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The young man called Hua Tianci didn’t seem to care about the upcoming battle.

Although he answered respectfully, his eyes remained on Lin Qi.

It seemed that Hua Tianci had already regarded Lin Qi as a competitor.

However, Lin Qi wasn’t interested in that person at all.

Not to mention Lin Qi had the confidence that he could suppress the entire crowd.

Moreover, Lin Qi had no intention of fighting for the so-called first place.

He only wanted to win a few matches casually so that he could give his master an explanation and then deliberately lose.

Keeping a low profile was Lin Qi’s motto.

Even though he had used an extremely exaggerated method when he had just come to his senses…

He saw that Lin Qi did not look at him at all.

Hua Tianci didn’t have the slightest bit of anger. Instead, the fighting spirit in his eyes was even stronger.

He’ll show Lin Qi what he got since he was not looking at him.

Contrary to Lin Qi, Hua Tianci’s goal was to win.

Not only to win but also to win beautifully and win brilliantly.

At this time, Wang Lang, Hua Tianci’s opponent, had already stood in the martial arts arena.

His opponent for this round, Hua Tianci, wasn’t looking at him at all and was looking at Lin Qi instead!

A wave of anger rose in Wang Lang’s heart.

Hua Tianci didn’t even care about his existence?

“Hey, Hua, why aren’t you coming to fight? Could it be that you’re afraid?”

Wang Lang pointed at Hua Tianci in the audience seat and shouted.

Hua Tianci finally turned his head upon hearing that and looked at Wang Lang, who was in the martial arts arena.

However, that didn’t mean that Hua Tianci regarded Wang Lang as his opponent.

Hua Tianci revealed a contemptuous smile and said coldly, “I, Hua Tianci, will be afraid with just a piece of trash like you?”

Wang Lang was an immortal cultivator, after all, and he had a lot of ability. How could he stand such an insult?

He even had the urge to rush up to the audience seat and kill Hua Tianci at that moment.

However, Hua Tianci had already come down before he could go up.

And in a pretentious way.

Hua Tianci lightly jumped and stepped on the railing of the audience seat.

Then, his footsteps leaped lightly again. He finally landed steadily on the martial arts arena after flipping a few rounds in the air.

One could see that the disciple was arrogant from the way he appeared in the arena that the man not only loved to show off.

He had even reached the point where he looked down on everyone.

So many martial arts masters and seniors were sitting in the audience seats.

Yet, he stepped on the railing.

Such behavior also caused the people in the audience seats to frown slightly.

However, the valley master of the Baihua Valley, Hua Wuchang, did not seem dissatisfied with Hua Tianci’s behavior.

Instead, he looked at Hua Tianci with a smile.

Lin Qi noticed that small action of his.

“It seems that not all the so-called noble sects pay attention to etiquette,” Lin Qi muttered to himself.

Subconsciously, Lin Qi suddenly felt that the Baihua Valley might be more suitable for him.

However, he would cultivate well in Baiyun Sect since he had already joined it.

Wang Lang immediately dashed towards Hua Tianci like an arrow leaving the bow when the match was announced by the hosting elder.

His speed was so fast that it astonished everyone.

“Isn’t the Beihai Sect mainly focused on destructive techniques? Why is this Wang Lang so fast?”

“I’m not sure. Maybe, he’s a freak.”

“This is going to be a good show.”

The disciples all commented on it when they saw that from below the arena.

However, most of them wanted to see how Hua Tianci would react.

After all, he was a disciple standing behind Hua Wuchang.

His strength shouldn’t be weak.

Wang Lang had already arrived in front of Hua Tianci in the blink of an eye.

Wang Lang’s right hand seemed to emit a faint blue light as he suddenly punched towards Hua Tianci.

Hua Tianci didn’t dodge. He took a step forward, instead.

That action shocked all the disciples below the arena.

Someone had already said that the Beihai Sect’s cultivation method was based on strength and power.

And Hua Tianci advanced instead of retreating.

Wasn’t he using his weakness to attack the enemy’s strength?

Many people subconsciously thought that Hua Tianci would be at a disadvantage this time.

However, Hua Tianci had this arrogance, so he naturally had the right to be arrogant.

His right hand shook slightly.

An iron fan immediately slid out of his sleeve and was held firmly in his hand.

The iron fan and Wang Lang’s right fist collided and let out a sound of metal clashing.

Everyone saw Hua Tianci’s wrist flip, and the next move was already launched just as they were thinking about how hard Wang Lang’s punch was!

Wang Lang was, after all, a disciple of the Beihai Gate. Even if his attack just now was fast and powerful, it was still a blow to Wang Lang.

However, Hua Tianci’s second attack caught up. Wang Lang did not have the time to counterattack and could only receive the blow.

The sound of metal fans colliding with fists could be heard continuously in the arena.

However, Wang Lang was forced back by Hua Tianci. He could hardly parry the attack for a few times.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that Wang Lang had lost his offensive power and was at the end of his rope.

No one questioned the outcome of this match anymore. They were more curious about how Hua Tianci would win.

In the next moment, Wang Lang raised his right hand again, wanting to block Hua Tianci’s next strike of the iron fan.

However, just as the iron fan and fist were about to collide again, a sudden change occurred.

Hua Tianci attacked with his right hand holding the iron fan on the surface, but his left hand reached out from below.

His right hand was a feint!

That move was truly unexpected.

However, Wang Lang reacted and immediately used his left hand to block again.

However, Hua Tianci revealed a trace of a smile when he saw Wang Lang’s reaction.

That was a smile of victory in sight!

The iron fan in Hua Tianci’s right hand indeed suddenly opened and changed directions rapidly just as Wang Lang shifted his attention to Hua Tianci’s left hand.

The iron fan that was attacking Wang Lang’s chest pushed away Wang Lang’s right hand at a tricky angle and pointed straight at his face!

A stream of blood shot out from Wang Lang’s face and fell onto the martial arts arena.

A deep bloody scar also appeared on Wang Lang’s face.

Blood continued to flow out from Wang Lang’s face while Hua Tianci kept his iron fan and fanned it with satisfaction.

“Thank me properly. It was the rule of no killing that saved you this time.”

Wang Lang’s expression had turned gloomy.

Although he was not convinced, he knew that Hua Tianci was not lying.

At that time, the direction of the Iron Fan’s attack was his eyes!

However, the iron fan was suddenly brought down a little when Wang Lang did not have time to parry.

Wang Lang’s eyes would have been blind by now if the attack was not lowered a little.

Although Wang Lang was unwilling, he still admitted defeat in the end.

Their strength was not on the same level at all.

Hua Tianci did not seem to have any joy or surprise after hearing that Wang Lang admitted defeat.

It was as if that result was a matter of course.

However, everyone’s gazes gathered just after that match.

Hua Tianci looked at Lin Qi and said in a rather provocative and clear voice, “Brother Lin, how is my strength?”

Instantly, all the disciples’ gazes focused on Lin Qi.

Guan Zhen also subconsciously looked at Lin Qi.

He was curious about how this proud disciple of his would react when faced with a provocation.

Lin Qi looked at Hua Tianci expressionlessly and said calmly, “The Baihua Valley is barely acceptable.”

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