upon hearing the old constable’s words, “Liu Laosan? is he the boss of that gangster inn outside the town?”

The old constable nodded with a solemn expression and looked at the young man.

He saw that the young man’s expression was calm, and there was not a single trace of blood on his body.

His white clothes were like the winter snow, spotless.

The old constable was shocked, and he could see that the young man in front of him was not an ordinary person!

“Young hero, May I know your name?” The old constable bowed slightly and cupped his hands as he asked.

“My surname is Lin, and my name is Qi.”

In the wasteland outside the town.

Two rays of light fell at the same time.

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao and Guan Zhen looked at the scene in front of them with solemn expressions.

They saw a table suddenly placed on the barren wasteland in front of them, and it looked out of place.

However, they were not looking at the table.

They were looking at the person next to it.

It was a headless corpse!

The corpse’s left hand was on the table, and it was nailed to the table by a short knife.

There was an extremely flat wound on its neck.

It was obvious that it had been cut open with a sharp weapon.

A few rays of light fell from behind at that moment.

It turned out that the other disciples of the Baiyun Sect had also chased after them.

You Yilin looked at this scene and frowned. He said in a deep voice, “This wound is extremely smooth. You can tell at one look that it was caused by someone with profound cultivation.”

“Lin Qi, could he have been abducted by this murderer?”

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao and Guan Zhen looked at each other upon seeing that. They could see the worry in each other’s eyes.

There was someone in this world who dared to come to Baiyun Sect and abduct a disciple by force.

Moreover, the disciple who was abducted was Lin Qi.

How could they not be worried?

“Master, look, there seems to be someone lying there in the distance.”

You Yilin’s words rang out, causing Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao and Guan Zhen to quickly turn around to look over at him.

There was indeed a person lying there in the distance, and it was unknown whether he was alive or dead.

“There seems to be one over there too!”

“There are two over here too!”

Many disciples noticed the bodies scattered in all directions at once.

“Quick, search separately and see if Lin Qi is among them!”

Guan Zhen said anxiously.

Guan Zhen was an elder, after all, so his words were still effective.

These disciples did not dare to disobey him and quickly spread out to check.

Guan Zhen sighed and looked at Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao with a worried expression after seeing that the disciples had left. He said in a low voice, “Senior, I misunderstood you. I’m sorry.”

A hint of surprise flashed in Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao’s eyes. “Junior Guan, you do believe that I’m innocent?”

Guan Zhen nodded slightly and said seriously, “Lin Qi is missing. I can see that you are also very anxious.”

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao closed his eyes and nodded when he heard that.

Lin Qi was a very outstanding disciple.

How could he not be anxious now that his whereabouts were unknown?

“Master, Elder Guan, the juniors have checked just now. Lin Qi was not around them.”

You Yilin frowned and reported in a low voice.

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao turned around and asked, “Could it be that any disciple didn’t recognize Lin Qi, so he didn’t recognize him?”

You Yilin shook his head and said, “Junior Lin has outstanding talent and stood out among the crowd during the apprentice test. How could the juniors not recognize him?”

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao suddenly seemed to have aged ten years when he heard You Yilin’s analysis, and he felt depressed.

Perhaps the Baiyun Sect would never meet such a genius in another hundred years if they could not find Lin Qi back.

That was a huge loss for the Baiyun Sect.

“Quick, mobilize everyone in the Baiyun Sect. We must find Lin Qi even if we have to flip the whole town!”

Everyone was slightly stunned when they heard Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao’s order.

They did not expect that the sect leader would take this matter so seriously.

But to mobilize everyone in the Baiyun Sect was something that no one had expected.

After all, there were thousands of disciples in the Baiyun Sect.

That required a lot of manpower.

However, no one dared to disobey since the sect leader had given the order.

Soon, the disciples immediately returned to the Baiyun Sect to mobilize the other disciples.

Guan Zhen sighed and looked at the Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao.

“Senior, I was wrong about you.”

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao waved his hand. “Alright, let’s not talk about the past anymore. The most important thing now is to find Lin Qi.”

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao turned his head to look at You Yilin after saying that. He found that You Yilin was staring at the horizon with a strange expression on his face when he was about to speak.

“Master… is that Junior Lin?”

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao was slightly stunned and followed You Yilin’s line of sight.

He saw a white light flying rapidly in this direction from the horizon.

On a closer look, it seemed that…

Guan Zhen was about to call out to Lin Qi when he saw Lin Qi approaching them.

However, Lin Qi did not seem to notice them and directly flew over their heads.

“… This is Lin Qi, isn’t it?”

“Wait, when did Junior Lin learn how to ride a flying sword?”

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