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“Tell me, are you trying to lie to me?”

Lin Qi’s vision was gradually blurring.

He thought that the alcohol content in the wines in ancient times was low, but he did not expect that he was drunk after drinking the whole jar.

Guan Xiaoyu’s face was blushing, and she could not say a word.

Guan Xiaoyu closed her eyes and didn’t look at Lin Qi anymore upon seeing Lin Qi’s face getting closer and closer to her.

Anyway, a weak woman like her couldn’t fight back. She could just let Lin Qi do anything he wanted to do to her!

However, what she imagined didn’t happen after a moment of silence.

Instead, a series of snoring sounds rang out.

Guan Xiaoyu was slightly stunned and opened her eyes to look at Lin Qi.

Lin Qi was leaning against the chair and falling asleep.

Guan Xiaoyu was already stunned at this moment. She looked at the sleeping Lin Qi and was speechless.

A month was neither long nor short.

Every new disciple was diligently cultivating, striving to fight for a good place in this competition and gain a reputation.

Meanwhile, Lin Qi spent that month leisurely.

Others were cultivating while he ate and drank all day long.

He went down the mountain to see if there was any reward when he ran out of money. He found a few bandits to catch and earn some pocket money.

As a result, his life was extremely comfortable.

The world’s famous sects gathered at Baiyun Sect. It looked lively.

All the influential figures in the audience seats greeted each other and exchanged pleasantries.

Meanwhile, Lin Qi was standing behind Guan Zhen in boredom, looking coldly at these people from the sects.

However, he was not interested in others, but others were interested in him.

“Senior Guan, who is this?”

An old monk from Jinshan Temple looked at Lin Qi behind Guan Zhen, putting his palms together and asking.

Senior naturally did not mean that this monk came from the same sect as Guan Zhen, but was a polite way of addressing him.

Guan Zhen smiled slightly and said in a clear voice, “This is a new disciple who just joined Baiyun Sect a month ago. He is now cultivating under my Yanhui Peak.”

The old monk from Golden Mountain Temple let out a soft ‘oh’. He softly chanted a Buddhist chant and said with a smile, “This young almsgiver has such a temperament at such a young age. It is rare.”

Lin Qi nodded slightly and did not say anything. Guan Zhen, however, smiled slightly and waved his hand, “This disciple of mine is useless. He needs to cultivate more.”

That was just a polite way of saying it.

He could not say how powerful his disciple was in front of everyone.

Other decent people naturally understood this meaning.

After all, this young man standing behind Guan Zhen was enough to explain that.

How could he stand behind the Baiyun Sect’s elder if he did not have some ability?

The ordinary disciples were all standing below.

Of course, there was no need to point that out.

In any case, the competition was about to start, and they could see that then.

Soon, the bell rang. Everyone understood that the competition was about to begin.

Although Lin Qi was Guan Zhen’s favorite disciple, he didn’t have any special privileges. He had to be like the other disciples, going from the lowest level to the finals.

Therefore, Lin Qi bowed slightly and said respectfully, “Master, I’ll go and get ready.”

Guan Zhen nodded slightly and said softly, “Lin Qi, don’t embarrass me.”

Lin Qi smiled slightly and said faintly, “Please rest assured, master. I will do my best.”

Guan Zhen was naturally relieved when Lin Qi guaranteeing that.

A month ago, Lin Qi had personally demonstrated the cultivation of the Heavenly Thunder Sword Technique.

Lin Qi had probably improved quite a bit, now that a month had passed.

Guan Zhen would probably be angered to death if he knew that Lin Qi did not cultivate at all for the whole month.

Similarly, Guan Zhen would probably be scared to death if he knew Lin Qi had only performed 50% of his ability that time.

The matches went on one after another. Many disciples stepped onto the arena one after another, according to the list announced by the host elder.

After all, it was the first round of the competition. The level of the disciples was uneven, and there was almost nothing to watch.

It would be boring even if there were disciples who had equal strength.

After all, the probability of two experts meeting in the first round was exceptionally low.

It was Lin Qi’s turn just as he was about to fall asleep.

“Baiyun Sect’s Yanhui Peak. Lin Qi against Ming Wu from the Golden Mountain Temple.”

Lin Qi smiled and slowly walked onto the arena upon hearing the host calling out his name.

Opposite him was a young monk who was about fifteen years old.

The young monk dressed in a white monk robe put his palms together and bowed slightly to Lin Qi.

“Senior Lin, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Oh? You’ve heard of me?” Lin Qi couldn’t help but ask.

Generally speaking, one would say “nice to meet you” instead of “I’ve heard a lot about you” if they were trying to be polite.

The word “I’ve heard a lot about you” was used when the opponent was more famous.

The young monk understood and smiled slightly. He said in a soft voice, “I heard that the Baiyun Sect had a rare genius that only appears once in a thousand years a month ago. You are indeed extraordinary in person.”

Lin Qi’s face was still indifferent, but he was somewhat puzzled in his heart.

Was the news that updated in Golden Mountain Temple?

The old monk of Golden Mountain Temple said to Guan Zhen in the audience seat, “Senior Guan, it’s your disciple’s competition next. What do you think of the outcome of this match?”

Guan Zhen looked at the young monk and said in a deep voice, “This little monk seems to have a good cultivation base.”

The old monk squinted his eyes slightly and then put on back his amiable expression. He put his palms together and said, “Amitabha. Senior Guan’s eyes are indeed sharp.”

“Ming Wu is a new disciple who joined our Golden Mountain Temple last year. He has indeed cultivated diligently and has quite good attainments in Buddhism this year.”

Guan Zhen’s expression became slightly serious.

Naturally, there were quite a several martial monks in the Buddhist Sect.

However, the Buddhist Sect valued the comprehension of Buddhism more.

It was not that Golden Mountain Temple looked down on cultivation.

On the contrary, every monk in Jinshan Temple placed great importance on cultivation.

However, the cultivation of Buddhism was particular about one’s comprehension.

Those who cultivated well might not necessarily have attainments in Buddhism.

However, monks who had attainments in Buddhism would not be bad in cultivation.

Although the old monk did not say it explicitly, Guan Zhen already understood.

It seemed that the opponent that Lin Qi encountered this time wasn’t someone that could be easily dealt with.

“Let the match begin!”

The match officially began with the announcement of the host elder.

Many disciples couldn’t help but focus their attention on the situation in that martial arts arena.

After all, everyone had heard of Lin Qi’s name.

And that young monk, Ming Wu, was also a nobody.

What kind of battle would erupt between these two people?

Just as everyone was secretly looking forward to it, the young monk said in a clear voice, “Almsgiver Lin, pardon me!”

After saying that, he tapped his feet and suddenly rushed towards Lin Qi.

Everyone was slightly shocked when they saw that scene.

Not only because of the speed of Ming Wu but also because of his technique!

A brilliant golden light appeared on Ming Wu’s hands.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that this move was extraordinary!

However, Lin Qi acted as if he did not see it. His feet did not move at all.

Although Ming Wu was slightly shocked, his momentum of charging forward did not have any intention of stopping.

After all, that was a competition. Swords and blades have no eyes. He couldn’t blame him for being merciless if he didn’t intend to dodge!

However, a strange phenomenon appeared in the next moment.

A huge storm suddenly appeared around Lin Qi and blew towards Ming Wu just as he was approaching Lin Qi.

The gust of wind was too violent. Most of the disciples couldn’t see it with their naked eyes and could only use their hands to block their eyes.

The storm stopped the next moment.

All the disciples came back to their senses and looked at the arena.

Lin Qi was the only one left in the arena!

“Senior Ming Wu, it’s my honor to have this match with you!”

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