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Lin Qi and Guan Zhen cursed at the same time.

Guan Zhen was shocked when he saw that scene.

Was that the Heavenly Thunder Sword Technique that Lin Qi had just started cultivating?

One had to know that the Heavenly Thunder Sword Technique could only produce a little bit of electricity on the weapon at the beginning of its cultivation.

And that was already considered a small success.

Only could trigger the Heavenly Thunder if they cultivate it to the extend!

Lin Qi did it that easily?

How could Guan Zhen not be surprised?

However, Lin Qi was also shocked.

He had cultivated to the maximum level with one click. So, of course, he did not know what the Heavenly Thunder Sword Technique looked like when he had just cultivated it.

He only knew that the Heavenly Thunder Sword Technique could trigger the Heavenly Thunder, and he thought it was supposed to be like this.

Therefore, Lin Qi only used 50% of his power, but he still triggered the Heavenly Thunder.

That was because he only knew that he could perform the Heavenly Thunder Sword Technique like that.

However, Lin Qi was also shocked.

His 50% power had such a tremendous formation, which was something he didn’t expect.

That wasn’t Lin Qi’s fault.

After all, Lin Qi had just learned the Shanhe Spiritual Mantra, and his cultivation had already greatly increased.

50% of his ability was already powerful at that moment.

In addition, he had cultivated the Heavenly Thunder Sword Technique to the maximum level.

It would be strange if the strength were small.

Guan Zhen felt somewhat awkward upon looking at Lin Qi’s Heavenly Thunder Sword Technique.

It was because Guan Zhen would probably only be slightly better than Lin Qi even if he performed the Heavenly Thunder Sword Technique.

He did not expect that his disciple’s talent was so high, and was almost catching up to him.

His jaw would probably drop if he knew that Lin Qi had only used 50% of his strength.

“Ahem, Lin Qi, I didn’t expect you have cultivated the Heavenly Thunder Sword Technique to such a level.”

“However, you still need to work hard!”

Guan Zhen commented and then left.

It wasn’t that Guan Zhen didn’t want to teach Lin Qi other techniques.

But he was afraid that Lin Qi would be complacent.

On the other hand, he was still hadn’t come out of the shock of the situation just now.

Lin Qi did not doubt Guan Zhen’s words.

After all, he had only used 50% of his strength and it was still far inferior from performing his full ability.

There was nothing wrong with his master asking him to cultivate hard.

He wouldn’t do as he was told, of course.

He would never cultivate in this lifetime.

Wouldn’t it be better for him to just max the level of the technique with one click in the system he had?

Thus, the master and disciple casually talked and listened to each other.

Soon, the coachman from the furniture store sent the furniture over.

The furniture was made of high-quality materials, so it was naturally with a delivery service.

Those who could afford such furniture were all rich and powerful, so the furniture shop naturally wanted to curry favor with them.

The coachman understood when he saw the house.

It turned out that this young man was not only a cultivator but also a rich man.

Cultivators were already powerful to the mortals.

And Lin Qi was rich and was a cultivator. That was the most powerful of all.

Immediately, the coachman looked at Lin Qi with even more respect.

However, he knew his own business well.

That set of furniture cost Lin Qi more than 400 taels of silver.

Lin Qi felt pity for the money he spent.

However, he arrogantly shouted at the furniture store, “Give me the most expensive set of furniture.”

Lin Qi was too embarrassed to go back on his words since he had said that.

Therefore, the 500 taels he earned after capturing Liu Laosan was only enough to buy a jar of ‘The Red Maiden Wine’.

However, Lin Qi felt a burst of pleasure upon seeing the waiter’s shocked look.

He was a cultivator. How could he be looked down upon by a waiter?

Thus, Lin Qi sat in the hall, drank the wine, and watched the coachmen move the furniture.

However, an uninvited guest barged in just as he was enjoying himself.

“Senior Lin! I want to go down the mountain too!”

Lin Qi picked up the wine jar and drank it in one gulp upon hearing that.

Lin Qi wiped the wine from the corner of his mouth and said in a deep voice when the last drop of wine in the wine jar was in his mouth, “Junior Guan, I can’t promise that.”

Who else could it be but Guan Xiaoyu?

Guan Xiaoyu frowned and pouted.

“I already know. You went down the mountain to buy things today.”

“Why can’t I go when you can go?”

“I don’t care. I want to go too.”

He looked at Guan Xiaoyu teasingly when he heard that and said with a smile, “Oh? You can go if you want. Why are you here to look for me?”

Guan Xiaoyu did not know what to say.

Why would she look for Lin Qi if she could go down the mountain by herself?

But now that she had a favor to ask, it was naturally not the time to care about her reputation.

Guan Xiaoyu lowered her head and rubbed the corner of her clothes with her hands. She said in a low voice, “I, I don’t know how to ride a flying sword…”

“You want to go down the mountain before you have even mastered the technique. Your father will disagree if he knew that.

“Besides, since you don’t know how to ride on the flying sword, you can’t walk down the mountain, could you?”

“You!” Guan Xiaoyu was so anxious that she stomped her feet. She hurriedly said, “Don’t you know how to ride a flying sword? You can take me down the mountain.”

However, Lin Qi did not buy it at all. He shook his head and said, “Your father is my master. I naturally don’t dare to disobey him if he doesn’t allow me to take you down the mountains.”

Lin Qi gently leaned on the chair and closed his eyes to rest after saying that.

Guan Xiaoyu saw that Lin Qi refused her request, but she did not leave. Instead, she stood in the same spot and began to think.

Guan Xiaoyu leaned against Lin Qi’s ear and whispered a moment later, “I will not let you do it for free as long as you are willing to help me.”

“I have some benefits for you in exchange!”

“Oh? What is it?” Lin Qi heard that and opened his eyes. He turned his head to look at Guan Xiaoyu.

Guan Xiaoyu was shocked this time.

She had just approached Lin Qi and whispered to him. She did not think much of it initially.

But Lin Qi turned his head to look at her. The distance seemed to be too close!

Guan Xiaoyu’s face gradually turned blushed upon looking at Lin Qi’s slightly tipsy expression, blurred eyes, and handsome face.

“Tell me. What’s the benefit?”

Lin Qi asked with a hazy look in his eyes.

A faint fragrance of wine was exhaled from his mouth, making the atmosphere a little more ambiguous.

“The… the benefits are…” Guan Xiaoyu’s mind was in a mess for a moment. She stuttered and became incoherent.

However, Lin Qi frowned slightly when he saw Guan Xiaoyu stuttering. He grabbed Guan Xiaoyu’s hand and said in a deep voice, “You little girl, are you trying to lie to me?”

He was drunk, and his ability to think was declining.

He thought Guan Xiaoyu was trying to lie to him upon seeing Guan Xiaoyu’s evasive eyes and slurred speech.

However, Guan Xiaoyu’s mind was blank when Lin Qi grabbed her hand.

She didn’t know what to do upon facing Lin Qi, who had suddenly approached her.