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“The Baihua Valley is barely acceptable.”

Lin Qi’s gaze was indifferent as he looked at Hua Tianci and casually said.

Hua Tianci squinted his eyes upon sensing the indifference in Lin Qi’s gaze and a trace of disdain and could not help but feel a wave of anger in his heart.

That Lin Qi was arrogant. As expected of the strongest disciple of the Baiyun Sect. Although this move could not be considered his strongest move, it was not something that an ordinary person could block.

It had been a long time since he had met such a courageous peer who dared to look down on him. It seemed that the participants of the various sects this time were not all trash. That was what was interesting!

Hua Tianci’s eyes opened slightly, and there was a hint of viciousness in them.

Lin Qi noticed the change in Hua Tianci, of course, as well as the cold glint in his eyes. However, the competition was just entertainment to him. He was just there to play around.

He did not want to care about other people’s matters. He would be too busy if he were to accept anyone’s challenge.

Lin Qi glanced at him and did not pay attention to him anymore. He walked to a big tree by himself and leaned against it to take a nap.

Hua Tianci took out his iron fan again and pointed it at Lin Qi from afar.

That was a declaration of war.

“Brother Lin, it seems that you are very confident. I don’t know how strong you are to dare to look down on me like this. However, I, Hua Tianci, will never look down on you. I will have to learn from you when we battle later, Brother Lin!”

Hua Tianci suddenly took back his iron fan and replied with a fierce look in his eyes.

Lin Qi saw a trace of arrogance smile from the corner of Hua Tianci’s mouth upon looking at the arrogant look on his face.

The crowd below the stage was in an uproar upon hearing the conversation between the two.

“Who is this person? He is so arrogant. How could he look down on Hua Tianci?”

“I heard that he is the strongest disciple of the Baiyun Sect.”

“No wonder. The Baiyun Sect, one of the three great sects in the Central Plains, is no weaker than the Baihua Valley.”

“However, when did the disciples of the Baiyun Sect become so arrogant? Those who don’t know would think that he is the true disciple of the Baihua Valley.”

“I have seen his battles. The battles are strange. No traces of his moves can be seen. He wins inexplicably each time.”

The discussions in the audience became even more rampant after learning about Lin Qi’s strength.

“Hehe, a guy who relies on his unique moves is trying to defeat Hua Tianci.”

“Yeah, just waiting for Hua Tianci to beat him up.”

“Hua Tianci, kill him in one move, let him understand what the difference is between both of you!”

The old monk from Golden Mountain Temple also heard the discussions of the crowd, and his curiosity towards Lin Qi grew deeper.

After all, he was familiar with the level of his disciple. Although he could not beat Hua Tianci, he would not lose so easily even if he fought with Hua Tianci.

However, Lin Qi must have his confidence since he dared to say that.

Then, the old monk looked at Guan Zhen with a questioning look in his eyes.

“Haha, Master Yijue, although my disciple is a little arrogant, he will not boast for no reason. Please look forward to it!”

Guan Zhen smiled mysteriously and said to the old monk of Golden Mountain Temple beside him.

Lin Qi had originally practiced the Heavenly Thunder Sword Technique to at least the initial success stage from Guan Zhen’s point of view. Now, Lin Qi should have, at least, practiced it to the spiritual stage after a few months with his talented aptitude.

At first, everyone thought that Lin Qi was being arrogant. He was even more arrogant than Hua Tianci of the Baihua Valley.

Dome people began to support Hua Tianci for some time.

However, they had other thoughts when they heard Guan Zhen’s words.

Maybe Lin Qi had some strange moves.

Especially those who lost to Lin Qi. They felt that they had lost in a very sullen manner. They didn’t know how they lost. Maybe Hua Tianci could find out some details about Lin Qi.

“Hua Tianci, this kid looks down upon the Baihua Valley. Let’s see if you can find out his background.”

“That’s right. Don’t let us down!”

Some people from the other sects also started to jeer, as they didn’t think it was a big deal.

A cold light flashed across Hua Tianci’s eyes upon hearing the support of some people.

It would be too boring if he didn’t teach Lin Qi a lesson since Lin Qi looked down upon their Baihua Sect.

On the other side, under the big tree.

Lin Qi heard the discussions of the audience.

But this was nothing to him. He wouldn’t have bothered to show off if his master didn’t ask him to participate in this competition and he promised to get a good result.

But the voices of discussion buzzed in his ears, and it was uncomfortable. He would not show mercy if Hua Tianci did not know what was good for him and provoked him again.

At this time, Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao, the sect master of Baiyun Sect could not help but be overjoyed when he heard the comments from the crowd.

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao stroked his white beard, and he unconsciously smiled.

That kid must have learned the cultivation method in the jade box with such confidence. Although this cultivation method was incomplete, its grade was not low. Even if it was an incomplete version, it was not something that an ordinary cultivation method could compare to.

He might be pleasantly surprised when he saw that.

Hua Wuchang, the Hundred Flower Valley’s sect master, was sterner upon seeing the reactions of the people below the stage and the real and fake expressions of the Baiyun Sect.

“Yunxiao, I don’t know where your confidence lies, but don’t think that the people of my Baihua Valley are easy to bully. Your Baiyun Sect likes to hide, but my Baihua Sect is unlike yours. This disciple of mine has learned my Baihua Valley’s secret, Thousand Flowers Dazzling Hands Technique. Yunxiao, you have to tell that arrogant disciple of yours to be careful.”

Hua Tianci was able to easily defeat Wang Lang, which made the Baihua Valley proud. However, Lin Qi looked down upon the Baihua Valley and even caused their sect to fall into a bad reputation.

Therefore, Hua Tianci, as the sect master, had to make them understand that the Baihua Valley had a trump card.

Hua Wuchang’s voice was not loud, but everyone at the arena heard him.

Hua Tianci immediately became more confident upon hearing that his master was backing him up. He said to Lin Qi in the distance again, “Brother Lin, you have to be careful. Your handsome face will be ruined if you have the flower logo of the Baiyun Valley engraved on your face.”

Lin Qi only smiled coldly upon hearing Hua Tianci’s provocation and did not care at all.

The people below the stage, who had been paying attention to the two, once again engaged in a heated discussion. Their eyes filled with fervency and anticipation.

Guan Xiaoyu’s face immediately revealed an anxious look upon seeing Lin Qi’s calm reaction.

Senior Lin Qi was looking down upon his rival too much. He knew that Hua Tianci had a trump card, yet he was still so relaxed. What would Lin Qi do if his face was ruined by Hua Tianci?

Guan Xiaoyu frowned anxiously. Then, she made up her mind that she would help Senior Lin.

She had to gather information about Hua Tianci. Senior Lin would be prepared when they fight then.

Guan Xiaoyu nodded and clenched her fists. She looked at Lin Qi’s profile with determination.