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“After Tang Yurou and I get married.”

Now was not the time to take revenge on Lin Qi.

Only after marrying Tang Yurou would he have the financial support of both families. He would be able to do whatever he wanted in Nancheng city.

When the time came, it wouldn’t be too late to look for Lin Qi.

Song Tianming wasn’t stupid. On the contrary, he was cunning.

The main goal this time was to obtain great achievements in the otherworld and become a reincarnator. His second goal was to take revenge on Lin Qi.

Lin Qi couldn’t possibly fight with him, so there was no need to worry. He should focus on getting Tang Yurou.

This woman was incomparably beautiful, but she carried a sense of pride. She didn’t take a fancy to him.

Hehe, what Song Tianming disliked most was that someone dared to resist him.

The more she resisted, the more excited he became.

Thus, he used all sorts of methods to coerce and tempt the Tang family. In the end, he got Tang Yurou to agree to marry him.

“Let’s go. Practice martial arts with me.”

Song Tianming was in a good mood. He tilted his neck, making cracking sounds.

His figure was much bigger and stronger than his original body.

Other than the fact that this world was a martial arts world and everyone had more or less learned martial arts, the most important thing was that he had used the Super Serum.

That was an item that he had spent 1,000 reincarnation points to buy. It could improve the physical quality of the body, break the potential of the human body, and make him possess the strength of a wild beast.

After using the Super Serum, Song Tianming did not need to cultivate to have the strength of a Precelestial Expert. He was an expert in this world.

The Tang family was afraid of Song Tianming’s strength, so they had no choice but to marry their daughter to him.

“Ah, boss, please lay light hands on us.”

“A few of my ribs were broken the last time you poked me with your finger.”

In the Tang family of Nancheng city.

In an exquisite room, two beautiful girls were talking.

One of the girls had a sad face and was silent. She was sitting by the bed, obviously troubled with something.

The other girl, who was tall and slender, looked quite angry. “Yurou, you agreed to marry Song Tianming?!”

This girl was tall and slender. She looked very delicate and pretty.

If Lin Qi were there, he would recognize that this girl was Lin Xiaoxue.

Although Lin Xiaoxue was also a disciple of the Lin family in Jiangcheng City, she wasn’t a useless rich man’s son like Song Tianming. On the contrary, she studied very hard. She didn’t buy any items during this reincarnation test.

She planned to rely on her strength to make some achievements.

When she saw that Song Tianming was planning to take revenge on Lin Qi, she didn’t know why she was so worried about Lin Qi, and she bought a reincarnation tracking token to follow Lin Qi to this world.

However, if she didn’t buy a reincarnation identity, she would turn around much later. Until now, she still couldn’t find any traces of Lin Qi.

Moreover, she didn’t expect that in this world, her good friend Tang Yurou would be forced to marry Song Tianming under the threat of Song Tianming.

How could someone like Lin Xiaoxue accept such a matter?

Tang Yurou looked like a good girl who didn’t have any opinions. Hearing Lin Xiaoxue say this, she didn’t know what to say other than being sad.

“Xiaoxue, I don’t want to marry Song Tianming at all, but I don’t have a choice…”

She didn’t have a choice at all. She didn’t like a playboy like Song Tianming at all, but her family was oppressed by Song Tianming. If she didn’t agree to marry him, her family would suffer a blow from Song Tianming.

She wanted to escape Nancheng city. But she had no choice but to stay for the sake of her family and for the sake of her parents, who brought her up.

“Hmph, it’s a pity that my realm hasn’t broken through to the Precelestial Realm. Otherwise, I would teach Song Tianming a lesson.”

Lin Xiaoxue was very angry.

Her good friend was about to marry that bastard Song Tianming, but there was nothing she could do.

Her reincarnation identity was a moderate family. Her talent in martial arts was high, but no matter how high, she still needed time to cultivate.

Up until now, Lin Xiaoxue was only at the Foundation Establishment Realm. She was already a genius-level person, but it was still not enough.

She knew that Song Tianming had bought the Super Serum. She wasn’t his match at all.

Was she only able to watch Tang Yurou marry Song Tianming and do nothing?

“Thank you, Xiaoxue. I’m happy to have a friend like you. Maybe it’s all because of fate.”

Tang Yurou sighed faintly.

Lin Xiaoxue clenched her fists helplessly.

Damn that Song Tianming. If she had known earlier, she would have bought some items too.

In the reincarnation world.

Although Lin Qi had lost 80 years of his lifespan…

But after he became an Earth Immortal…

His lifespan had skyrocketed to 300 years.

After deducting the 80 years of his lifespan that he had used up…

He still had more than 200 years of lifespan left.

“Upgrading with just one click is indeed powerful!”

“Now, I still have more than 200 years of lifespan. I can continue to learn other martial arts.”

“Learning other martial arts, learning by analogy, maybe I can break through to a higher realm.”

“However, there’s no rush to learn other martial arts. What we need to do now is to kill Song Tianming.”

In the capital of the Dragon Country.

On the top of a skyscraper.

Lin Qi was standing on it.

The strong wind was blowing, blowing Lin Qi’s black hair casually.

Yang Qi looked at the people below.

Song Tianming had bought the reincarnation identity, so he must have awakened before him, and must have set up so many years in advance. So he must have an unimaginable power in the Dragon Country.

Lin Qi had become an Erath Immortal, and nothing could hurt him except for nuclear bombs.

He just had to finish off Song Tianming as soon as possible so that he wouldn’t be in trouble.

Standing on the roof, Lin Qi stood with his hands behind his back as if he had descended into the mortal world.

He was trying to sense Song Tianming’s exact location.

Previously, he had probably sensed that Song Tianming was in the south, but he had not locked onto his exact location.

A moment later, Lin Qi smirked.

He had already confirmed Song Tianming’s location.

The Song family of Nancheng city.

“Hehe, Song Tianming, wait for me.”

“I don’t know if you’ll be surprised to see me.”

“But I’ll make you remember this world!”

Just as Lin Qi sensed Song Tianming’s location.

A figure sprinted from behind.

Lin Qi had discovered the person’s existence a long time ago.

Within a radius of thousands of miles, there was no abnormal movement that could escape Lin Qi’s perception.

Lin Qi did not turn his head. His back was still facing the person.

To him, the person’s movements were still clear.

“Sir, you have good martial arts background.”

The person behind Lin Qi stood behind him.

He immediately exclaimed in admiration.

“Precelestial Realm. It’s considered pretty well in this era.”

“However, I don’t want to fight with you!”

“You can’t even take a single move from me!”

Lin Qi still said without turning his head.

His voice was cold and emotionless.

It was not that he could pretend to be an expert, but he was surprised to find that his emotions were fading after becoming an Earth Immortal.

No wonder the legends said that Immortals abandoned all emotions and desires.

If that continued, he might also lose his emotions.

The reason why he did not look back was that he did not care much about that person.

It was not because he looked down on this person.

It was because the difference in ability between Precelestial warriors and Earth Immortals was too big.

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